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(IndyStar)   After crashing his car into a house, the driver has one question for the homeowner: "You want some pizza?"   ( indystar.com) divider line
    More: Strange, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Mustang GT, homeowners, bus drivers, Central Indiana, William Kise, Pizza box form factor  
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2012-11-12 03:48:37 AM  
Depends on the toppings.
2012-11-12 03:49:16 AM  
This thread will probably be rife with jokes about pizza deliverymen and drunk driving, but the story highlights the growing concern of the Mustang gas and brake pedal placement. They are simply too close together and the result is that in emergency situations the driver is sometimes unable to lift their foot off the gas.

And the fact that it handles like a boat, the Mustang is a terrible car. Maybe from a design perspective it looks nice with its throwback looks, but from a mechanical and driving perspective, it is the same old crap it always has been.

2012-11-12 03:54:37 AM  
"If we don't demolish in 30 minutes, this pizza is free"
2012-11-12 04:04:56 AM  
Yes, but you're still fixing my bay window, you doughy stoner.
2012-11-12 04:24:55 AM  
2012-11-12 04:31:39 AM  
2012-11-12 04:44:31 AM  

LordOfThePings: Depends on the toppings.

And where it's from. I'm already fat enough. If I'm going to eat pizza, it'd better be worth the extra calories.
2012-11-12 04:48:35 AM  
It's time for a CSB!

I once acquired Chinese food because the guy delivering it got in to a non-injury wreck. I was right there so I became one of those "Are you alright, should we call an ambulance" people.

His response was "I'm fine. Can't make delivery. Want buy food?"

He sold all of it all while calling back to the restaurant to send out some replacement deliveries. .
2012-11-12 06:33:52 AM  
Uncle Enzo's not going to be happy about this.
2012-11-12 06:44:54 AM  
Could have just sat and ate that pizza all to himself, its the polite thing to do after putting a hole in the guys house.
2012-11-12 06:55:22 AM  
Depends on the Pizza chain. I'm holding a grudge for the stupidity of the founders during the election.
2012-11-12 07:49:00 AM  
course ya do!
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2012-11-12 07:49:33 AM  
Peyton Manning is out of control already.
2012-11-12 07:57:07 AM  
He should have asked YT to take it the rest of the way.

What would uncle enzo have said?
2012-11-12 09:00:46 AM  
This seems reasonable.
I was taught that it is good manners to bring your host/hostess a gift when dropping by unexpectedly.
2012-11-12 09:34:57 AM  
Yes, I want some pizza
2012-11-12 10:10:08 AM  
There used to be a mobile pizza parlor here (a big ol' customized truck with a pizza kitchen on board. They'd start making the pizza en route to the delivery address and bring it to you right out of the oven. They managed to back into our car after a delivery in the neighborhood. They came to the door and asked us if we wanted some free pizzas. I declined, telling him that we'll just wait for the police to arrive. Besides, their pizzas were pretty carpy.
2012-11-12 10:14:45 AM  
Kise told police he drank five beers while waiting for the pizza at a friend's house.

Either that delivery was slow or he was slammin'

/carpy pizza? I've had crab on pizza, but never fish
2012-11-12 11:21:02 AM  

scrumpox: FTFA
Kise told police he drank five beers while waiting for the pizza at a friend's house.

Either that delivery was slow or he was slammin'

/carpy pizza? I've had crab on pizza, but never fish

more. MORE!!
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2012-11-14 05:43:01 PM  

Arkanaut: Uncle Enzo's not going to be happy about this.

Came here for this.
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