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(Daily Kos)   Michael Steele: "No one saw this coming." In unrelated news, people who read FiveThirtyEight or can do simple math are "no one"   ( divider line
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2012-11-07 10:43:09 AM  
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2012-11-07 12:44:50 PM  
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No one saw this coming? For school, my 10-year-old son researched the races. (We live in PA). He correctly called Barak Obama the winner in PA and on the electoral college. In fact, he picked 48 states correctly. (Had Romney in Colorado and Florida.) He correctly picked PA's U.S. Senate race and our local state Senatorial race.

He's TEN!, Mr. Steele
2012-11-07 10:36:32 AM  
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Skeptos: Esc7: I feel like I need to round up every single hack that wrote a hit piece on Nate Silver and force them to explain themselves.

Start with Jonah Goldberg, please.

Jonah Goldberg is a rip in reality. He's the platonic ideal of a Hack, and all Hacks subclass from him.

Seriously. Someone wrote an article disassembling him about how he's supposed to be one of their "new young republicans" but he's really in his 40s, and only has a mouthpiece because of his mother.

The worst part of Jonah Goldberg is his style, which is relentlessly cowardly. He never takes a stand on ANYTHING. His use of weasel words and ass coverings compose nearly 50% of his prose, which reads like a high school homework assignment. Often times you'll read a Jonah Goldberg article where there's not a single logical thought or point in it.

You best be sure he's at the top of my list.
2012-11-07 10:24:31 AM  
2 votes:

Esc7: 538 didn't get a single state wrong.

Not. A. Single. One.

I feel like I need to round up every single hack that wrote a hit piece on Nate Silver and force them to explain themselves.

Get ready for more pathetic excuses.

And Nate Silver only got Missouri wrong in 2008 because it was so close.

So 99 out of 100 in two cycles. One more and he achieves statistical significance!
2012-11-07 02:52:44 PM  
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From my facebook last night:

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2012-11-07 11:06:10 AM  
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Weaver95: GhostFish: The vindication of Nate Silver and the refutation of his critics should send a powerful message to the GOP.
You are not entitled to your own facts. Your feelings on a subject are a reflection of reality - not reality itself.
You should not tear someone down and ignore their analysis just because you don't like their results.

I really hope you're right...but i'm not sure the Republicans will be able to fix their internal problems.

This. Confirmation bias exists to such a degree because it really is possible for people to fool even themselves to such a degree.

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Of course: nobody cheats death forever. And the conservatives have done such a good job of replacing the old white vote with their sensible opinions...

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2012-11-07 10:57:42 AM  
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Relatively Obscure: Also, fivethirtyeight did an excellent job, but there WAS reason to hope (or dread), at least, that it might prove incorrect. It wasn't just a matter of "simple math." Still, his analyses helped me win a bet, so I'd hoist Mr. Silver on my shoulders if I could.

You shouldn't have any problems with that- after all, he's so thin and effeminate.
2012-11-07 10:18:25 AM  
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lemurs: Science and math defeated "gut feelings", and will continue to do so.


Dude that's the best part
2012-11-07 10:12:57 AM  
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