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(Chicago Trib)   "Hey guys, here is your totally awesome new tablet, and the latest version of windows. If you need me, I'll be over at the Apple campus for a bit"   ( chicagotribune.com) divider line
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2012-11-13 11:09:47 AM  
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tillerman35: Step 1: Alienate your developer base: First, they semi-announced that Silverlight was dead, then implied that WPF would be Metro-only. Then they announced no plug-ins on Metro UI browsers. Finally, it got out that they were implementing the UI as a walled garden. My reaction, and the reaction of literally THOUSANDS of developers with projects in the pipeline was to screech to a halt and reconsider whether or not Microsoft was viable platform for upcoming products. And the answer is "NO." Oh, they backpedaled on the "death of Silverlight" statement, but can we really trust them? Again, "NO."

Step 2: Alienate your user base: Create what will go down in history as the crappiest UI ever created (except maybe for iOS, but it's a tough call). Then push an underpowered poorly manufactured tablet to run it on while simultaneous ignoring the needs of the people who USED (note the past tense) to buy your products- the desktop users.

Step 3: ??? (Seriously- ??? What could you possibly do to screw up further, Microsoft?)

Step 4: Profit. (Or not).

3. Of those few developers that did stay on the boat, alienate them further by charging them extra. This was only hastily backpedaled later after an outcry from the community. Furthermore, if you want to develop for Windows Phone 8 and don't have Windows 8 Pro ? Too bad, no WP8 development for you. Offer a feedback forum on the development of Windows 8 and then outright ignore it and do the opposite of what was asked.

I'm on Ubuntu now, and while I still have a Windows 7 partition, I don't go there anymore. I will outright refuse to install and use Windows 8, because it's such a knee-jerk "Apple-me-too" ripoff, and a failed one at that, destroying whatever (little) credit they had. At least you could install whatever you wanted, wherever you wanted in W7, and ffs keep the yapping about the "but but Desktop App!!!" or "unwilling to change" rhetoric to yourselves. Windows 8 brings nothing to the table that could enrich my life or work experience (programming). It does nothing Windows 7 doesn't already do, and probably does better (Start Menu, no Metro, no fullscreen for every thing you do, _one_ place to configure setttings, no confusing hot corners, etc...)
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