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(WTSP)   First Elmo comes out as gay, now the Cookie Monster is in trouble for armed robbery. This is what happens when you let Bert and Ernie push their agenda   ( wtsp.com) divider line
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2012-11-12 05:11:23 PM  
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2012-11-12 04:57:38 PM  
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Osomatic: Since when did Elmo come out as gay? He's supposed to be a little kid.

He has a man's hand up his ass at all times; what do you expect?
2012-11-12 02:47:29 PM  
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"P" is for prison, that's good enough for me...
2012-11-12 05:21:24 PM  
2 votes:
Vigilante justice!
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And she made his hide into boots and a scarf.
2012-11-12 05:12:53 PM  
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Bert: [Bert and Ernie are spooning in bed together when the phone rings] Hello? Son of a biatch. I'm on my way.
[Hangs up, puts on a pair of dirty jeans and takes a swig of liquor]
Bert: Some poor bastard got his head blown off down at a place called Hooper's.
Ernie: Bert, I wish you wouldn't drink so much, Bert.
Bert: Well, Ernie, I wish you wouldn't eat cookies in the damn bed!
Ernie: Bert, you're shouting again, Bert!
2012-11-12 04:58:34 PM  
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2012-11-12 04:55:43 PM  
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2012-11-12 08:04:50 PM  
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2012-11-12 08:01:00 PM  
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Just a case of mistaken Identity!

/completely understandable
2012-11-12 06:33:28 PM  
1 vote:

gingerjet: What did Elmo know and when did he know it?

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/was a children, but never a boy
2012-11-12 05:19:57 PM  
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2012-11-12 05:08:14 PM  
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I'm seeing a pattern ....

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/hot like Jef Smiths career five minutes before he was accused of inappropriate relationships with teenage men
2012-11-12 05:03:57 PM  
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cretinbob: ms_lara_croft: Osomatic: Since when did Elmo come out as gay? He's supposed to be a little kid.

The male puppeteer who performs as Elmo was recently accused of having a "relationship" with a 16 year old boy.

Yeah, and I'm calling bullshiat on the story beyond what he's admitted to. Sounds like the guy, who is mid-20's now, is just pissed off and trying to make a story out of nothing, or being a copycat of the BBC shiat.
Being Elmo is on Netflix if you haven't seen it.

amen to that. one must separate puppeteer from Elmo, the Muppet - Elmo who we have grown to know and love. the puppeteer and the Elmo are two separate entities, similar to, oh, Mitt Romney and President Obama. not one and the same, two, two, two different beings.

instead of trying to put a label on Elmo maybe you should try to get to know him. he's more of a gentleman than most men you'll ever meet. polite, refined, with an appreciation of the arts and education. he supports the underdog and quietly donates both time and money to several charities.

that's the Elmo i know. and if that makes him teh ghey well then slap my butt and call me Myrtle!
2012-11-12 05:02:26 PM  
1 vote:
What did Elmo know and when did he know it?
2012-11-12 05:02:10 PM  
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2012-11-12 02:53:49 PM  
1 vote:
This is a monster that would routinely eats books, furniture and bite off the ends of letters. I think he once ate an entire Christmas tree. I knew he was going to be trouble.
2012-11-12 01:58:46 PM  
1 vote:
Mitt Romney seen yelling, "I TOLD YOU SO!"
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