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2012-11-18 12:38:48 PM  

Kuoxasar: Tatsuma: TMLO

Tell me you watch Don't Trust the Biatch in Apartment 23

Krysten Ritter is so farking hot.

I have no idea what that show is but she was so hot in Breaking Bad. I hope Q beats Walt to death for letting her die.
2012-11-18 01:36:57 PM  

Mugato: I have no idea what that show is but she was so hot in Breaking Bad. I hope Q beats Walt to death for letting her die

I'm hoping that Jesse finds out what Walt did and that he betrays Walt to get back at him for letting Jane die.
2012-11-19 12:06:09 AM  
I was trying to avoid spoilers, but it's too hard..


I sure hope they do this, cuz I watched the whole thing, and it didn't end on a very satisfying note, but that might be because I identified too much with Dawson, but everybody knows Katie picks Pacey at the end, and I was actually pretty bummed about it for a couple days, because they went back and forth with it, and it seemed like Dawson would "win" (it's his creek after all), but then I was thinking they could totally do a movie where Katie's character finally divorces the guy and gets back with the guy she should have picked the first time, plus I suspect they could all use the money, except poor Michelle Williams who they killed off at the very end, but maybe she could maybe come back as a flashback or something, although she would be older now, so I don't know how they would work that, and Joshua (Pacey) has done ok on Fringe, so his bills are paid, and hopefully James Van Der Beek could get a new Fark image, because I'm really sick of that one you guys post all the time where it's a closeup of Dawson's face all upset, but you can't see that he's standing on the end of a dock reflecting on whether he should let the girl of his dreams, the literal girl next door, whether he should let her fly away with another man so she can decide who and what she really wants in life, but he lets her go, because it's the mature thing to do, and eventually she comes back to him, although I never felt right about all the sex they must have had on Pacey's boat for that month out at sea, and for you to turn that pain, dramatized as it may be, into a boorish meme, and of course you give no credence to context, you just shark in on a pic of a boy crying, but honestly it was better for him anyway (Dawson, not James), because he needed to grow up a little, but then it turns out he really was being himself all along, and he really did love Joey, and it wasn't just inertia, but by then he had stood there on that dock and watched her run away, and not just watched her, but let her, and we can all learn something from that, so kindly quit posting that pic, or at least use it right, geez.
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