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(Oregon Live)   The Washington town where "Twilight" takes place in hopes it will sparkle in fame for eternity   ( oregonlive.com) divider line
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2012-11-14 08:17:36 PM  
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2012-11-14 04:44:34 PM  
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2012-11-14 09:56:07 PM  
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Mad_Radhu: IlGreven: timujin: The quotes in the headline should have been around "takes place". She may have used the name of the town, but none of it was actually filmed in Forks.

Yep. The protip is this: If the setting is anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, it's filmed in Vancover.

Hell, Fringe started filming there after season one, despite being set in NYC/Boston.

Not to mention subbing for countless alien planets on "Stargate: SG1". 

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2012-11-14 09:04:56 PM  
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2012-11-14 07:25:26 PM  
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Washington town hopes glow of 'Twilight' saga never dies

No, no, no. No more. They made Eclipse and we fall back. They make Breaking Dawn and we fall back. They make part 2 and we fall back. The line must be drawn HERE! This far, no further! And I... will make them PAY for what they've done!
2012-11-14 09:41:18 PM  
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Last year around this time, I got it in my head to travel across the country. Not just across the country like get on the interstate and drive to San Francisco, but find the easternmost and westernmost points of the continental US and drive between them.

Well, it turns out that the former's in Maine (no big surprise there) but the latter's a remote spit of land just west of Ozette, WA. After two weeks meandering about (I avoided interstates and Canada, and I had all the time in the world), I got to Ozette.

Now, I knew that walking to the actual westernmost point of land would be a bit of a hike - turns out to be 3.5 miles. Each way. Now, I've done some hiking, but remember: I'd been sitting on my ass, driving or drinking beer, for half a month.

I made the slow, slippery walk down the path to the Pacific, but then I saw the sun's proximity to the horizon. I was alone, no towns for miles (Ozette isn't a town; it's a ranger station), in the great western temperate rainforest. Worse, I had crappy shoes and jeans on, but I ran that slippery, moss-covered trail all the way back to Ozette, which I reached just as the last dim gleam of... I can't say the word. That dimness that happens around sunset. It's crepuscular. Anyway, I got in my car, breathing hard, just ahead of a bear. No, okay, I'm lying about the bear, but that's what kept me running - I imagined a great Western grizzly had decided I was going to be dinner, and I had to run to outpace it. Yeah, yeah, I know, but it kept me motivated. Being on that trail in the darkness would have been Bad.

Anyway, the shakes set in as I drove off into the night. Not from fear or residual bear-thinking, but from exhaustion. Running over 3 miles when you haven't been training and you're on the wrong side of 45 will do that. My heart beat irregularly in my chest, and even with my seat heaters turned all the way up and the dash heater going full blast, I was cold.

I became keenly aware of my own mortality - and an incredible, head-pounding thirst. You see, like a moron, I'd forgotten water.

Now, I have a GPS and a road atlas - I'm only unprepared when it comes to hiking, not driving - so I looked for the nearest town with a motel.

Imagine my dismay (I was already in shock) when I discovered that town was Forks.

"No," I breathed.

"Oh, please. No."

But it was true.

I could sleep in my car (too cold), or I could beg at the reservation (yeah, right), or I could drive through Forks and on to the next town - a hundred miles further (I didn't think I could make it.)

I found a convenience store after driving for a half an hour and loaded up on water, carbs and electrolytes, but now in addition to being in shock, I was driving tired, and I never knew what the next spasm in my right foot would do to the gas or brake pedal.

Forks, then.

I drove into town, swerving to miss all of the movie merchandise, and found the motel. Decent enough place, honestly, but I had to meander around cardboard cutouts of Edward and Bella.

"Hi, please tell me you have a room for the night."

"Yes, we do. Twilight fan?" (I can say it if it's in a quotation, dammit)

I stood there, shaking, and blinked at her.

"Well, that's okay, we have a room anyway."

I'd almost rather have been eaten by the bear.
2012-11-14 09:43:32 PM  
1 vote:
It's a great town to visit if you like :
1) being in the middle of nowhere,
2) moss and mildew,
3) Fungus,
4)Rain, and
5) more rain.
2012-11-14 09:39:17 PM  
1 vote:
I remember when vampires sucked blood. Not cock.
2012-11-14 09:33:56 PM  
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davidphogan: The only exposure I've had to Twilight was needing to walk through the Westin in downtown San Francisco while they were hosting a Twilight convention. I was walking through the lobby and thought they had thrown a thousand cats into blenders at once.

It turned our to be teenage girls screaming because one of the actors had entered the room, and it was then I realized that the cats would have been more pleasant sounding.

Not to mention, the incessant cat howling would occasionally make sense.
2012-11-14 09:29:51 PM  
1 vote:
Reasons to go to Forks:
1) To go to Hoh Rainforest
2) you have to go through when leaving the Hoh Rainforest.
2012-11-14 08:42:25 PM  
1 vote:

The Stealth Hippopotamus: I say we loot, burn then rape that town as a warning to other who would support this level of stupid.

Rape the horses and then ride off on the women?
2012-11-14 08:42:19 PM  
1 vote:

neilbradley: It was also filmed in Oregon and Vancouver, BC. And I'll go on record that I know that because my parents used to live about 5 miles from where (in Oregon) it was filmed, and I stayed in a hotel across the street from The Bridge Studios in Burnaby and they were advertising it on the wall of one of the stages.

Suuure they were.
2012-11-14 08:30:08 PM  
1 vote:
I work at The Brick in Roslyn, so I'm getting a kick out of these replies.

/Really, I do
2012-11-14 08:24:30 PM  
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The headline where awkward prepositions are awkward in is awful in.
2012-11-14 08:22:26 PM  
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The last time I was there was before all that. I wonder how much it has changed.
2012-11-14 08:21:37 PM  
1 vote:
I say we loot, burn then rape that town as a warning to other who would support this level of stupid.
2012-11-14 08:21:04 PM  
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2012-11-14 08:19:49 PM  
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Where it takes place in? How about "where it takes place"?

I had to read that misbegotten headline twice to understand it.

Sometimes my grasp of grammar is an impediment to understanding the scribblings of the Great Unwashed.
2012-11-14 08:18:06 PM  
1 vote:
That headline is more poorly written than the books themselves.
2012-11-14 07:26:50 PM  
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Mugato: Washington town hopes glow of 'Twilight' saga never dies

No, no, no. No more. They made Eclipse and we fall back. They make Breaking Dawn and we fall back. They make part 2 and we fall back. The line must be drawn HERE! This far, no further! And I... will make them PAY for what they've done!

/smashes little Enterprise models
2012-11-14 06:09:58 PM  
1 vote:
They should talk to Roslyn, WA about that.
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