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(Fark)   Can we get this year's Halloween / spooky story thread going? I need my fix, I've been jonesing all month   ( divider line
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2012-11-03 2:02:53 AM  

shortymac: Tharkin: Zaladreyn: Tharkin:

Interesting. What are the chances something like that would be hanging out in the Maine woods though, far away from the masses that had created it? I can more or less guarantee that very few people if any in this area have heard of Slenderman or Tulpas.

Also, if one were to see something like that, would it be obvious that it was something supernatural, or could it be mistaken for a real person?

It could be anywhere, honestly. You might not notice anything abnormal about it, because you aren't thinking in a paranormal sense. You might just see a tall guy walking along. A tall, slender man.

If Slenderman is tall and slender enough to draw immediate notice to those characteristics, then I'm pretty sure this wasn't him (it?). I didn't get any impression of size at all, which makes me think it was just a normal-sized dude. I suppose it's possible he was farther away than I think he was and therefore larger also. Is there a particular reason that people are thinking Slenderman is a possibility? Does he act in a similar manner or something? Or is it just the general oddness of the encounter?

Probably because slenderman in the new video game doesn't attack you directly just pops up outta nowhere and stares are you. Kinda creepily similar to your "guy staring at random shiat".

I'll tell you, I wish I knew what this guy was looking for. That was the strangest part of my encounter with him...what in the hell was he expecting to see in those trees? They were just regular ol' pine trees but he was definitely scoping them out rather intensely. Enough so that a guy in blaze orange, mere yards away and carrying a gun (me) wasn't enough to break his concentration one iota.

Alright, that's it for me tonight. I do ok on little sleep, but if I'm going to get out there early enough to shoot a deer *and* look for weird shiat, I've got to hit the sack. I'll let you guys know what, if anything, I find in the early afternoon tomorrow (today).
2012-11-03 2:30:09 AM  
Thanks for the chills everyone. This is bookmark in case Tharkin has any updates on the "weirdo of turkey woods".
2012-11-03 6:10:10 AM  
Definitely keep us posted on the woods guy. Supernatural or is weird enough as is. EIP
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