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(Fark)   Can we get this year's Halloween / spooky story thread going? I need my fix, I've been jonesing all month   ( divider line
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2012-10-31 1:10:26 PM  
Tin_man, I'm glad! It really did happen. I have had several run ins with ghosts and only one wasn't nice.

It's not really scary bc your first indication is not "AUGH ghost!". Well, if you're normal. You more try to rationalize it, then slowly you realize it makes no sense.

I mean, my kid can't roll over but he can somehow get out of his crib to get blankets & stuffed animals?
2012-10-31 1:16:47 PM  

muck4doo: Did anyone else ever grow up having this Disney Halloween album?:


Was trying to find more tracks for it, but they are lacking. Think this one might still be at my grandfathers house. He's just about 90, and probably doesn't listen to it much anymore.

Yes! I had that album when I was a little kid, scared the hell out of me.
2012-10-31 1:17:52 PM  
Myself and a few friends who needed a place to live moved in with my grandparents a few years ago to help care for them as their health declined. Neither of them were capable of getting out of bed or walking and they wouldn't leave the house but they were glad to have people around again. My grandma was in very poor health when I first moved in, and she only lasted about 3 months until she went to the hospital, then straight to hospice care. She lay dying for a few days, fighting to hold on for god knows why, but I know she felt she still had things to do. When the end was finally very close, my parents and I (I have no siblings and my grandparents only had my dad) decided we would stay in shifts so she wouldn't be alone. It was rather late in the evening, and I had just got off the phone with my work telling them I wasn't going to be in tomorrow since she was either going to die overnight or I would have to be there the next day.

After I made that phone call I went out to my garage to have a cigarette. Right as I lit it and sat down, I felt a cold draft fill the entire garage suddenly, I shivered, thought nothing of it even though this was in Illinois in August, and kept having my smoke. Almost immediately my dog started barking like crazy, which was kinda unusual, so I put the smoke down and walked back inside to see what was bothering her. She was sitting on her couch wrapped in blankets like usual barking like mad at the corner of the room. I went and petted her, and settled her down. While I was inside, I decided to check on my grandpa and make sure everything was OK with him. As I walked upstairs, I head him having a conversation with someone. Thinking he was probably talking to someone on the phone I listened for a few moments, I heard mine and my fathers name a few times from him, and knowing he liked his privacy, I walked back outside to the garage where my phone had 4 missed calls all from my mother. I called her back and she said my grandma had just stopped breathing about 5 minutes before she called. My mother couldn't stay on the phone long as they had other relatives at the hospice center, but we talked for a few minutes before she hung up. I walked back inside to talk to my grandpa, but he had already fallen back asleep, which I thought odd as that usually took hours once he woke up, but I had a few more smokes and a few beers and finally went to bed hours later.

When I woke up the next morning my Dad was talking to my grandpa, telling him what had happened the night before. I stopped on my way to the bathroom and asked them how everything was going with both of them as they were both much less prepared for my grandma to go than I was. When my dad was leaving later in the day I asked him how grandpa reacted when he told him on the phone last night, he looked confused and asked why I thought he called him. I said I'd heard grandpa talking on the phone right after grandma died, he told me his phone had apparently died earlier that day which is why my mom called me. I said I must have been confused and saw him out. I checked my grandpa's phone later that day, and he hadn't received any calls for several days, which I thought very odd since he wasn't able to actually dial the phone and anyone who he talked to had to call him, but I didn't have time to give this much thought because of all the arrangements we had to work out. One day months later after my dad left after dinner my grandpa asked me if I felt anything the night grandma died. I asked him why. He said he had woken up when my dog was barking, but fell back asleep immediately feeling more at ease than he had in a long time, especially considering that his wife of 60 years was dying across town. I told him I hadn't, but that I was sure that grandma was at peace wherever she was. I'm not sure to this day why I didn't tell him I heard him talking to someone right after that, but I didn't, I had been under a ton of stress from holding our family together when she died and we had just got past that and I just wanted to be done with it. There are some things I am comfortable not knowing I guess.

This might seem like barely a ghost story at all, but my grandfather never talked in his sleep his entire life, and actively hated religion even after fighting through two wars. He reveled in telling people there might not have been atheists in foxholes but there were on his ship. I also didn't really believe in an afterlife and if I tried to convince myself of explanations for all of this, but eventually I gave up and stopped thinking about it until I saw this thread.
2012-10-31 1:19:27 PM  

fugeeface: blueviking: Another one, from my husband yet again. I've had a few experiences like fugeeface, where I've experienced that slithering, burrowing feeling in your gut where you know something is just indescribably wrong, only to find out that you've narrowly escaped something or you've been in a place with lots of death and mayhem. The hubby's actually seen these things.

