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(Washington Post)   Hipsters declare Election Day dead, start grassroots movement to free 60 million Americans from being forced to wait until first Tuesday of November. Obama blamed for murdering it by voting early in Chicago   ( divider line
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2012-11-06 07:45:22 PM  
2012-11-06 07:52:31 PM  
Crickets, indeed. Trumpets blaring about voter fraud all up and down the political spectrum, yet here we sit with an easily-gamed system in which a pre-signed, unfilled, absentee ballot can be handed off to anyone for the price of a beer.

You're free to discuss how you voted, but whether you should be able to prove how you voted is another matter entirely. In general, I prefer a system that errs on the side of freedom, and I agree that the ability to vote via absentee/early ballot probably brings more voters into the political game than it excludes. So yeah, I'm OK with this. But it pains me to see a generation growing up that fails to recognize the value of the secret ballot.
2012-11-06 07:56:21 PM  
It's made the last two weeks a little surreal. Combined with being on the basically uncontested side of a bi-state media market (KC).

For foreign readers, it's stranger than you think. It's not only state-by-state (some with mail-in ballots only, some with virtually no early vote, some with substantial), it's county by county. There are some counties in my state that were open for three weekdays of early voting and specifically refused to put a mail-in absentee ballot request form online. Then, in the same state, there are some like mine that had 4 weeks of early voting, weekend polling places in 6 locations the last two weekends before the election, and, oh yeah, the County Clerk even issues free state-voter-ID-law-passing photo ID cards.
2012-11-06 08:46:04 PM  
In Chicago, they vote early and often.
2012-11-06 08:50:03 PM  
As a Pennsylvanian that had to wait a mere hour in line to vote today, I'm getting a kick out of these hipsters.

Early voting completely defeats the purpose of voter ID laws. If you give people a reasonable amount of time to exercise their right to vote, we might end up with a lot more people voting.

And we can't have that now, can we?
2012-11-06 08:54:39 PM  

Twilight Farkle: it pains me to see a generation growing up that fails to recognize the value of the secret ballot

If you belong to a political party, there's a >95% chance you voted for that party. So that alone tells everyone how you voted, for all practical purposes. The secret ballot was largely introduced along side women's suffrage, and I like to think its purpose is to enable women some small say in governance and say "fark you" to their husbands at the same time.

But that's just me.
2012-11-06 09:06:09 PM  
If you register as a member of a party, yes, that's a pretty safe bet. But it's still only a bet, and there's no requirement that a voter register as a member of a party.

I don't think the need's gone away - if you replace "women" and "their husbands" with "workers" and "their employers" (whether that employer be a union or a private company), the argument that all voters should have access to a secret ballot remains.
2012-11-07 07:45:55 AM  
I love voting by mail.

Simple, efficient, relaxed.

/Ca Voter.
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