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(The Daily Beast)   Does CNN make you want to throw things at your TV? Is Fox News still too liberal for you? Well, be sure to ask your cable provider to add TPNN: The Tea Party News Network. No, this is not an Onion article   ( divider line
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2012-11-13 11:24:55 AM  
"We spent too much too much time running to the center, and I think that was a mistake."

They still don't get it, and that's fine, I want to see the GOP go up, go up like the Hindenburg.
2012-11-13 11:42:03 AM  
There's always going to be some splinter group that claims the main group isn't hardcore enough. That's what the John Birchers were, and Goldwater and Buckley made sure to run those assholes off. Then Nixon courted them right back in. So it's sad, but we haven't seen the last of these rubes, not by a long shot.
2012-11-13 12:31:29 PM  
FTA: Which raises the question: is there really a need for Tea Party journalism, especially at a time when the once-trendy ideological crusade-which dominated the political landscape a mere two years ago-is being discredited, reviled, and blamed for much of what is damaging today's defeated and dispirited GOP?

Of course there's a need. Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to hold onto my world view in the face of reality? Your side has "facts" and "science" and "math." But my side will have VOLUME. Good luck infiltrating my brain with "ideas." VOLUME is more effective than tin foil!
2012-11-13 01:09:48 PM  
2012-11-13 01:41:02 PM  

Klivian: "And now, with just 0.01% of the vote in, at 7:00:01pm on the east coast here on Election Night 2016, TPNN is prepared to call the White House for Republican Candidate Michelle Bachmann"

Smart, funny...
2012-11-13 03:29:13 PM  

bmongar: mayIFark: DubyaHater: Whiskey Pete: How will they closed caption it for all the illiterate teabaggers?

There will be a still image of a Mexican-looking individual using his EBT card at Wal-Mart in the lower right hand corner of your screen. He'll be wearing a sombrero with Obama's picture on it and rolling his shopping cart over the American flag.
/I've been spending too much time reading FreeRepublic

He will be wearing a t-shirt that says "proudly undocumented".

/me too, about freeper. I have not been there really at all before the election. But since then, to enjoy their pain, I have started visiting them (and listen to Patriot, as I said).

You can get the worst of free republic without giving them clicks.

From the discussion of General Allen's affair:

Throwing out something. Two spellings of Orka or Orca. One spelling Orka. One spelling Orca. and the Or in both. We know Orka is a fish (very large fish, and the killer nickname) in the ocean. We know Orca is a corporation, or a project employed by the Romney Campaign to get out the vote, or is Orca something different from the two prior. Orca is recent or not? Breaking the two word down further. Take Orka. Is the state of Kansas implied or a fact in some sort of code? Now Orca. Is the state of California implied or code? Now look at the states. Am familiar with both states and facts and am at this point forgetting the implied of the implications. Sex, Sex, Sex. Agreement sex is being used as a distraction. Am not forgetting that also. Digging Deeper, but must back away for the moment

I am tempted to search the Free Republic archives for a posting from the same user who describes President Obama wtih the phrase "Possibly homosexual? Must remember to investigate further."
2012-11-13 03:55:48 PM  
Instead of "shark week" they could have "tree octopus" week.
2012-11-13 06:44:08 PM  

Whiskey Pete: OH MY GOD

On the homepage, there is an ad that says "Do you Support the Tea Party?" If you click yes, you go to some page that wants money. Click No, and you get a 404.

//Get a brain, morans!
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