He and a few friends went to a place in Hays, KS called "Blue Light Lady", a locale by the hospital where a nurse would purportedly take her breaks to escape the despair and death that was her job. However, when she died, they found a will requesting that she be buried on the hill where she would take her break. The city, and church, complied. On a winter night, they all decided to go check out her tombstone, and my husband brought his new Maglite flashlight. They get out to the tombstone, after synching their watches, as my husband and his buddies were going to play Cat and Mouse that evening and they needed to be sure that everyone was set up.

A friend of theirs decided to get a closer look, and placed her hand on the tombstone to view the inscription. All the flashlights, even my husband's Maglite, went dark. He had new batteries, as well. He tried shifting the batteries around as his friends did the same to the two other flashlights they have. And then they heard the sound of a radio playing as though it were traveling closer and closer, but they were out in an isolated area by themselves, away from the highway and traffic. They told their friend to take her hand off the headstone, which she did, and, with the flashlights surging back on, they hightailed it back to the car. When they reached the vehicle, there was a dreamcatcher, hanging from the rearview mirror, suspended as though it were being buffetted by the wind, but both windows were up and the sound of a radio playing. Their watches were all off, as well, when they went to play Cat and Mouse, some by only a minute, others by as much as t ...

I had that once, riding around exploring the area around Michigan Tech as a freshman. We were down near another town, Chassel, Michigan, scrubby boggy low lying areas, and it was dark. We were just taking random turns on backroads when all of a sudden the road we're on just stops in this grassy round area. No houses, no lights, just trees, the round grassy meadow, and us.

All of a sudden and for no reason, I think "Huh, I wonder if we'll see a wendigo" No idea why it popped into my head. Of course, I then begin to have that "OMFG we need to get out of here right now" feeling of dread. Pretty sure I just freaked myself out(my hair is standing on end as I type this), but that didn't change the fact I needed him to turn the truck around ASAP.

Another time out driving around on the logging roads, we found out that particular road was some Yooper's back driveway, and he, his shotgun, and his dogs were none to happy to see us.
2012-10-31 1:21:29 PM  
My husband tends to think I'm too superstitious but one thing we agree on-ouija boards are absolutely not allowed in our house. Our kud's friends bring one over & we'll send them right back home.

He had an experience with one where something told the girl he was with it was going to kill her family. They asked how & it said "fire". A few days later her house burned down & she was injured. F*ck. that.
2012-10-31 1:21:37 PM  
Holy carp echojuliet! That gave me the heebie jeebies just reading it.

Ok so my story...

When I was about 14 or 15, I was over at my cousins. We had been listening to the radio
up in her room and it was almost time for the MTV premiere of Skid Row's 18 and Life
video. Since it was closest to me, I reached over and pulled the radio cord out of the wall
so we could hear the video.

About a minute into the video, we both hear a 'click' and then the radio starts playing.

That could possibly be explained away, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to
explain away the fact that the 'click' was the tape deck play button being pushed down.

It wasn't my cousin - she was sitting between me and the TV - and it wasn't me.

We looked at one another and then practically tripped over one another trying to get
down the stairs.

2012-10-31 1:22:33 PM  

LandOfChocolate: I'm confused here. Are you saying that an entire team of people just disappeared?

"Team" can be as few as two people (technically one, but you weren't allowed to drive alone downrange at Ft. Irwin). And I honestly have no idea what happened to them; we never heard another thing about it, which was unusual in itself.

As far as investigations go, we averaged about one death per month during the exercises in those days. From simple things like vehicle accidents to an A-10 crash to idiot soldiers kicking what they thought were inert artillery shells (our training area was used as a live fire artillery range during WWII, and there were still some unexploded rounds scattered about in the less-traveled areas). So if they did indeed simply vanish, it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for their families to get a death notice...I suppose if you want to go full conspiracy theory you can imagine empty coffins being buried as well.

Like I said, could have been absolutely anything and they could have just wandered back to their unit with a broken radio the next morning. Just a really weird (true) story that was made doubly strange by the fact we never got any additional information on it, even after sending it up the chain of command.
2012-10-31 1:23:47 PM  
I'll just THIS here.

2012-10-31 1:25:39 PM  

Lord Dimwit: 5. I was present at an undersea, unexplained mass sponge migration.

They were leaving because you weren't spongeworthy.

; )
2012-10-31 1:29:08 PM  

echo5juliet: Bathia_Mapes: Still haven't read one that topped the spooky story posted by echo5juliet in the 2008 thread. Still gives me the creeps everytime I read it. For those who missed it the first time around or just want to experience it again, here it is:

Were you driving on Kelbaker Road or the National Trails Highway?
2012-10-31 1:29:13 PM  

meg12279: My husband tends to think I'm too superstitious but one thing we agree on-ouija boards are absolutely not allowed in our house. Our kud's friends bring one over & we'll send them right back home.

He had an experience with one where something told the girl he was with it was going to kill her family. They asked how & it said "fire". A few days later her house burned down & she was injured. F*ck. that.

