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(News.com.au)   Angry ferret terrorises elderly woman, with helpful picture of what an angry ferret might look like   ( news.com.au) divider line
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2012-11-08 09:34:25 AM  
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2012-11-08 09:35:27 AM  
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"Be good, angry ferret, be good!"
2012-11-08 09:36:18 AM  
I don't think i have ever heard the words angry and ferret used together like that.
2012-11-08 09:36:53 AM  
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2012-11-08 09:36:59 AM  
I read that as 'angry ferret tortises' and was a bit confused.
2012-11-08 09:38:07 AM  
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Wanted for questioning.
2012-11-08 09:38:48 AM  
Richard Gere unavailable for comment....
2012-11-08 09:38:55 AM  
Said with a bad 'down under' accent:

That't not a angry ferret...

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THAT is a angry ferret.
2012-11-08 09:39:01 AM  
I have one word for you all.


That is all.
2012-11-08 09:39:19 AM  
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Nice marmot.
2012-11-08 09:40:47 AM  

Kinek: I have one word for you all.


That is all.

I assume that's a mashup of farting and waddling.
2012-11-08 09:41:00 AM  
The last time I pootled while on my way home I had to change my shorts.
2012-11-08 09:42:15 AM  
And they said California was crazy for making ferrets illegal.
2012-11-08 09:42:21 AM  
This is why some places *cough california cough* outlaw the precious little creatures. They are afraid of roving bands of ferrets despite that they have been domesticated for 1000s of years. I had two. The worse they would do is pry open the kitchen door by laying on their backs and hooking their claws under the door, and then go play in that bin under your stove that you store pots in. The male also liked to play in the fireplace. He'd get in there (despite the fire screen) and have a merry time, and then I'd find little black ferret prints everywhere. I'd have to hold him under the water facet until he was back to a normal ferret color.
2012-11-08 09:42:53 AM  
As a ferret, I'm really digging these comments!
2012-11-08 09:45:28 AM  

Kepo: Said with a bad 'down under' accent:

That't not a angry ferret...

THAT is a angry ferret.

Nah, that's a yawning ferret.
2012-11-08 09:45:31 AM  

ElusiveWookiee: Wanted for questioning.

Are those his ferts?
2012-11-08 09:46:16 AM  

That is all.
2012-11-08 09:46:34 AM  
Was the old lady named Mother Abigail?

/weasles/ferrets wuts the diff?
2012-11-08 09:50:20 AM  
Yuk it up, folks.

You won't find this so funny if YOU are ever attacked by an angry ferret.

My brother died that way, you know. I'm not laughing.
2012-11-08 09:52:46 AM  
2 ferrets +balls of newspaper = better than network television

/Ex called them "tube-rats"
2012-11-08 09:53:15 AM  

Kinek: I have one word for you all.


That is all.

Not to blame the victim or anything, but she never would have been attacked if she hadn't been pootling.
2012-11-08 09:53:24 AM  
It's a good thing it was't a badger that got her.
2012-11-08 09:53:41 AM  
Hah! that's NOTHING!!

We have gangs of pigeons in the town centre who are so hardcore (well, compared to other pigeons anyway) that they steal mobility scooters!
pigeon on mobility scooter goodness

Had I been a few seconds sharper taking that pic, there would've been THREE pigeons on it.
Ferrets? Nah... ferrets are mere pussy cats... the woman over-reacted and scared it.
My one daliance with a ferret resulted in some of the best video I've ever shot.. Link
And I have a friend who has ferrets... those things are just fun to be around!
2012-11-08 09:54:28 AM  
i478.photobucket.comView Full Size

2012-11-08 09:59:19 AM  
Picture looks like, "Say that to my face motherf*ucker, not on the internet. See what happens."
2012-11-08 10:02:14 AM  
Angry Ferret is the euphemism I use for my phallus.
2012-11-08 10:02:34 AM  
farm4.staticflickr.comView Full Size
2012-11-08 10:03:22 AM  
I'd say he looks more miffed than out right angry but hey, I've been wrong before.
2012-11-08 10:03:23 AM  
That's what you get when you're pootling about. Ferrets hate pootlers.
2012-11-08 10:05:10 AM  

Kepo: Said with a bad 'down under' accent:

That't not a angry ferret...

