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(Kansas City)   Tea Party economics in the state of Kansas have resulted in massive deficits, draining of the rainy day fund, and set up massive cuts to education and social services. The Tea Party solution: tax cuts   ( divider line
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2012-11-11 08:54:17 PM  
I've no sympathy whatsoever. Heck, I hope the teabaggers completely destroy Kansas economy through their not just failed, but suicidal, policies.

Perhaps, when others watch Kansas drown in debt, unable to maintain its infrastructure or help those in need even as these asshats continue to scream "fark you all, 'cuz I got mine", Kansas can serve as a grim warning to the other states dealing with a teabagger infestation.
2012-11-11 08:54:42 PM  
Now we get a chance to compare apples to teabags. We've seen what
the radical right wing tea baggers have done to that state, now let's see what happens
to California since the electorate took action and addressed the revenue issues. More so
with a super majority which is looming.
2012-11-12 01:51:16 AM  

Serious Black: ebamit: As a Kansan, I can say without question that these tax cuts benefit me personally. It's like they looked at my situation (multiple corps, partnership, and rental-property income) and devised a plan that ensured I will pay absolutely no state income tax. None. Zip. Nada.

W-2 wage earners? They continue to pay. And now, thanks to our brilliant governor, they will pay a much higher percentage of the state's revenue than before. This, my friends, is a perfect example of a regressive tax. Hurting the little people is OK as long as the rich benefit. Let them eat cake!

At first, I thought this plan was just an example of how stupid these small men are. I thought that they were living in a fantasy world thinking that this plan will attract new businesses into the state. Obviously, no business owner is going to relocate to Kansas simply because the owner will pay no state income tax. Anyone who believes this myth exposes just how little they understand about the dynamics of owning a business.

Upon reflection, I realized they can't possibly be this stupid. They don't suffer from ignorance; instead, they are simply bad people. Let's face it: W-2 wage earners don't donate to Republican campaigns. High earners do. Screw the W-2 earners!

From their point of view, ruining a once great place to live is simply a cost of ensuring reelection. It's nothing more, nothing less. Thus, this is not a "tax plan" or "business development program". It's just a cynical plan to ensure reelection.

I may be a W-2 earner, but these tax cuts will also benefit me since the top bracket was reduced by, what, 1.5%? That's about an extra grand in my pocket. And I would still rather have them repeal these cuts so that we can keep the state from becoming a rat-infested shiathole.

It will only help you as a w-2 wage earner if you don't own a home, have children, are attending an institution of higher learning or any other activity that you were able to get a deduction on your taxes previously.

My state income taxes will increase even though Brownback lowered the percentage because I will lose the mortgage interest deduction and the child care tax credit. I will also be sending a child to college (KU - her choice) so any deductions that I would get for sending my child to an in-state college are also gone as well. Add in the inevitable tuition increases due to budget cuts on higher eduction.

I don't qualify got the EITC as I earn too much but know folks who will be hurt by these along with the elimination of the food sales tax refund.
2012-11-12 02:09:40 AM  

Mrtraveler01: cirby: It does when you're trying to get people to start doing business in your state, and you cut the budget accordingly. As I noted above, they only need a five percent cut in spending to balance the budget. If you're too dumb to find five percent of a state budget to cut, you need to stay out of politics entirely.

It might bring more business to the state, but it won't be enough to make up for the shortfall as a result of the tax cut.

At best, you'll end up where you started and at worst, you'll be deeper in the red and have to cut spending even more than you probably needed to (which is the real intent of conservatives)/

People throw around tax cuts like it's a panacea to everything.

I've got to say this once and for all Tax cuts WILL NOT GET YOU OUT OF A DEFICIT!!!


We have businesses leaving Kansas now. This tells you that taxation is not what brings or keeps businesses in a state.

Freightquote is moving from Lenexa, KS to KCMO.
Jostens is going from Topeka, KS to Clarksville, TN.
Boeing is leaving KS in 2013 and splitting off various sections to different states.