OMG - I had a freaky experience w/ one too. I was using it w/ some cousins (not the same cousin
alluded to in the Phantom Radio story, above) and the gist of what was spelled out was that
someone I knew was going to get hurt. I asked who and T O N Y was what we got.

Well the only Tony I knew was the younger brother of my sometimes-boyfriend. Thinking my cousins
were screwing with me, I let it go.

Less than a week later, during a JV football game, Tony gets crunched between two defensive linemen
and goes down and can't walk off the field on his own. He'd hurt is spine somehow.

The good news is that he recovered. The freaky news is that they found out that he'd been born with
a hairline fracture in his spine that had gone undetected. If he'd been hit differently than he had been,
if his body had twisted even a bit more as he went down, he probably would have ended up paralyzed.

Damn Ouija boards.
2012-10-31 1:31:05 PM  
I think I may have posted this last year. I overheard this story a year or two ago while eating by myself in a diner. Two older women were sitting behind me, and as I had nothing else to do I could not help but listen in on one relating this story to the other. I did not have my notebook with me at the time, but I did my best to remember every detail and immediately wrote it down as soon as I got home. I'm sure there are some things I missed and some things that I changed; but by and large I believe this to be accurate and wholly true, at least to the woman who told it.

"This was back at my mom's place, the one over by the trailer park. I was just old enough to stay home alone, maybe 13. Mom was out somewhere, I don't remember.

Anyway, I was making myself I guess you'd call it dinner, it was kinda late, slicing cheese and tomatoes for a sandwich. You remember my mom's old house? How the kitchen's over here, and down the hall is the living room? Well I'm in the kitchen, home alone, when all of a sudden the stereo in the living room comes on, loud.

Now I don't think too much of it, I just go down the hall and turn it off and come back. Well after just a little bit, probably not a minute, it comes on again. So I call out, "Justin? You Home?"

No answer.

So I'm still holding the knife as I creep back to the living room. The stereo's in the big black entertainment center, you know, the old one, behind one of the glass doors. So the stereo's on, and the door's open, even though I remember shutting it. So I go turn it off, shut the door and call again, "Justin? Is that you?"

No answer.

So I go back to the kitchen, and just as I get there the stereo does it again. Well I figure Justin is messing with me, so I run back this time, to try and catch him. So I get back there, and the room's empty, and the glass is open again. Now I'm a little worried, so I hurry over, turn it off, and close the glass. And this time, as I'm leaving the room, I hear a click as the glass opens.

So I turn around and see the glass swinging open nice and smooth. Now this scares me, 'cause you gotta understand these doors are heavy, and the magnets are strong. It takes a lot of effort to open those doors. So yeah, that scares the crap outa me and I go running out the door to the neighbor's house, to get my friend Sandy.

So I tell Sandy what happened, and of course she doesn't believe me. But after a minute I get her to come back with me. We get back to the house, and you can hear the stereo from outside, some country station, which isn't what it was before, and no one in my family listens to country. Well before we go in I go around back and grab Justin's baseball bat, just in case.

Now this was early fall, and like I said, sometime in the evening; so it's really noticeable when we step inside: it's hot. Like really hot. I look over at Sandy, and I can see she's starting to believe me. Well we go back to the living room and turn off the stereo gain, and it suddenly get's cold. Cold enough to see your breath. Now we're really spooked, and we go to leave.

Well while we're walking up the hallway Sandy all of a sudden yells and points. You remember how my mom's room was at the other end of the hall? And the big mirror she had hanging on the door? Well Sandy's pointing right at the mirror, and at first I can't tell what she's so scared about. But after a second I see it too: this gray shape in the mirror, like a person, but vague and smudged. I couldn't really say why, but I was sure it was a woman, and that she was mad, like she hated me almost.

So we stare at it for a minute, afraid to do anything I guess. And then it moves, like it's reaching out or something. Well that gets us going, I dropped the bat, and we both ran from the house, screaming.

Well my mom got home later, to the stereo on, playing country loud, and me not home. So when I see that she's there and come back over from Sandy's she gives me an earful. I tried to explain what happened, but of course she doesn't believe me. Anyway, after that I never stayed home alone at that house again, and I definitely believe in ghosts."
2012-10-31 1:32:32 PM  
My scary Jack-O-Lantern

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2012-10-31 1:33:46 PM  

Dow Jones and the Temple of Doom: In the mid-90's when I was like 15 and my sister was 8, our parents took us to the Lamb State Park for a picnic. We parked at a campground and hiked down a little trail to a small creek with picnic tables and some big oaks. We set up, had a nice picnic, and as we were finishing up my sister pointed and yelled, "That little man! He went down a hole!" And everyone laughed, but she was serious and insisted she saw a small man dive into a hole not 50 feet from the picnic area. My dad walked over to where she pointed, and saw a gopher tortoise burrow. "It was a gopher!" He yelled while pointed down at the burrow. He then knelt down and stuck his head down inside with his cigarette lighter in front of him. He came back to the picnic area, whispered something to my mom, and we all packed up and left in a bit of a rush. My mom said that my dad had seen a rattle snake over there and wanted to get back to the car.

