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(Bitten and Bound)   Mark Cuban offers $1 million to charity if Donald Trump would remove the dead ferret on his head   ( bittenandbound.com) divider line
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2012-11-03 10:37:04 AM  
3 votes:
As a nonprofit professional for nearly 25 years who has put blood, sweat and tears into raising money to help people, this bullshiat is getting old. Obscenely wealthy people casually throwing these "challenges" around is offensive. Do you know how hard it is to raise $1 million? $5 million? And these guys could afford to give that much on a whim and never miss it.

But any fundraiser will tell you about the unreasonable hoops the mega-wealthy make people like me jump through to get the crumbs off their table so we can help some people in need. How entitled they feel to tell you exactly how to spend their money, even though they have no clue how to be effective in providing services. The unreasonable and lavish donor benefits they demand for what amounts to a pittance of a gift when compared with their massive wealth.

Thanks for demeaning the act of charity, assclowns.
2012-11-03 10:03:01 AM  
3 votes:
I've seen people say "Why didn't Obama just release his records and take Trump's money?", but I think Obama played this just right. You can't respond to a blatant blackmail attempt like this, and, besides, he knew as well as anyone that Trump would have responded by finding something wrong with the records he released and demanded more. Trump never had any intention to actually pay out that money. This is all about a long carny act to distract from the fact that his company got fired as the management of his signature property. He needs to go away as quickly as possible.
2012-11-03 08:12:59 AM  
3 votes:
Mark Cuban: Accidental billionaire wealth done right.
2012-11-03 09:23:13 AM  
2 votes:


msnbcmedia1.msn.comView Full Size

"Soon, I will own all of Metropolis...after I destroy that pesky Man Of Steel!"
2012-11-03 09:02:06 AM  
2 votes:

Two Dogs Farking: Colbert did it much better.

Yes, but this is something that news stations can talk about on-air without feeling embarrassed.

/ Although they SHOULD feel embarrassed whenever discussing something Trump-related
2012-11-03 05:03:11 PM  
1 vote:

Optimus Composite: Why didn't Obama take Trump up on his offer?

Why didn't Trump take Colbert up on his offer?
2012-11-03 03:14:04 PM  
1 vote:

cryinoutloud: It's not a wig. How stupid is this other guy?

The TFA specifically says Cuban wants him to shave his head.
2012-11-03 02:28:06 PM  
1 vote:

DancingElkCondor: Someone needs to tell Mark Cuban that Farking over Trump is not like Farking over Yahoo....Trump makes his money by Farking rich people...he knows the game

Of course, if I had a billion dollars like Mark Cuban, I would not support Obama for any elected office. Why support someone who wants to take your money?

Of course....Obama still has not released his college transcripts....for $5 million. Makes you wonder why?

That Obama Presidential Library is going to be quite small.....

You have already established yourself as dishonest and irrational by admitting yourself to be a "birther". Claims issued by you are not credible.
2012-11-03 11:15:59 AM  
1 vote:
I don't get Donald Trump. He doesn't seem to enjoy doing business like Warren Buffet, or have fun with his money like Richard Branson. He always comes across as a miserable, middle-manager type.
2012-11-03 11:03:09 AM  
1 vote:
Of all the billionaires on the planet, Mark Cuban is the guy I'd like to have a beer with.
2012-11-03 10:41:51 AM  
1 vote:
I saw a side shot of Trump's head in a film clip made at some event or other: his comb-over starts at the back, is combed over to the front to form an artificial Pompador, then combed back to a point at the back where it sticks out like a duck's arse. It looks like a custom bicycle helmet, which is why I call it the bicycle helmet.

It really is the Greatest Comb-Over of All Time. He may have been a complete ass, a royal bastard, a bankrupt and a blow-hard, but this is his life's work, his greatest accomplishment. There's no way he'd cut his hair for a mere million. He'd go bankrupt again first. It's easier for a bankrupt rich man to live large with no money than it is to cover male pattern baldness.

But it's still a good joke. Bless Mark Cuban's evil little heart.
2012-11-03 09:35:21 AM  
1 vote:

Abox: Nobody looks that ridiculous without a reason.

Delusionally colossal ego while being surrounded by sycophants who would be fired for contradicting the boss? Yeah, I see it. The Emperor has a horrifically bad comb-over. It's just that he never gets close enough to the little people for some credible innocent (like a young child) to point it out to him.
2012-11-03 09:33:36 AM  
1 vote:
Only Trump could find a way to have a casino go bankrupt.

/Bestest buziness man ever!
2012-11-03 09:28:27 AM  
1 vote:
It's clearly not a ferret.
It's a tribble for sure
2012-11-03 08:44:54 AM  
1 vote:
Colbert did it much better.
2012-11-03 07:55:04 AM  
1 vote:
Trump, do it! That thing on your head misses its home planet. Let it go home before it stands up on your head during a press conference and begs for a peanut.
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