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2012-11-11 08:38:48 PM  
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Pic of this thread:

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2012-11-12 10:31:08 AM  
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Stopped reading there.
2012-11-12 06:49:22 AM  
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Of course the news agencies can touch it now that the election is over.

MM is about as brave as a battered wife.
2012-11-12 01:51:20 AM  
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WRXminion: ooops, I copied and pasted the wrong link.... This was what I meant to link too.

That link goes to a list of conferences and videos hosted by the Heartland Institute. According to Wikipedia:

In the 1990s, the Heartland Institute worked with Philip Morris to question the link between secondhand smoke and health risks.[10][29] Philip Morris used Heartland to distribute tobacco-industry material, and arranged for the Heartland Institute to publish "policy studies" which summarized Philip Morris reports.[29][30] The Heartland Institute also undertook a variety of other activities on behalf of Philip Morris, including meeting with legislators, holding "off-the-record" briefings, and producing op-eds, radio interviews, and letters.[29][31] In 1994, at the request of Philip Morris, the Heartland Institute met with Republican Congressmen to encourage them to oppose increases in the federal excise tax. Heartland reported back to Philip Morris that the Congressmen were "strongly in our camp", and planned further meetings with other legislators.[32]


Sounds like an organization with the public's interest in mind.
2012-11-12 01:47:26 AM  
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Those using Hurricane Sandy as a justification to ratchet up the global warming panic would do well to read up on the Great September Gale of 1815, a category-3 hurricane (Sandy was category 2) that hit New York in a time before the Industrial Revolution even began and sent up a storm surge high enough to create new permanent waterways in Long Island.

And there were many others. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, Mr. Freud. A freak storm that was the result of the unfortunate convergence of 3 separate systems is not proof that doomsday is here and global warming is going to kill us all. Nor is a "superstorm" hitting the Eastern Seaboard unprecedented or a harbinger of a new meteorological reality. Climate change may indeed be a real phenomenon, but get a grip.
2012-11-12 01:22:16 AM  
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Some interesting ccomments in that link. Here's one:

"by loupgarous100 November 11, 2012 11:35 PM EST
Boulder's only 5,430 feet (1.028 miles) above sea level. I know, because I live in Denver, which as everyone knows, is the Mile High City, and I drive to Boulder now and then. If, as you say, Boulder was 2.2 miles high, it'd be one of the Rocky Mountains, 11,616 feet high - what we call a "teener."

Are the rest of your facts that accurate?

The next time you're in Boulder, please arrange an appointment to see Dr. Chris Landsea of the University of Colorado at Boulder. He severed his association with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change because they allowed other researchers to lie about research that was being conducted under his name - specifically, that increases in hurricane activity were directly and significantly related to global warming. Since Dr. Landsea is a climatologist who was taking part in an IPCC study on the relationship between global warming and hurricane activity (his specialty) he was in the best position possible to know the research being lied about wasn't even close to being complete - so NO ONE could say at that point what influence global warming had on hurricanes.

Dr. Landsea's findings (along with other of his colleagues) were that no significant relation between hurricane activity and global warming existed at the time of the false IPCC announcement or was likely to exist in the future.

You say "If anyone knows the details, it's the IPCC - the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - which was created by the United Nations in 1988. Its job is to collect climate-change studies from around the world, and draw conclusions. Its chairman is Rajendra Pachauri, who says the impacts of climate change are becoming progressively more serious."

The IPCC's decision to stand behind a direct lie about the results of some of their research that hadn't even been finished says that you may want to talk to someone with more credibility about global warming than either the IPCC or their director.

The IPCC's director, Rajendra Pachauri, published a study a few years ago that said the glaciers of the Himalayas would melt by 2035 (this is according to The Guardian, one of Britain's most famous newspapers for investigative reporting (http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2010/feb/02/climate-change-pach auri-un-glaciers, for confirmation of that, and a discussion of several factual errors published by the IPCC). The prediction of the Himalayan glaciers looming demise was a transposition of two numbers in the date by one of Pachauri's graduate students - the date they actually had predicted was 2350), but the rules of scientific publication require that Dr. Pachauri as lead author assume responsibility for every word in that article.

Either he was the prime investigator in that study and responsible, or he was not responsible for anything in that study and his name shouldn't be on it. Pachauri insists he wasn't responsible for the remark, so it's probably wise to doubt anything in any of his papers. You never know what he'll deny responsibilty for next.

You might reconsider the title of your article, "The Scientific Truth About Climate Change." I found two significant factual errors in the article's first page. That makes me very worried about the facts in the rest of the article. Please check your facts better next time."
2012-11-11 09:39:07 PM  
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2012-11-11 08:53:34 PM  
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StreetlightInTheGhetto: Geek Tab.




/I really thought it was gonna be about hovercars
//I don't know why, I just did, dammit

You weren't the only one. Wanna grab a drink somewhere?
2012-11-11 07:06:04 PM  
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RobertBruce: Huh. I wonder what might have started a couple million years ago that could maybe be ending?

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