A year or two ago at Christmas, I was talking to my mom about old stories and reminded her of that, and she said, dead seriously, "Oh my god, I forgot all about that! You know when your dad looked in that hole, he saw a person staring back at him." I never asked any more about it.

That really was chilling. it's easy to picture someone looking up from that hole.

2012-10-31 1:36:26 PM  

2012-10-31 1:37:08 PM  
When I was in high school & college, I used to have these weird dreams that, no matter how they started, always wound up involving a small child drowning in a small pond in their back yard. The pond was always a man made thing with a concrete wall around it and it had a 20 foot concrete wall behind it holding up a hillside. For whatever reason, these dreams could start out about anything.......but they always ended with a small child drowning in this little backyard pond. Freaked me out for years.
Eventually, I meet a girl in college. One weekend, she asks if I'd go with her family and help her sister & her husband move from their apartment in to a house that they had just bought in a little rural town not far from where we were going to college. Being a guy that wants to make a good impression on the sister, the parents, the brother-in-law, and anyone else involved in this girl's life, I start humping boxes and chairs and every other bit of furniture I can carry out of their apartment and in to the U-Haul. I load the damn truck. I offer to drive the damn truck.
We get to the new house and I start to unload stuff at the same pace. I'm moving stuff in to bedrooms, in to the basement, dragging crap upstairs, downstairs......hell, I'm even putting stuff in their attic. We finally get to the back of the U-Haul where their patio furniture was. I pick up a stack of their patio chairs and start to walk out around to the back of their new home for the first time. Then I see it.
Right there, just off of their patio, right outside their dining room, between their house and a's that damn pond that I've been dreaming about for 5 years! Not one that sort of looks like it, not one that kind of has similar characteristics.....but the. same. damn. pond.
I dropped the chairs in the yard and walked slowly to the edge. Looking in, I can't believe I'm finally seeing a part of my dreams-turned-nightmares. I stared. I saw the same weird rocks embedded in the same spots in the same old concrete just like in my dreams.
My girlfriend comes around back and sees me staring in to the pond, just sitting there. She had known about my dreams and does the same thing. We both just stare.
At this point, it's important to note that she and members of her family were very in tune with paranormal shiat. She had premonitions that would come true. Her grandmother was a fairly well-known psychic in their small town. Seeing shadow people or having lights turn off or on was a normal thing in their lives.
We explained to the sister & her husband why we were sitting there staring at the little pond and we convinced them that a good idea would be to put a fence around the back yard so no neighborhood kids could get to the pond.
This was all well and fine until one early winter morning when my girlfriend's sister woke up and looked out into their back yard. In the thin layer of snow, within the fenced-in yard,were footprints that started on the patio walked over to the locked gate, then to the pond. Where they stopped, right on the edge of the pond.
2012-10-31 1:37:20 PM  
I went to high school in Newburyport, MA and it's supposed to be one of the most haunted towns in New England. In particular there is an old jail and an old cemetery that both are easily older than this country

One night my sister and I were driving downtown to meet up with friends and we took the small street that goes between the jail and the cemetery. There is a stop sign that has you stop directly between the two. I know I was only stopped for only seconds but suddenly I felt like I was standing outside of the car in the middle of the road for what felt like forever. I had this feeling that someone was standing right behind me, just that feeling of someone's presence. The feeling of complete vulnerability is the only way I can describe it.

Then just like that, everything was normal and I was sitting back in the car. I looked at my sister and she looked at me with that look of shock. Almost at the same time we asked each other, "Did you feel that?". Apparently she felt the same thing I did.

Was it spirits? I don't know, all I know was it felt pretty damn real and was kind of creepy. That's my only spooky story though.
2012-10-31 1:37:43 PM  

pkellmey: On weekends during the high school years in the 1980s, my brother and his friends would go for very long drives on every country road or dirt track he could find in southern Illinois and Missouri to listen to road music and kill time. One afternoon, they were more than a half hour away from the nearest small town, driving down a single lane dirt road owned by the county, with tall corn stalks on either side of the road. A man in a dark black suit and dark sunglasses suddenly stepped out of the corn on the side of the road about 100 yards in front of them and just stood into the middle of the road, facing them. As they got closer, they saw that he held a shotgun in front of him pointing at the sky. Freaked out, but curious teens, they quickly slowed to a stop in front of him. The man looked closely at the car, then walked around to the open driver side window. He looked toward the back of the car and the teens looked in the rearview mirror to see two similarly dressed and armed men step out from corn fields on either side of the road just behind the car and just stood there behind the car. The man at the window leaned over and looked in the car and asked in a casual tone, "Do you kids know where you are?" The teen driver quickly said, "No, sir." The man instructed, "Then why don't you just turn around and drive away. Pretend you never saw us here." The man nodded to the other men, who then stepped back on either side of the road and the car backed up and turned around. The driver floored it and went back the way they came. In the rearview mirror they watched as the men stepped back onto the road until the car was nearly out of sight and then they stepped back into the cornfields. Over the next few weeks, the teens asked around about the area from the locals, but everyone else who had driven the road had no idea what they were talking about. To this day they have no idea what was going on.

