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(Slashdot)   Creator of the Linux kernel switches from XFCE to KDE because A) more configurability options B) less resource reliant or C) wobbly windows eye candy   ( linux.slashdot.org) divider line
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2012-11-13 09:32:38 PM  
2 votes:
Is this the year of the Linux desktop?
2012-11-13 11:28:06 PM  
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I really like their cartoons!
2012-11-13 11:19:56 PM  
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cman: I wasnt even alive during the MSDOS/CP/M standardization war. I was born in 83.

/Although I did use CP/M on a Commodore 128. Good times.

You children are missing out on the sheer beauty of an OS that was just designed to do solid work. No flash, no frills, just did its job.

A circa-2012 OS might be able to run Crysis, but it's a pale imitation in a lot of ways.
2012-11-13 09:27:55 PM  
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jonny_q: I thought Linux had switched the KDE a long time ago

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2012-11-13 09:13:18 PM  
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aerojockey: AustinFakir: GNOME wanted to be Steve Jobs. They wanted to be so good they could ignore what users told them -- because they knew what users wanted better than the users did.

Unfortunately, they nailed the "ignoring criticism and condescending to users as if they were small children" aspect of Steve Jobs but fell short on the "perfectionist visionary genius" part that made him tolerable.


/goes for pretty much any open source software package beginning with G, in fact

What's wrong with grep?
2012-11-13 07:14:32 PM  
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Fo Shiz: cman: DjangoStonereaver: zedster: Nadie_AZ: Wait, gnome is going away? I've been using gnome 2.x for many many years now. I switched from KDE 1.x, windowmaker and blackbox. Why? I dunno ...

Is KDE 4.x really that good? Or is gnome done? And don't get me started with that unity sh*t.

Gnome 3 is bad, like Vista GUI bad. Unity UI, the Ubuntu addition to Gnome 3 is like attending a Nickleback concert filled with incontinent people bad

Mate, a 3rd party fork of Gnome 2 is pretty good and getting better

MATE is probably going to wither on the vine in favor of Cinnamon, also from the Linux Mint team. Basically, its
a fork of Gnome Shell/Gnome 3 that has the visual look of the older Gnome 2 environment.

Personally, I prefer XFCE, and don't understand why Linus switched back to KDE.

Personally I liked CP/M better than MSDOS, but MSDOS won out because of how much of an idiot Kildall was. Pretty much GNOME/XFCE/Uubuntu are acting like Gary Kildall

Really. What was it that you like about CP/M that was better than MSDOS?

I was being a smart ass

I wasnt even alive during the MSDOS/CP/M standardization war. I was born in 83.

/Although I did use CP/M on a Commodore 128. Good times.
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