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(New York Magazine)   Everyone is entitled to his own opinions, but not to his own facts   ( divider line
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2012-11-11 04:46:01 PM Full Size
2012-11-11 06:46:31 PM  

Ishkur: yousaywut: This entire discussion was based on my attempt to show that some Facts are opinions (from a we should have these questions post).

Well there's your problem: You weren't posting any facts as opinions (they were outright fallacies), and you were asking questions that were settled decades ago. None of what you postulated is a problem to evolutionary theory or science. Those debates were resolved. Everyone's moved on.

But this is par for the course, so its not your fault. Science is moving very VERY fast these days (just as fast as anything else technological) and half the time it forgets to properly inform the public about what it's currently doing while the other half forgets to do crucial things like upgrade high school reading material. Even textbooks that are 20 years old are considered obsolete and deprecated compared to the latest scientific breakthroughs. There is an awful lot of ignorance out there about what evolution actually is, and this is mostly due to inadequate communication and education. If more steps are taken to explain the full process in a more thorough manner to the American people, there wouldn't be so much idiocy.

It's a typical tactic of Creationists to try and disprove evolutionary theory by attacking what it was back in the 19th century because the theory was younger and incomplete back then (pre-discovery of DNA) and hence easier to argue against, which is why they like to use the word "Darwinism", as in a faith belief system founded by Darwin (and that if they discredit Darwin, they discredit evolution.... like a religion). But no one "owns" evolution the way Jesus or any other religious figure "owns", and discrediting Darwin or any kind of advancement or application of the theory a hundred years ago does nothing to hamper its robustness today.

Furthermore, theologians do not seem to understand that the people who attack evolution the most are evolutionary scientists, because science is not dogma, it is a process for studying ...

True and I actually learned quite a bit just from being wrong in this thread so that kind of worked out for me:)
2012-11-11 06:49:04 PM  

abb3w: yousaywut: Thanks, I actually long since have agreed that I was in error but folks keep popping in to tell me I was in error.

Even still with your admission, it still looked like you might learn something from the canned "microevolution versus macroevolution" mini-lecture I keep on the shelf.

yousaywut: At least you were polite about it:)

I try to save major rudeness for really special occasions.

No worries I appreciate the info. Rueened actually sent me a pretty good link where I learned quite a bit before my brain went into overload and I went off to dreamland. All in all a pretty good day for the learnin today.
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