Where abouts was this in S. Illinois??
2012-10-31 1:38:00 PM  
I only have a couple of encounters that I remember vividly.

The first one happened on my 16th birthday. Being a 16 year old I rarely ever woke up before 11 or noon. Typical teenager. That morning, around 7, I remember waking up with the weirdest feeling. I just knew that my Amma passed away. I sat up in bed and said "Amma's dead" not upset but just stating a fact. About 5 minutes later the phone rang and heard my Mom scream and start crying. My Dad came upstairs and before I could tell him the news I told him "I know what happened to Amma" My Dad is your typical scientist and refuses to believe in anything paranormal. I can still remember all the color draining from his face and he just walked out of the room. He still changes the subject if I bring it up.

When I was in my early twenties I started dating a guy that lived in an old part of Hull Qc. The house itself was over hundred years old and was a pretty big victorian type house. Before I met him his Grandmother split the house into a town house on one side and two apartments on the other. During the renovations they found a bunch obituary type cards and they figured that roughly 6 people had died in that house. Some natural, a couple suicide and a few that were unsolved.

The only place in the entire house that creeped me out was his bedroom. Everytime I would be in his room I would suddenly feel drained of all my energy. Didn't matter if it was in the afternoon, morning or if I just drank a crap load of coffee. I would still be mentaly awake but i felt like i was physically asleep. Couldn't move at all.

One night I was sleeping and remember hearing a voice directly in my ear but at the same time it sounded really far away. I jolted awake and felt like I was having an anxiety attack. Every hair was standing up. I checked and the window was closed, no one was outside. Checked to see if the TV was on (his Grandma would sometimes fall asleep on the couch) and it was off. No one was awake in the house. I knew it wasn't a dream, just one of those gut feelings.

Another instance was with the light in the living room which was on a dimmer switch. I was off work that day and was watching TV in the living room. Suddenly the light flickered, went off, back on only half way, fully on and then finally off. By this point I was so used to weird stuff going on I yelled " I'm trying to watch the damn TV, turn the light back on". And it went back on.
2012-10-31 1:41:39 PM  
The same thing that happened to echo5juliet happened to me 18 years ago in Italy. My stepdad was driving at night through dense woods when we saw a car on the side of the road, scattered clothes and a woman lying against the car. He freaked out, sped up and told my mom and me to lower our heads in case we were shot at. As soon as they saw the car speeding by, a lot of people appeared from between the trees and run after us. I couldn't see them very well because I was keeping my head down, but I thougth I heard shots. They didn't hit the car in any case. Apparently it was very common because my stepdad knew exactly what was going on and how to act. So, not an urban legend.

Now, for the creepy histories...

9 years ago I moved to my then-boyfriend's apartment. It was in a very old (1909), very creepy building, with 4 floors and 8 apartments total, and some tenants are very old people who have been renting there forever because the flats are huge (ours is 1300sqft) and dirt cheap. So one day I got home before my boyfriend and decided to wait for him sitting on the stairs outside the building, reading, because it was a beautiful sunny day. i spent about 40 minutes just sitting there and during this time no one got in the building. Then I got bored of waiting and got inside, and there at the foot of the stairwell was an old lady as if she'd just gotten inside.
I don't know why, but just the sight of her scared me silly and for some reason I didn't want to go up the stairwell while she was on it, so I went back outside and waited for a good ten minutes to give her time to get to her apartment or wherever she was going. After that i went back in again and there was no one on the stairs, so I went up, and when I got to the first floor landing, there she was, just standing there and staring at me. Again I felt this unexplainable fear (it was just an old lady after all), I blustered "good morning", run upstairs past her and locked myself in my apartment.
When my boyfriend got home I told him about it and she asked me how did she look like. I described her as well as I could, and he told me "Oh, that's the lady who lived next door to us". I said "Is she? I've never seen her before" and he, totally unfazed, replied "Of course you haven't, she died last Christmas". When he saw I was freaking out he added "But don't worry, she was a very nice lady!". At first I thought he was kidding, but nope, he was dead serious. Apparently he just had no problem with having a ghost in the building as long as it was a "nice old lady" ghost.

Fast forward five years, we've gotten married, moved to Madrid, lived there for 4 years and now we're moving back to our hometown. So we call our old landlord of the dirt-cheap huge ghost-ridden apartments and he just happens to have one available! And for an even lower price than we used to pay 5 years before! Ghosts or no ghosts, it's too good an opportunity to pass. So we take the apt., in the same building we used to live, only this one is in the first floor and we used to live in the third.