As far as I know, the only business relocating to KS is AMC and we spent millions of dollars to get them to do so.
2012-11-12 04:09:31 AM  

Jackpot777: Do you know the way to Mordor: You think Kansas is bad? Try the Liberal Party run state of New South Wales in Australia.

Down here Liberals are right wing (go figure). Right now we are in the middle of savage job and spending cuts. Our Premier (like your state Governors) has vowed that the cuts will continue, even though an independent accounting body has found a BILLION extra dollars that the state government didn't know it had.

///And STILL they are pushing ahead in a no-tender process to build a second casino in Sydney that nobody wants.


I spent a great deal of time in Britain (Stevenage for the Championship) and when people would say complete shiat about what they were told about the terrible socialist Europe, I would have dozens of examples of why they were talking out of their arses.

Most Fox News viewers over here have no idea how much The Dirty Digger used his Aussie experiences to shape American right-wing press. Australian Liberal, British Conservative, US Republican ...they are the same right-wing message on three land masses. They even swap analysts and media personnel. Hell: how long was Maggie Thatcher's son working for the GOP in Texas and taking part in shenanigans in Equitorial Guinea?

Yep, Rupert Murdoch sure has a LOT to answer for
2012-11-12 06:43:48 AM  

ghare: Bendal: Now that NC has veto proof majorities of Republicans in both houses, and a Republican Governor as well, I expect that same kind of nonsense coming out of our legislature starting next year. McCrory is talking about how the government is "broken" and he's bringing a businessman's viewpoint to the state, but so far he's not provided any particulars on what he will do.

Nothing on that list from Kansas though would surprise me if they came up with it. Our Republicans aren't any smarter than theirs, unfortunately.

1) Abortion Restrictions 2) Abortion Restrictions 3) Cut taxes on wealthy 4) Abortion Restrictions 5) Raise fees 6) Abortion Restrictions Cut services in poor neighborhoods 7) Abortion Restrictions

You left out Ban Gay Marriage, Ban Gay Marriage Again, Ban Marriage Between Two People of The Same Sex, and "Oh, did I mention we banned gay marriage?" all as constitutional amendments.

Time to move RTP to Greenbelt, MD. Really. We'll take the smart people you despise so much.
2012-11-12 10:04:06 AM  

WraithSama: Sadly, I live in Kansas. It's gotten to the point where the moment I see my state's name in any article headline I immediately groan and ask, "NOW what?" Kansas is the poster child for right-wing thinking, and the state government is a perfect reflection of that. Hell, even the Kochs are here in Wichita. I enjoy discussing politics, even with people who are ideologically different, but there are very few people I can do so with here without having an aneurysm. The vast majority of the population here are ultra-conservative, and the tea party has a strong base. They've also immunized themselves to rational arguments and facts, immediately dismissing anything they disagree with as "liberal spin" (even if it's from a bi-partisan source) and happily citing back conservative blogs as though they were reputable academic studies. At work, total strangers might walk up to you and make an Obama joke or complain about liberals, simply assuming you're one of them. And why not? I'm a left-of-center independent, but I can tell you that there's very few left-of-anything in Kansas; except, perhaps, in Lawrence.

On election day at the polling location, there was a staffer who demanded to know whose car was illegally parked and loudly declared it was about to be towed. One of the women in line in front of me made a disgusted look and told her friend, "She must be a democrat." True story.

/Sorry for the rant.
//Is suffocating here.
///Thinking about getting out.

We must have lived in different Wichitas.

Growing up in Riverside I never heard anything ultra-conservative. Even at church those who were republicans were fiscal conservatives only. I'm not saying you are totally wrong, but I wouldn't classify the vast majority of the town as ultra-conservative.

/remember to breath and you won't suffocate
//go volunteer for the local dems and get connected in with the resistance!
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