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2012-11-13 04:13:00 AM  
2 votes:
This one random woman was threatened by the CIA Director's paramour, stalked by an FBI agent, AND was dirty talking the General in charge on the ground in Afghamistan?

This will definitely be a movie. I'm thinking Nicole Kidman or Naomi Watts for Kelley...
2012-11-13 03:51:02 AM  
2 votes:
Now we know why Obama did so poorly on the first debate. This just hit his desk that day
2012-11-12 11:57:23 PM  
2 votes:
Why can't there ever be a Matthew McConaughey love polygon, or a Channing Tatum love scandal? Or even better... a Nathan Fillion hot and sloppy 'til the cops arrive scandal.

I don't want to hear about an old government hack getting freaky. It just ruins my desire to ever have sex again.
2012-11-13 11:36:45 AM  
1 vote:

AbbeySomeone: Aulus: Oh, and it gets even more messed up: Link

Can someone start on a diagram or flowchart for all this?

i29.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-11-13 09:22:05 AM  
1 vote:
The comments in these fark threads are absolutely LOLzy now.

First the Fark Left was ALL IN for the Video as the cause.

http://www.fark.com/comments/7328078/Riots-DEATH-TO-AMERICA-White-Ho us e-not-a-case-of-protest-against-US

http://www.fark.com/comments/7323180/If-a-low-budget-film-by-a-fring e- Florida-pastor-carries-more-weight-in-Muslim-world-than-words-deeds-of -President-of-United-States-it-also-tells-me-these-efforts-to-engage-M uslim-world-are-a-monumental-waste-of-time

http://www.fark.com/comments/7324451/Cast-crew-of-movie-that-set-off -p rotests-apologize-profusely-explaining-that-they-were-deceived-by-prod ucer-that-offensive-content-was-added-without-their-knowledge-in-post- production

Then the Fark Left was ALL IN against the Republicans for leaking classified CIA information, when we all know now it was Petraeus and his mistress:

http://www.fark.com/comments/7375767/Meanwhile-at-public-hearings-on -L ibya-attacks-Republicans-accidentally-reveal-CIA-had-a-secret-base-in- consulate-Attempting-to-undo-damage-Republicans-follow-up-by-accidenta lly-revealing-base-is-still-active

But this one might be the most LOLzy of them all:

http://www.fark.com/comments/7390652/Apparently-CIA-suspected-Bengha zi -consulate-attack-was-an-act-of-terror-within-24-hours-of-its-occurren ce-That-must-be-why-Mitt-Romney-has-been-seen-practicing-his-nailed-it -smirk

especially if it is true that the CIA knew within 24 hours it was terrorism and yet Petraeus told Congress it was the youtube video.
2012-11-13 07:10:57 AM  
1 vote:
Washington really is Rome on the Potomic.

It's a city of sluts of all stripes and variety and orientations and there's never a shortage of imperial courtiers and whores.
2012-11-13 04:37:40 AM  
1 vote:

WTF Indeed: This is just another way Obama is destroying the fabric of the American family. Obama plans to create a new cabinet post and appoint Petraeus as the Secretary of Swinging.

Sorry, I'm first in line for that post. It was promised to me by these guys...

i.imgur.comView Full Size

Took that snap a few years ago just before we all got down to the freaky freaky.

jetzzfan: There's never any love for the rhombus.

Not true. The name of my new band is 'The Petraeus love rhombus'.

/Watch for our CD on sale at Venture stores next summer
2012-11-13 03:30:55 AM  
1 vote:

rynthetyn: yousaywut: So if I am reading this correctly:

Crazy got jealous of a 7 year olds on-line photo op with the general and assumed the man she was cheating with was cheating with the kids Mom so she sent harrassing e-mails to get Mom to back off. As this particular lady didn't seem to be involved with the General she naturally contacted LEO which happened to be her "friend" in the FBI who after getting the ball rolling promptly stomped on said ball and sent his own harrassing e-mail to this lady.

General resigns in disgrace because he stuck it to the crazy. Got it.

But it seems that this particular lady, while not banging Petraeus, may well be having some sort of affair with the current commander in Afghanistan.

Seriously, this is like the most batshiat insane soap opera plot. They're lucky it didn't end up with major national security consequences, assuming that it didn't, that is.

I am thinking that may actually be a fairly large assumption. Why would this kelley be in contact with and presumably friendly with both the current and previous afghan commander.

I don't know if I am as willing to believe that she wasn't intimate with patreus based on new information.

/Honey trap anyone?
2012-11-13 03:27:25 AM  
1 vote:
Need to get rid of a real scandal? Give 'em a sex scandal instead.
2012-11-13 03:20:20 AM  
1 vote:
News now reporting the top U.S. general in Afghanistan, John Allen, is being investigated for inappropriate emails to Kelley. So it's pretty clear "unpaid social liaison" translates to "slut for anyone over 2-stars".
2012-11-13 02:54:22 AM  
1 vote:
There's never any love for the rhombus.
2012-11-13 01:32:51 AM  
1 vote:
As somebody on twitter said, and the Right thought it was gay sex that was going to hurt the US military...
2012-11-13 12:54:54 AM  
1 vote:

Marcus Aurelius: I'm holding out for a pentagon.

At this rate, you'll probably want to cash in that bet on the early AM news.

I gotta be honest, I am really a bit surprised. This guy was one of the very few that almost nobody had a negative opinion about.
2012-11-13 12:48:34 AM  
1 vote:

shower_in_my_socks: That's why he quit, right?

Yep. One would expect the head of THE FARKING CIA to make better decisions.
2012-11-13 12:08:03 AM  
1 vote:

GGracie: Why can't there ever be a Matthew McConaughey love polygon, or a Channing Tatum love scandal? Or even better... a Nathan Fillion hot and sloppy 'til the cops arrive scandal.

I don't want to hear about an old government hack getting freaky. It just ruins my desire to ever have sex again.

Just picture it in black and white. Then it's not old and creepy, it's Mad Men retro and cool.

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2012-11-13 12:07:30 AM  
1 vote:
I'm holding out for a pentagon.
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