We move in, we already know some of the neighbors, we gossip with them about the new tenants who have moved in while we've been away. Turns out the apartment where the dead old lady used to live has been rented by a very scary crazy-looking woman who is the talk of the neighbors because... well, she doesn't just look crazy, she does weird stuff as well. For starters, where her door used to have a small figurine of a saint embedded in the wood (this is very common in Spain) now the figurine has been tore off and there are deel scratches all over the door. And when her downstairs neighbor had to go one night to ask her to turn the tv volume dows and stop jumping up and down and hitting the walls with a broom, the crazy neighbor told her that she had to make all that noise to keep the ghosts away. Oooook... whatever tickles your fancy. Only I know she didn't get her ideas about ghosts in the building from me because i never told anyone my own ghost story. but at this point I'm opening a restaurant and I'm just too busy to worry about ghosts, crazy neighbors and stuff like that.

In our new apartment, we chose the biggest room as a bedroom. I started having insomnia and being afraid at night because I felt someone in the room with me. About three months after moving in, I started hearing voices in my head, sometimes talking to me, sometimes just fragments of conversations... it only happened in the bedroom. I didn't talk about it with my husband, because, honestly, I was afraid I was going crazy. But then one night as I was falling asleep I heard two voices, one starting to talk and the other telling him angryly to shut up because "she's still awake, she can hear us!". At this point I told my husband everything, and I guess you can see this one coming, he had been hearing voices in the bedroom as well.

So we changed rooms and left the creepy room as a guest room. Now the door is always closed and I only go in there alone during the day. We haven't heard any more voices since we sleep in another room, About two years ago Crazy Neighbor Lady tried to catnap one of our cats, but that's a whole different horror story. And the only weird thing that's happened since is this:

Exactly one year and a day ago, the night before Halloween, I went shopping while my husband worked. When I got back home, there was a big puddle of fresh blood in our bathroom, and bloody cat pawprints going from the bathroom to under my bed. I freaked out and checked all my cats for wounds or bloodstains, but they were all clean and healthy, if only mildly annoyed because they all were sleeping and I had woken them up. I looked around for a mice corpses or something, but... there shouldn't be any small animals in the apartment, we keep all the windows closed so out cats won't jump out, and as far as I know there's no way for mice to get inside and we've never seen any signs of rodents living in our apartment. The next day we checked under every piece of furniture, but we couldn't find any bones, tufts of fur, feathers... nothing at all. To this day I don't know whose blood was that.
2012-10-31 1:41:56 PM  
The scariest shiat is real.............

The Party

It was truly bad judgment that Wayne Henley used when he decided to bring his good friend Rhonda to Dean Corll's house, considering that Wayne was genuinely concerned about the young woman's safety. He did not understand the danger to which he had exposed himself and his friends by taking them there.

But bring her he did -- without the approval of Dean Corll.

Dean Corll was an electrician for Houston Power and Light, but most of Henley's friends knew him as the Candy Man, so named because he had labored for years in the candy manufacturing plant that he and his mother had once owned. Corll was famous for giving away candy to the kids.

Elmer Wayne Henley and his friend Tim Kerley had left the Corll's house in the Pasadena suburb of Houston in the early morning hours of August 8, 1973 in order to meet Rhonda. Earlier in the evening, Henley had been to Rhonda's house when he heard her father, who was drunk at the time, yelling at her. Knowing that Rhonda was very afraid of her father that night, Wayne promised to come back for her.

With the face of a child and the body of a woman, tiny Rhonda Williams was suffering from some severe emotional and physical traumas. Her mother had died when she was very young and her father was an intimidating man. Then her first love, a boy named Frank Aguirre, disappeared suddenly. Recently, she had sprained her foot in an accident. While she painfully convalesced, her relationship with her father became increasingly strained and he banned many of her friends from visiting the house. Wayne was the only one of her friends that her father liked.

That night, frightened by her father's anger after he had too much to drink, she packed an overnight bag and decided to get away from the house until he sobered up. Wayne left Tim at a laundromat nearby and went to the house to get Rhonda. She was too afraid to unlock her bedroom door to let Wayne in, so he came to the window to escort her from the house. The two of them then met Tim Kerley at the laundromat.

Wayne told Rhonda that they were going to Corll's house. She didn't want to go there, but finally agreed. Tim gave her a beer to drink.

The three teenagers reached Corll's house around 3 a.m.. Rhonda did not realize that Corll was infuriated that the two boys had brought a female to the house, but she knew that something was wrong. Henley was able to take the edge off Corll's anger and the small party started back up again. While Corll smoked pot and drank beer, the boys drank some moonshine that Wayne's dad had given him. Rhonda joined them in smoking some pot and fell asleep while sitting against the wall.

