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(Reuters)   Donald Trump, Mitt Romney and other neo-cons aren't the only people upset over Obama's win... Asia's not too happy, either   ( divider line
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2012-11-07 05:05:32 PM  
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Objectesticle: Girion47: I just want some good steady inflation along with wage increases so my mortgage is relatively "cheap"

Yeah - I think about that all the time

Got bad news for you. Wages won't increase with inflation. Essentially, think Zimbabwe, or post Great War Germany.

Sigh. I just can't go through with the snark. We're supposed to see huge inflation to get us out of the Baby Boomer retirement mess but it ain't happening on schedule. Money the US borrows today is almost a revenue center because our inflation is higher than the rates paid out. We borrow as much as we do because it's free money. They have actually discussed charging people outright to park their money with the Treasury because demand for US debt has gotten so high. The only reason the budget deficit isn't 20 trillion dollars this year is Congress, there is that much money floating around looking for a safe haven.

I have confidence that the House will manage to sink our credit rating much further this time and remove that demand, forcing the government to bleed out on its debt burden like conservative ideology insists must happen. They will change reality to suit their models.

That is what has the world nervous. The nuclear football is nothing compared to a House determined to ruin the world economy in the name of purity.

I might add that if another country tried to do that to us, our military would be on them like stink on a warthog.
2012-11-07 12:26:27 PM  
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FTFA: Dollar falls after Obama victory and The dollar was down 0.1 percent against a basket of currencies

One tenth of one percent?

So, basically unchanged. Yawn.

The real story, I guess, is that there are butt-hurt republitards who have jobs writing headlines for Reuters and who are a touch grumpy today.
2012-11-07 10:33:15 AM  
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Mentat: Maybe because they know the House is going to play chicken with the economy again.

Nah, why would they ever do that!??
2012-11-07 10:15:08 AM  
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Maybe because they know the House is going to play chicken with the economy again.
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