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(Entertainment Weekly)   Harrison Ford says he's ready to return as Han Solo for Star Wars VII. Tell Jabba he's got his money   ( insidemovies.ew.com) divider line
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2012-11-06 09:45:45 PM  

ZeroCorpse: Post-essay correction: Forgive me... my "s" is sticking, for some reason. Add S's where needed when you read.

probably full of fan perm from your tupid tories.
2012-11-07 07:46:17 AM  
It'll be fine if the Han, Luke and Leia characters are treated with dignity, as older, wiser figures acting their age. Leave the running about to new characters as long as they are not played by hateful coonts like Shia whatshisname.
2012-11-07 08:23:51 AM  
Please leave Carrie Fisher alone. She was every nerd's dream at some point, and she always deserves our respect.
2012-11-07 08:54:19 AM  

Haliburton Cummings: ZeroCorpse: Here's what I think:

my little pony fan fiction wharrggbblle

there are fanfiction sites for this kinda drivel.
you need serious help.

no one cares about your Expantard Fantard Universe

Except for the 100+ books that have been written, the shiat tons of money that book publishing companies have made; you're right, no one cares.

/you're points are well thought out and I enjoy reading them
//do you have a blog I could check out?
2012-11-07 03:45:34 PM  

ZeroCorpse: Here's what I think:

Han Solo: Appears in flashback with Chewbacca. The Falcon is being attacked (by who, we don't see) and lots of lights are flashing on the console. Chewie says something that can only be "We're f♥cked." and Han orders Chewie to take Leia and "the kids" into the escape pod. Chewie protests, and Han just looks at him and says, "You owe me, pal. Do this one last thing for me. Take care of them, alright?"

And of course, a few moments later the Falcon is destroyed as it smashes into the pursuing ship, preventing it from attacking the lifepod that is hurtling away from the scene.

Wipe to black.

Leia: Flashing forward, we see Leia as an old woman (older looking, even, than Carrie Fisher actually is). She's regal and strong for her age, but still obviously tired from a lifetime of struggling and service. She's in the Senate chamber on Coruscant, sitting patiently in a platform waiting while the current Chancellor addresses the chamber. We pan back and see that another woman is sitting with her. It's Jaina, her daughter (played by an unknown, or Jessica Biel, if I had my way). Jaina's resting her hand on her mother's, which are folded on her lap. They glance at each other and share a look that says, "Here we go, good luck." as the Chancellor's voice says, "Princess Leia Organa Solo and Jedi Jaina Solo."

They rise together, all political perfection, to speak...

Luke: The scene opens with two young Force-users fighting-- but then we notice they're both Jedi, and they're sparring, not fighting. Lots of action, lots of Force use, and after a moment or two we hear the voice of their Grandmaster say "stop."

They cease their session, immediately switching off their sabers and turning to face the dias above them. As the camera pans back we see the robed figure with his hood drawn over his head. He reaches up, pulls back the hood, and the unmistakable (though greatly aged) face of Luke Skywalker looks approvingly-- but expectantly-- down at the two young ...

So Chewbacca becomes Worf?
2012-11-07 04:32:01 PM  
Since we're making up plots for a future trilogy ...

Main plot of first movie: Granny Leia flees with her two grandchildren in a stolen ship manned by a crew new to the series. Gramps Han is mentioned in passing as being killed by agents of the new Republic (or whatever you want to call it). The ship lands / docks on a planet / station / whatever. The enemy agents find them. They use light-sabers etc. Leia fends them off, also using force and a light saber. Enter old Luke. The two argue about a prophecy in which Leia's descendants would end the peaceful regime Luke has built. Leia holds Luke off so the crew can escape with the children. Neither want to kill the other, but Leia dies anyway, once she sees that the children have escaped.

The kids are young adults in the second movie. Luke thinks he's the good guy, but isn't. Is willing to sacrifice everything and everyone to save the peace.
2012-11-07 09:27:28 PM  

ng2810: Ambivalence: Does that mean Carrie Fischer would play aged Leah? She has not aged well.

She's gotten better recently, after she started loosing weight and cut down on the booze.
[silveropossum.homestead.com image 300x300]

None of the original actors look like they can play action versions of themselves, but I guess they can still me the wise mentors of the Jedi council now.

If that's a recent pic of Carrie Fisher, then she should totally show up in the Mon Mothma type role; i.e. leader of the rebel alliance.

/can't believe Harrison Ford is willing to play Han Solo again.
/kinda don't want him to.
2012-11-07 09:47:10 PM  

steve_lou: From a combination of what the actors are like IRL and what the characters actually do in the films..

I think I've moved away from being a Han Solo fan, and become more of a Lando fan.

Why wouldn't Lando betray Han? Many lives were at stake and Han was this untrustworthy self-serving asshole who basically stole his friend's ship. That's like when your buddy bets his wedding ring in a poker game and you wear it, like forever.

He was told that Han wouldn't be hurt in any case. Lando is a pretty damn good pilot to boot, and looks cooler than Han in Han's OWN CLOTHES.

I think I've had Chewbacca goggles all these years.


Seriously, Han Solo is cool and all, but if you go by the original version, he's kind of a self-centered, dishonest dick. If you knew him IRL, and were put in a situation where you had to choose between screwing over Han Solo and screwing over yourself and hundreds of other people, it probably wouldn't be hard to screw over Solo. You might even feel a bit relieved; small price to pay.
2012-11-08 12:11:11 AM  

skepticultist: THANK YOU!

Another underrated character is Wedge Antilles. He's Luke's longtime friend who went to the Academy (deleted scenes). Wedge saves Luke's life a few times and survives both Death Star battles.

Best of all, he's not a force-user or a weird clone / alien. Just a damn good pilot. The prequels didn't really have any characters like this, other than a few interchangeable soldiers.
2012-11-09 01:50:24 AM  
"Tell Jabba he's got his money"

Fine. I'll take it now.

Han shot first.
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