Hours later Henley awakened to Corll handcuffing his wrists. His ankles had already been bound together. From much previous experience, Henley understood that torture and painful death were imminent. Looking around him, he saw that Tim had been stripped and both of his friends had been bound with rope. Electrical tape sealed their lips.

" I'm gonna kill you all!" Corll shrieked, according to Henley. "But first I'm gonna have my fun."

Henley pleaded with Corll: he would help Corll torture Tim. Corll could assault Tim and he would rape Rhonda. Then they would kill Tim and Rhonda together.

After threatening Henley with a .22 caliber pistol and a knife, Corll relented and took off the handcuffs and ropes. Corll told Henley that if he did not do something to Rhonda that he, too, would be a victim.

Corll then took Rhonda and Tim into one of the bedrooms where he had a long "torture" board. Rhonda's and Tim's hands were handcuffed to the board and their feet were tied with rope. Henley had convinced Corll to remove the tape from their mouths.

"Cut off her clothes!" Corll told him and gave him the large knife.

Henley whispered in Rhonda's ear his promise that he would not let anything happen to her. She asked him not to cut off the shirt she was wearing because it belonged to a friend, so he cut off her pants, whispering an apology as he did so.

Corll tried to rape Tim, but the young man fought him as best he could. Henley got up to go to the bathroom and when he returned, he picked up the gun that Corll had left on the nightstand.

Corll's face was flushed with rage when he saw the gun pointed at him. "Kill me, Wayne," he challenged. "Kill me!" Henley backed away as Corll charged at him. "You won't do it!" Corll sneered at the terrified teenager.

The Story

Around 8:30 a.m. that Wednesday morning, the Pasadena, TX, police department got a telephone call from a hysterical Wayne Henley. Patrolman A.B. Jamison raced over to the address, 2020 Lamar Drive, a green and white frame house. Three teenagers, two boys and a girl stood in front of the house.

One of the boys, a timid, slender young man with light brown hair and a skimpy goatee came forward and identified himself as Wayne Henley. He motioned the cop inside where Corll's body lay on the floor.

Corll had been a large muscular man over six feet tall and weighing approximately 200 pounds. His dark brown hair, graying at the temples, was styled in little waves. His identification showed his name as Dean Arnold Corll, a 33-year-old electrician for Houston Power and Light. Corll had been shot six times with bullets lodging in the chest, shoulder and head. His body was taken to the morgue, while the three teenagers were taken to the police station for questioning.

At this point, detectives had arrived to examine the sparsely furnished crime scene - one of the more interesting ones they had witnessed in some time. Of particular scrutiny was the bedroom, which appeared to have been rigged up for a special purpose.

Plastic sheeting covered the carpet to protect it from dripping blood. The bedding on the one single bed was all tangled and disarrayed. Most sinister was the large thick plywood board with several sets of handcuffs, ropes and cords attached to it. On the floor was a bayonet-like knife, a huge dildo, binding tape, glass tubes and petroleum jelly.

In a shed in the backyard was a plywood box with air holes cut into it and some strands of human hair inside.

Neighbors said that the house had belonged to Dean Corll's father Arnold, also an electrician, who had let his son take over the house when he had moved away. Son Dean had taken care of the house and had done nothing to arouse the suspicions of his neighbors in the quiet middle-class neighborhood.

At police headquarters, detectives got quite an earful from the two teenage boys. Earlier Tim Kerley said that Henley told him, "If you weren't a friend of mine, I could have gotten fifteen hundred dollars for you."

Henley told police that Corll was a homosexual and pedophile that paid him to procure victims, which Corll later murdered and buried in a boat shed.

Detectives took this "revelation" cautiously, as they would from any youth who claimed that the man he killed was really a criminal. When Dean Corll's father and stepmother talked to the police, a different story emerged. They said that the story the teenagers had told police was a lie and that Dean had never been a homosexual or a violent person. In fact, Dean loved kids and had always been generous to young people. These teenagers, had taken advantage of their son's hospitality and then, crazed by drugs, had murdered him in his own home.

Had the police not found the implements of sexual torture in Corll's home, they would have been more likely to assume that the parents' version of events was the correct one. As it was, the police were more interested in hearing the confession of Elmer Wayne Hensley and just who this Dean Corll really was - sexual psychopath or the victim of vicious, drugged-up youths.

The Boat Shed

Wayne Henley claimed that Corll had murdered several boys and buried three of them in a boat shed several miles south of Houston. In late afternoon, he guided police and some prison "trusties" to a street named "Silver Bell" and a marina with a business called "Southwest Boat Storage." Dean Corll's stall was Number 11. Author John K. Gurwell describes the scene:

The stall had no windows, and the officers moved slowly as they accustomed their eyes to the gloom of the deep interior. Two faded carpets covered the earthen floor, stretching from the entrance back 12 feet. One was green, the other blue. Inside the doors on the left stood a huge, empty appliance carton. A half-stripped car body, covered by a sheet of canvas, sat in the right-rear area of the stall...behind the barrel in the corner was a plastic bag and inside this was an empty lime bag.

