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(Examiner)   Texas wants to secede from the Union? Boring.... Fifteen states file petitions to secede? Now we're talking   ( examiner.com) divider line
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2012-11-12 09:04:36 AM  

syrynxx: Not to point out anything rational, but every national company would leave these states. Wal-Mart would leave - let Texas negotiate its own trade agreements with China. Dell would leave - US companies would not retain a foreign-owned service company. NASA would leave. Oil from Texas-based companies would be heavily tarriffed on import into the United States - let's tax them 50%! Why not?

These morons had a chance to change the course of history - it's called 'voting'. I wonder how many people signing these petitions didn't actually vote.

You saying voting is the answer.

Just a small history lesson: No state that was a Confederate State voted for Lincoln, yet he won the Presidency winning 60% of the electoral vote but only 40% of the popular vote, which was the final straw, igniting the secession which began 1 month before his inauguration.

Here in 2012, similar situation, with the exception of Florida, and the fact that there were only 2 real candidates and Obama won around 51% of the Popular vote. People voted. People Got butthurt because they feel under represented, or they are just racist morons, whatever it may be. Now they want to secede.

Then again the same thing happened after Bush won reelection. Within days there was ridiculous talk comin from the left about secession. I doubt thy were anymore serious than the attempts now, possibly less serious, but the talk was still there.

But my main point, voting. People seem to be okay with sticking out 4-8 years under a President and Comgress they don't agree with. But at some point, they get upset and realize that they're vote doesn't really make a bit of difference. Maybe if they get together with enough like minded people and scream loud enough someone will pay them some attention. And when that doesn't work they grab weapons and start slinging them every where. Doesn't matter who they are. White, black, man, woman, republican, democrat, genius, moron; it's like asking why, in the year 2012 is there still war. Because people don't agree. We want what we want when we want it and we will only wait for so long before we get up and start slinging poop at each other.

Do I think these attempts are serious? Nope. Evening Louisiana gets to 25,000 signatures that still only .5% of the states population. Come back to me when they get to a solid 5% and we'll talk. You see how this works? Not enough people have banded together and started throwing crap at me, so it's of no real concern.
2012-11-12 09:10:41 AM  
Damn you autocorrect. You make my thought out comment look like an idiot wrote it.
2012-11-12 11:55:48 AM  
homelessdude: FWIW...........

Not that any of these wing-nut glue sniffers every bothered to check, but secession is a lot more complicated than putting up a few EZ-Pass booths at the state line. This particular article was probably written in response to the Bush election fiasco, but just switch the colors and the state names. The rest is academic.

Does the Constitution Permit the Blue States to Secede?
With Permission, Perhaps; Unilaterally, No (findlaw.com)
By Michael C. Dorf
November 24, 2004

None of these ever address the fact, though, that if - for instance - New York and all New England just stopped recognizing the federal government and decided to reincorporate as their own nation (which, if any region of the country could, it's them) what is the federal government's play? Is a president going to send in the military and start firing on people? Is he going to nuke Rhode Island? What's the play?

Insurrections and rebellions were easier for a president to put down before television.
2012-11-12 02:38:25 PM  

NFA: The Why Not Guy: NFA: nonsense

I love how you read a story about people in fifteen states filing nonsense petitions to secede because Barack Obama won the election and think "wow, Democrats sure are whiny"

Nah, just a mistake. I attempted to post one like below but it didn't work, so I selected another not realizing it said Democratic party.

[t2.gstatic.com image 222x227]

Well, the last one would have applied after Gore/Lieberman lost back in 2000...

/ remembers the (somewhat justified ) butthurt back then...
// I suspect Gore wouldn't be any better than Bush as President...
/// esp. with Lieberman as VP (*shudder*)
2012-11-13 12:42:53 AM  
How many of the signatures so far are Weedlord Bonerhitler?
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