THAT is a angry ferret.

Actually, that's a sleepy ferret. He's just yawning. It's their most common facial expression. Super cute.
2012-11-08 10:06:19 AM  

Mr.Hawk: [i478.photobucket.com image 400x400]

img831.imageshack.usView Full Size

/extremely quick and dirty
2012-11-08 10:07:03 AM  
"Will you forget about the farking marmot!!"
2012-11-08 10:08:53 AM  
Come at me bro.
2012-11-08 10:10:50 AM  
Ferrets are cute, but man they be stanky.

/ Damn it, now I miss the ex :(
2012-11-08 10:16:23 AM  
CSB Time

I had three ferrets. Incidentally, if you wash their bedding every weekend and clean litter daily, they don't smell to high heaven. You know neglectful fert owners when their entire house smells like gland. Anyway, i was living in Japan at the time and we wetre looking for a companion to our first ferret. The clreak told me to be careful as the ones in the enclosure were 'not nice'. Well, I went to pick one up and it sunk it's little fangs into the tender webbing between my thumb and index finger. That was pain. I hade to choke up on the little bugger to get it to let go. Ferrets ain't no joke, man.
2012-11-08 10:19:05 AM  
But police won't investigate the incident, saying it was not a criminal matter.

that and Ferrets are known to slip handcuffs as easily as breathing. (or attacking an 80 year old)
2012-11-08 10:21:40 AM  
Love me some ferrets, but yeah, they are stinky little mofos. And the toilet habits - sheesh. Not good. And we've had one serious biter. Broke her of the habit of biting us after about 18 months of consistent training, but she would still bite anyone new that came into the apt. Sharpest goddamn teeth on the planet, that one.
2012-11-08 10:23:07 AM  
Send the Beastmaster to sort 'im out.
2012-11-08 10:23:31 AM  
Love the ad at the bottom of my page for this article...

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2012-11-08 10:28:35 AM  
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2012-11-08 10:29:41 AM  
Had an albino ferret when I was a kid. Couldn't have dog where we lived, so a ferret was what II wound up with. Sucky pet. Stinky, bitey, hard to get a hold of if it escaped. My dad was a smoker who carried his cigs in his shirt pocket. The ferret would smell the tobacco and climb up on him and bite either his cigarettes or if he missed, his teat. Dad acted like that teat-biting thing was fairly unpleasant.
2012-11-08 10:31:31 AM  

Okieboy: Was the old lady named Mother Abigail?

/weasles/ferrets wuts the diff?

4.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

Mother Abigail was too bad@ss for a mobility scooter.
2012-11-08 10:33:08 AM  
I'm not sure you can capture an angry ferret on a still picture... They practically define the term "hopping mad". That being said, maybe she was playing a harmonica, I know that pisses our ferret off every time, she'll come running from wherever she's currently hiding to bite the player's feet.
2012-11-08 10:35:08 AM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size

Hi there. Say goodbye to your nethers.

/Always check your toilet for weasels
2012-11-08 10:40:25 AM  

Badgers: [i.imgur.com image 764x1024]

Hi there. Say goodbye to your nethers.

/Always check your toilet for weasels

Oh god! I've always been concerned about T-Rexes blasting through the roof while i'm on the shiatter, but now i have to worry about an attack from below too?!
2012-11-08 10:46:20 AM  
Perfect thread to shamelessly plug my wife's business (heh heh, plug my wife's busniess, hehe).
Seriously, she makes awesome masks.
Mad Stoat Maskworks
2012-11-08 10:46:42 AM  

Kepo: Said with a bad 'down under' accent:

That't not a angry ferret...

[i.chzbgr.com image 500x412]

THAT is a angry ferret.

that's a sleepy ferret yawning, is that!
2012-11-08 10:47:16 AM  
grumble link grumble
2012-11-08 10:49:21 AM  
third time's the charm, eh?
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