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2012-11-03 07:08:11 PM  

imfallen_angel: Atypical Person Reading Fark: Yeah, but would actually involve authorities if a dog jumped on you? Seriously?

I sure wouldn't order from that pizza company again and I'm sure I'd have nothing but irritable things to say about the entire restaurant.

Depending of the situation, hell yes I would.

And that you put any blame on the pizzeria? What the hell did they do wrong?

They hired someone who was not mature enough to deliver pizza. That's all I need. It's bad enough with the postmen.

If a postman turns his ankle while running from the sound of your dog barking, you can easily be in a civil suit here. We've relocated our mailbox, and the postmen are grateful (and the dogs are prevented from getting to the front room when we're not here).

If I have to do that, the least a food company can do (especially when there are a dozen others to choose from) is hire someone with the balls to deliver pizza, get jumped on and not complain.

Our vet and our dog groomer have been bit countless times, they just laugh. I've been jumped on, snagged and pushed over by dogs repeatedly. Do I go to the ER? Do I report it? Nope. So far no rabies, either (naturally).

(Would be different if a bat flew in the house).
2012-11-03 11:57:17 PM  

Atypical Person Reading Fark: They hired someone who was not mature enough to deliver pizza. That's all I need. It's bad enough with the postmen.

That makes no sense...

The pizza person is paid to deliver, there's no hazard pay, no special disposition under contract they have to accept any risk of injury.

If I was providing a service and had to go to someone's house, they bear responsibility to prevent risk of injury. Having their dog jump me is NOT acceptable and if I felt in away way injured, or in any sort of risk, and they should be reported and the matter investigated.

The pizza place probably have some sort of insurances and such, and if something was to come out of it, they would be the ones in trouble.

So again... The owner screwed up... Sad for the dog, but it wouldn't have happened if he would have controlled or trained his dog.

Honestly, if someone is coming to your house and your dog isn't restrained and goes to jump on them, if it turned out to be a cop dropping by for some sort of reason (neighbor complained about noise), if they pulled out gun and killed it, I would NOT hold the cop in the wrong at all.

Guess you can't understand the legal aspect of all this
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