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(Daily Mail)   Males are looking for a big, fairy tale wedding while females want to save for a house. Wait, what?   ( divider line
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2012-11-16 09:26:49 PM  
4 votes:
Female here, and I have always been of the mind that if you pay so much for your wedding that you cannot afford a down payment a home, you're not mature enough to get married. And, if you think your wedding should be the most wonderful day of your life, you have a pretty poor opinion of the marriage is will follow your wedding.
2012-11-16 11:10:35 PM  
2 votes:
This was my experience. My husband didn't want a fairy tale wedding, but he wanted to invite lots of extended family and friends and "do things right". My parents had a 20 person ceremony in the garden with dinner at a nice restaurant after and, while I loved our wedding, I would also have been happy with that.

\Don't let the article fool you. For men "do things right" doesn't mean guys are clipping out pages in bridal magazines. It more means "Honey, I want a nice wedding, whatever that means. Use your uterus powers to organize something better than having it in the backyard. kthanx."
2012-11-16 09:20:52 PM  
2 votes:
Ya, I'm not buying this. Most new marriages, the couple are young, and just starting out in the workforce, the last thing the guy wants is a 10 or 15 k bill to pay off when he's more worried about paying the rent and utilities. I call bullshiat.
2012-11-16 08:36:00 PM  
2 votes:
Well, sure, if they're gay and the femme in the relationship... maybe.
2012-11-17 01:01:22 PM  
1 vote:

The Voice of Doom: AutumnWind
But I'm having a hard time thinking guys are into big fairly tale weddings. Maybe they want to show off?

Yeah maybe; having been taught every woman wants to be a princess, they assume she is only pretending and so they insist.
You know, somewhat like the modern woman offering to split the tab and the man being farked if he doesn't do the old gentlemanly thing and refuses..with the added difficulty that there's an audience if it's a wedding instead of a private dinner for two.

While many girls play wedding, I don't think the "I always dreamed of a magical wedding!" is a common as it used to be for women (unless you go by female characters on TV). You have to know your Particular woman, I guess--maybe check what she did for prom or something. In my experience, it's the mother and MIL that have big ideas about the wedding.

When I was very little, I didn't play wedding, but I did play fairy princess and had some girly tea parties with stuffed animals. I also played ninja and witch, but that was when I was old enough to fight, er, play with my sister. As an adult, I do not secretly dream my man will treat me as a fairy princess nor that he have a tea party for me. I sometimes wish I had ninja magic skills, but I don't expect a man to create an alternate reality where that has happened for me. I do expect game designers to make decent female character options with those skills, but that has nothing to do with romantic expectations.

/Every woman is unique
//Men are just as individual and confusing
2012-11-17 10:43:59 AM  
1 vote:

Guest: Women are not groomed from infancy to plan their wedding either.

ecx.images-amazon.comView Full Size

Amazon has 759 hits for "wedding" in the "Girls' Toys" category.
2012-11-17 01:10:35 AM  
1 vote:
Ugh, weddings. Mine is going to be in front of a Justice of the Peace with family. Everybody else can party at the reception. Nobody cares about the actual ceremony.
2012-11-16 11:57:25 PM  
1 vote:
It makes sense. For the groom, the wedding will be the peak of his relationship with his bride. It will be down hill from there. As for the house, he won't get to keep it after the divorce so why bother buying it? The woman is going into the marriage as an investment, so a house makes perfect sense.

/bitter? me?
2012-11-16 11:57:10 PM  
1 vote:
Almost invariably when a girl gets the fairy tale wedding someone else is paying for it. Mom and dad, future hubby, whoever... once the money is coming out of her own pocket and future she will very suddenly get a lot more practical.

Of course, that pretty much goes for everyone, doesn't it?
2012-11-16 10:28:27 PM  
1 vote:

Lunaville: I don't know how common it is, but my husband wanted a fancier wedding than I did. I wanted to get married in the yard with a tea and cookie reception. That didn't fly with either him or his mother. We paid for our own wedding. My parents would have sooner committed suicide than help with the expenses. He convinced me I would be happy with the decision years later, flipping through the album of wedding pictures. That might have been nice had the photographer deemed to take pictures of me that involved clothes. Despite my request that she stay out of the dressing area, she brought me an album full of "tasteful" pictures she'd snapped unnoticed while I was dressing. They are disgusting. Most of the remaining photographs are of my SIL. There were so many photographs of my SIL, my MIL actually got upset about it. Now, the entire album is stuffed out of sight. I won't keep it anywhere that might induce someone to look at it.

You should submit that story to Ettiquette Hell. (Warning, site is a Time Sink.)
2012-11-16 10:09:32 PM  
1 vote:

Lollipop165: Of course it's always more stressful for a woman than the man. A man just has to show up on time in a nice suit.

If only. He's gotta hear about every detail the bride is obsessing over and pretend he cares too.

Much like being kicked in the junk, this is a pain women will never understand.
2012-11-16 09:59:31 PM  
1 vote:
My husband wanted the big wedding, not me. I only agreed to it because our parents were willing to pay for it. Of course it's always more stressful for a woman than the man. A man just has to show up on time in a nice suit.
2012-11-16 09:57:04 PM  
1 vote:


2012-11-16 09:38:17 PM  
1 vote:
bullshiat. men are not groomed from infancy to plan their fairytale weddings in which they are the star of the show.

this will be the last bastion of inequality. once the wedding industry dies then, and only then, will we truly be post-gender.
2012-11-16 09:33:51 PM  
1 vote:
There's an inverse relationship between the amount of money you spend on the wedding and the length of the marriage.

/EVERY day is "my special day all about me," dammit
2012-11-16 09:31:31 PM  
1 vote:
even ric romero is calling bullshiat on this one.
2012-11-16 09:21:58 PM  
1 vote:
They're called bride-zillas for a reason. No one's ever said groom-othra
2012-11-16 09:19:21 PM  
1 vote:
I call bullshiat.
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