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2012-11-14 07:08:36 AM  

rev. dave: eagles95: jj325: And the argument against them seceding is......

They are going to be a purple state in 4 years. But outside of that not much reason.

MITT ROMNEY (R) 53.32% 2,076,153
BARACK OBAMA (I)D 5.52% 1,772,455
GARY JOHNSON (L) 1.16% 45,276
total 3,893,884 

not an impossible statement.

Unless the democrats run another black candidate, no, there's no way that happens.
2012-11-14 10:54:06 AM  


My god. It's full of assholes.

I knew it. I'm surrounded by assholes. Keep firing assholes! (LINK)
2012-11-14 10:54:41 AM  

DrPainMD: But... but... but... without regulation, we'll have chaos. It'll be just like Somalia. Do you want to live in Somalia?

(this is what liberal farkers actually believe. they say it here every day)

relcec: The law requires everyone - no matter where they were born - to prove their citizenship or legal residency to renew their professional licenses.



Dear Fark Independents:

Please get yr goddamn stories straight before posting why this problem is b/c of libtards and not the conservavictims that passed it.

Is it:
A) An Evil gubment regulation foisted on WE THE PEOPLE in keeping w/ evil libbyness


B) A Good GOD FEARING righteous laws that any civilized people would fully support in the effort to keep the browns from TAKING ER JERRRBS

/I know, cognitive dissonance is a tough nut to crack
2012-11-14 11:42:31 AM  

Pockafrusta: A privatized licensing agency could do an even worse job slightly faster and at only double the cost.

Faster, yes. Worse job? Compared to government workers? No. Double the cost? No, government is ALWAYS more expensive. I've managed in a fortune 500 company and I've managed in State Government. It's not even close. One is merit based and pays based on performance overall company stock performance, not individual performance. The other is unionized and pay increases happen for everyone regardless of performance. In government, most of the heard works just hard enough to keep from getting fired... The others move on.

There are differences by dept in the govt. In some departments, behavior that would go unnoticed in a Fortune 500 company (e.g. accepting bribes from vendors, such as box seats at a sporting event) results in you losing your security clearance and your job in short order. I know govt employees who had to remove a proposal from the leather binding and hand the binding back to the company rep because it exceeded the maximum monetary value ($5 at the time, but this was a few years ago) they could receive from the company. In other departments, I'll admit, it is possible to exhibit major personality disorders while actively preventing work from being done without getting fired. The first sort of department tends to be merit-based in terms of promotions, and the one I'm most familiar with does not have a union.

There are two major problems with your view of Fortune 500 companies. First of all, major companies are also not monolithic in nature. One department could be run by a fair, knowledgable boss who apportions their allotment of raises by merit, while another does it by throwing darts at a board. The second problem is that money for raises only becomes available if the company is doing well and if the higher-ups allow some of that to trickle down. If the company is losing money, no-one (below a certain level) gets a raise, no matter how much they may 'merit' one.
2012-11-14 02:35:47 PM  

relcec: Beowoolfie: relcec: not really. people are in here saying that checking for legal status is a horrible racist idea by small minded zenophobes. look around.

I just reviewed the entire thread and not one person, other than you, has brought that up in any way.

It might be time to have your meds adjusted. Or look into getting some. You may be seeing things that aren't there.

your reading comprehension really really sucks.

I guess it must, as you still look wrong to me. Would you care to explain?
//Unless by "in here" you meant, "somewhere on the internet".
2012-11-14 06:18:41 PM  
Well, isn't Georgia seceding? Sounds like a Republican problem.

fark Georgia. They asked for this indeed.
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