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(Everett Herald)   The non-concession statement of all time belongs to John Koster (R-ape) who blames pot, the Republican party, librulz, communists for his loss. And he invokes the Deity, Sean Hannity, before tossing in a Bible verse   ( heraldnet.com) divider line
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2012-11-09 09:41:26 AM  
2 votes:

Three Crooked Squirrels: So this guy supports rape as well? Somehow that escaped me.

Not just him.
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2012-11-09 08:50:05 AM  
2 votes:
If Benjamin Franklin were alive today he'd be the only guy who figured out how to make money off internet porn...that he would have invented back in 1974.
2012-11-09 08:43:15 AM  
2 votes:
The notion that the American people are just getting sick and tired of their shiat just doesn't occur to them.
2012-11-09 07:30:12 AM  
2 votes:
Christ they piss me off. Thing is, I am close to conservative as it is and there's a good message there, but they deliver it by demonizing and attacking entire segments of society.

* If you're gay, you're a deviant
* If you work for a union, you're scum
* If you are a government worker, you are lazy and want to work in your PJs (Savage actually said that last night)
* If you're not conservative, you're not a true patriot
* If you're not a Christian, you shouldn't be in this country

So big government is bad, unless it's doing something to enforce a Christian morality on everyone. Then it's OK.

Now yes, I'm generalizing myself here as well. I know not all Republican supporters think this way, but pretty much ALL of the Republican yappers on talk radio and TV talk like this, there's an entire legion of their fans that repeat their crap verbatim all around me, and they have been held up by the party as their spokespeople, so own it.
2012-11-09 09:28:19 AM  
1 vote:

Eh, I'd rather have two distinct parties, that way we can choose between those two that we want. Unless we get rid of primary season, then it'll work.

We need a modern day William F. Buckley Jr. to tell the Bircher Society to sit down and shut the fark up. But I don't see anyone with enough clout to pull that off with out the morons screaming treason.
2012-11-09 09:16:40 AM  
1 vote:
As a Lincoln Republican (wait, we still have those? Yes, Virginia, we do still have socially liberal republicans) living in Liberal Bastion Massachusetts who went out and helped with the Warren campaign and was (and still am) a Jon Huntsman supporter, I agree with the other Republicans here. The party is not what the party should be. We are no longer a party of fiscally conservative moderates to counter the fiscally liberal moderates of the Democratic party.

Our party is being strangled by the radical fringe because we let them, because we thought we needed that shot in the arm that a heroin junkie thinks they need that first time they try it. Rehab is gonna be tough and the shakes and chills and vomiting up will be brutal but we need to kick the habit of going to the radicals when we lose or we're never going to get back on course where moderates like me can really vote for anyone running under your flag in good conscience.

Look at Scott Brown. He ran originally as a moderate, independent Republican, then you stuck your claws in him and convinced him that not only should he take that first hit of Fringe-arific ecstasy, but you wouldn't let him go when he tried to run and you sucked him down the rabbit hole. Your guys had him go negative in atomic fashion when it first appeared that the people weren't buying what you were peddling anymore. So when the national republicans went nuclear, you made him go nuclear too. You dragged him down to your levels and it made him sickly in the eyes of his former supporters, and we saw just what we could have with Warren, a bright-eyed, bushy tailed professor who wanted to support the little guy, and we realized that we needed to help those that needed it instead of take a swig from the Randian hits you were doling out.

You called us ingrates for leaving you, but you know what. We were those abused housewives that finally said "fark you, we're gone" and packed up and left you for a better person. Are we sad we left you? In the back of our mind, we may miss you, we may hope you're doing well but mostly, we hope you're finally getting the help that you needed for so long that we just couldn't provide anymore. We wish you well but you need to change your tone if you ever hope to get people like us back.

Until then, we're gonna keep doinking the mailman that treated us with concern when he saw our bruises.

Moderate Republicans
2012-11-09 09:01:29 AM  
1 vote:

Weaver95: ya know, it really HAS been a crappy week for the GOP - not only did '1000 years of darkness' President Obama get re-elected but gay marriage was approved/cannabis legalization progressed further across the nation. not to mention many key congressional races around the nation were lost. the GOP was solidly rejected at local/state and federal levels.

So I can see why Koster feels hurt and abandoned.

I don't think it has really sunk in for the left or right just how badly things went for the GOP. There is the obvious stuff like ACA is here to stay and DOMA will go undefended and eventually be struck down. We also saw hard core social conservatives lose to democrats in easily winnable districts for republicans. That tells me the abortion issue is running out of gas. Roughly 1/4 of the house teaparty freshmen were sent home, many losing to dems as opposed to establishment repubs. Voter suppression efforts failed and the electorate is moving to the left so they will never work. The results of citizens united were not nearly as bad as many of us feared and the billionaires spent a lot of money and came up empty. Using gay marriage initiatives to get the fundies out is a dead issue from here on out. In fact it will only drive gay marriage supporters. Several state houses went back to democratic control and that will limit the ability of groups like ALEC to push through more BS.

I do not think the conservative agenda is dead quite yet but it is mortally wounded. That gives me hope and I appreciate the change even if it is not as fast as I would like.
2012-11-09 08:46:29 AM  
1 vote:
Cry moar you pompous blowhard.
2012-11-09 08:39:17 AM  
1 vote:
Why do these idiots always invoke Benjamin Franklin when they're whining about how skurry libruls are expanding freedoms to people they personally dislike? It's pretty hard to imagine that if Benjamin Franklin were alive today and had been shaped by modern morals that he'd agree with morons like Tester.
2012-11-09 08:13:12 AM  
1 vote:
Sadly,and for reasons untold,neither the National Republican Congressional Committee nor the Washington State Republican Party stepped up to provide us with anything more than token support

It's good to see a self-relient republican not looking for handouts from others
2012-11-09 08:05:43 AM  
1 vote:
ya know, it really HAS been a crappy week for the GOP - not only did '1000 years of darkness' President Obama get re-elected but gay marriage was approved/cannabis legalization progressed further across the nation. not to mention many key congressional races around the nation were lost. the GOP was solidly rejected at local/state and federal levels.

So I can see why Koster feels hurt and abandoned.
2012-11-09 07:51:32 AM  
1 vote:
FTFA:"Like many Americans, I am stunned at the tough night so many on the conservative side had around the country on Tuesday, and that Barack Obama was re-elected as President. Sean Hannity remarked yesterday that he wondered if the "allure and appeal of socialism and redistribution of wealth has taken hold."

Can we just start drowning people for this kind of stupidity? There is no moocher class anymore than there are Cadilac driving welfare queens. Raising the top tax rates a few percentage points is not class warfare. Social safety nets are not socialism or class warfare.

The good news is this imbecile is no where near making decisions for the rest of us.
2012-11-09 07:33:40 AM  
1 vote:
I am equally stunned that we have legalized marijuana right here in our home state of Washington...

Ben Franklin challenged future generations of Americans when he said "we have given you a Republic if you can keep it"

I'm amused by the close proximity of these two statements.
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