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(NJ.com)   New Jersey gas station sells gasoline to desperate drivers. Too bad it was mixed with diesel   ( nj.com) divider line
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2012-11-06 01:06:42 PM  
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Myria: What does the difference between the fuels do to a gasoline car? Forgive my ignorance...

/not a car girl

You need the right fuel for the right car. For instance, 'Redbull' cars only run on regular Redbull, not that diet crap.
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/Myria, pictured above....

One time the (ex)wife comes home and says "I put the wrong gas in my car!" Now I am thinking how much it's gonna cost me to clean the tank and engine of the diesel. I ask "What kind of gas did you put in there" '91' "Oh, really? Okay, just keep using 87 and don't use 91 any more" 'Why? What will happen?' "Your engine will explode if you do it again. Just use 87."
2012-11-06 05:15:59 PM  
1 vote:
Why does diesel cost more than gasoline?

Supply and demand for one. Refiners crack oil now to produce more gasoline. That technology increases the supply of gas but decreases the supply of diesel.

Two it's not the same diesel. Since about 2003 we use ultra low sulfur diesel and it costs money to remove the sulfur.

Three federal and some state road taxes are higher for diesel.

But other than that, yeah zionist conspiracy. [ibetthejooooozdidthis.jpg]
2012-11-06 02:25:02 PM  
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Marcintosh: Oh forgot about the tank cleaning and the Haz-Mat issue- where to put all that useless poison?

I'd try to put it in a refinery.

/crude humor
2012-11-06 01:00:36 PM  
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foxyshadis: Abe Vigoda's Ghost: This would be more of an issue if gas was introduced into a diesel system.

Don't all modern diesel engines come with knock sensors to prevent outright damage? Otherwise, yeah, good luck salvaging that engine, my mom's BF has lots of stories of new hires doing that.

Um. No. What is a 'knock' sensor supposed to do? Diesels are in permanent 'knocking'. That's how they run.

Also the diesel fuel lubricates the injection pumps. Running something without the lubricity of diesel is like saying 'bite the pillow, I'm going in dry." It's going to damage stuff on both ends.
2012-11-06 12:32:59 PM  
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LS1Bird: You can't even pump your gas in Jersey. I'm shocked, SHOCKED, that one of the professional gas attendants did this!

You're shocked that an attendant pumped what was in the storage tank into cars? Or did you not RTFA and realize it's not a problem anyone at the station caused?
2012-11-06 12:09:02 PM  
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2012-11-06 10:58:40 AM  
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JacksonBryan: eKonk: I wouldn't expect this to be too big a deal for most cars. A bit more smoke/smell from the exhaust, sure. On the other hand, with all these new-fangled emissions controls and sensors, who knows what might happen to the cars down the road?

It's big enough deal that most cars will knock and stall. Depending on how much was mixed and it doesn't take much to alter gasoline.

Diesel is part of the kerosene world, like jet fuel (not AVgas), so it's flashpoint is much higher than gasoline.

Interesting, I suppose. The only time I've ever put diesel in a gasoline engine was in a 1950 chevy straight 6, and I had only used the diesel to free up some seized pistons. A lot of smoke, it smelled, but overall it wasn't much different from any other chevy from that era.

/The more you know, and all that
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