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(Salon)   Facebook has become America's favorite "disaster" show, allowing viewers to see meltdowns and self-destruction in real time   ( salon.com) divider line
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2012-11-20 11:46:32 AM  
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roc6783: RogerClemente: There's a woman on my wife's Facebook...let's just say her and dignity have been in the Friend Zone for several years now.

She once posted, as her profile pic, her new tattoo, discreetly located about a quarter of an inch above her genitalia.

She once went one a gigantic rant against her ex-husband that included her admitting that she made him pay her $50 everytime he wanted anal sex. The arguments with the ex's new girlfriend lasted over 300 comments long.

She has no shame in posting the bad habits her 8 year old son has developed, including how he explicitly killed a puppy while she was in full panic mode.

And, in general she's a drama queen who's certain everyone's out to get her while showing the typical "fark what you think anyways" attitude.

A. So what's her Fark handle.
B. Would she friend me?
C. I can scrounge 50 bucks.

Ewww... that's just gross, dude. Grow up and learn to value yourself a bit more. She's not worth more than $40.
2012-11-20 10:41:42 AM  
1 vote:
Although, this has to be one of the better facebook meltdowns andn blowbacks:

girl tattoos brand-new-boyfriend's face to her arm

/"my children's children will be hearing about this"
2012-11-20 10:32:05 AM  
1 vote:
I (usually) prefer the ones that happen in an alternate universe:

unrealitymag.comView Full Size

2.media.collegehumor.cvcdn.comView Full Size

farm3.staticflickr.comView Full Size

reface.meView Full Size
2012-11-20 10:15:14 AM  
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66dude: My workplace recently UNblocked Facebook. This should end well.

Perhaps they are planning to thin out the staff a bit?
2012-11-20 10:05:26 AM  
1 vote:
My Facebook 'guilty pleasure' is watching most of the fundamentalist evangelicals I know, slowly lose their minds. One or two of them have successful marriages and go on to raise nice families and lead a normal, middle-class existence. But other than the crackheads and trailer trash, it is this singular group that has proven to be the poorest educated, most racist and the undoubtedly the most ignorant group of people that I know. A few rely partially on some government assistance, but in the majority of cases, most are solely dependent on the medical, educational and social service programs that are all 100% government sponsored. They decry the perceived abuses of the 'welfare queens' and champion the causes of the the super wealthy. It is ALWAYS the ultra-religious wingnut that white knights for anti-union, cutting pensions and worker benefits even if it is THEIR OWN benefits and retirement funds their 'conservative' representatives have targeted. I've said it before, but these people are so stupid, they would stand in line all day, for beheading, if their preacher or local official told them it was 'God's Will'.
2012-11-20 10:04:34 AM  
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BronyMedic: Simple Rules for Facebook:

1) Do not post ANYTHING about your job, or what you are doing currently on it. Don't even be vague. (Ex: Hey, you guys know a good place to eat in X town? I'm headed there with a patient now.)
2) Do not post ANYTHING that could remotely be considered a HIPAA violation. That even includes liking other facebook friend's posted photos of their own family from your work.
3) Do not post ANYTHING about your personal feelings about a coworker. Actually, you know what? Some things are better kept to yourself.
4) Don't post racist, homophobic, sexist, or politically offensive material. If you have fringe or conspiracy beliefs, keep them to yourself.
5) Always remember the first amendment protects you from the Government arresting you for your beliefs. It doesn't protect your employer from firing your ass for being stupid.

2012-11-20 09:58:50 AM  
1 vote:
It's called schadenfreude.
2012-11-20 09:42:26 AM  
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I love to watch someone lose it on Facebook as their life goes down the tubes.
For some reason, these idiots always end up becoming God freaks when it's all over...until they melt down again.
2012-11-20 09:39:19 AM  
1 vote:
To see lots and lots of facebook fails: Failbooking

It helps to have lots of rednecks, baby mama drama, and generally people with lack of self-control on your friend list too.
2012-11-20 09:32:57 AM  
1 vote:
What Facebook disasters may look like

timsstuff.s3.amazonaws.comView Full Size

nynerd.comView Full Size

It's down to me and a goatherding 12 year old boy in Bangladesh that don't have Facebook.
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