In the blazing August heat, the "trusties" that police had brought along for the digging, reached a layer of lime. The sweat poured off the prisoners as they dug through the white layer of lime. A few inches later, detectives saw some plastic sheet, which held the naked body of a boy about 13.

"It's my fault," Wayne whined to the detectives. "I can't help but feel guilty, like I done killed those boys myself. I caused them to be dead. I led them straight to Dean."

Below the first body was a skeleton. Then when they dug to the right of the first grave, the bodies of two additional teenagers were found. One had been shot and the other strangled.

The owner of the boat storage facility, Mrs. Meynier told the police what a nice person Dean Corll seemed to be. He had rented the shed for almost three years and visited it several times a week. While she did not know what was in the shed, Corll told her it was almost filled and wanted to rent additional space.

While the bodies were being uncovered, the news media had gotten wind of the discovery and had descended in force. By midnight, the bodies of eight victims had been recovered. Jack Olsen captured the horror of the police in a phrase: "They had all seen death, but none had encountered the wholesale transfiguration of rollicking boys into reeking sacks of carrion.

By the end of the first day, the Hilligiests and Mrs. Winkle and several other parents understood why they had never seen their boys alive again.

The next day, with eight bodies on their hands, police wanted to talk to Wayne Henley again. Wayne said that he had not participated in the torture or the murders, but he was a witness to the atrocities that Corll committed. When he heard that David Brooks had made a statement, it encouraged Wayne to confess his complete involvement.

Between the confessions of David Brooks and Wayne Henley, a terrible tale unfolded of treachery, torture, mutilation and murder. Wayne finally admitted that he had taken part in the sadism and murder, as well as the procurement of new victims.

Prospective victims had to be young and good looking. Corll, Henley and Brooks would recruit them individually or as a trio. They planned regular parties with alcohol and marijuana. What was so astonishing was that Henley and Brooks recruited their friends, childhood friends of many years, knowing full well that these friends would be tortured and murdered. Some of the boys had been castrated; another's penis had been chewed; some had been beaten or kicked to death.

By the end of the second day of the investigation, the body count had risen to 17. Both Henley and Brooks were told to make a list of every boy that they remembered as a victim. Henley, who never stopped talking, told police that several boys were buried near Lake Sam Rayburn and on the High Island beach. A trip was planned immediately to those sites. Several bodies were discovered fairly soon, but since it was late in the day, further digging had to wait until the following day.

Over the coming days, 17 bodies were found in the boat shed and before the investigation was completed, the bodies of 27 boys had been unearthed - making the serial murder case the largest in U.S. history, beating the existing record of Juan Corona's 25 victims.

As the digging and discovery of bodies wound down, the evidence against Henley and Brooks increased. The future of the two young men did not appear bright.


Wayne Henley delivered justice to Dean Corll on August 8, 1973, when he shot him in self-defense. Wayne and David Brooks had been planning to kill Corll because they were afraid of him and afraid that he had gone crazy. They had always considered themselves potential victims and worried that they might not see it coming fast enough to escape. Also, Dean had been acting very strangely and they feared that his increased need for new victims and intensified savagery with the latest victims posed a threat to their collective security.

Despite their confessions of murdering and torturing a number of victims, neither Henley nor Brooks were likely candidates for the newly defined Texas guidelines on capital punishment. The Legislature did not provide that murder committed during just any felony could be punishable by death - only kidnapping, robbery, burglary, forcible rape and arson.

In 1974, Wayne Henley was convicted of murder in the deaths of six boys and was sentenced to six consecutive 99-year terms. In 1975, David Brooks was convicted of murder in the death of one 15-year-old boy and was sentenced to life.

Every three years by law, they come up for a parole hearing, but each time it is rejected. Mr. & Mrs. Walter Scott, whose son was murdered in the serial murder case, attends each parole review to ensure that the parole board does not forget their crimes, which topped the list of the worst crimes in the past 100 years in Houston history.

Wayne Henley has taken up art in prison and paints flowers and other nonviolent subjects. The offering of his paintings and other personal items on e-Bay has caused a stir of protest in the city of Houston and elsewhere. Unlike some states, Texas does not have a "Son of Sam" law that prevents criminals from profiting from books, paintings, etc. that become popular because of criminal notoriety.
2012-10-31 1:42:58 PM  

tothekor: I'll just THIS here.


Take notes, people who have to bring their politics into every thread.

This is how it's done.
2012-10-31 1:47:18 PM  
Growing up, my cousin, her husband and her developmentally disabled son (my second cousin) lived right by us (kitty-corner behind us). My second cousin and I were best buds. He was 1 year younger than I was, and since were both real young, we played together a lot. Well, he died when I was 5 years old (first day of 1st grade, actually). I was 5, so it didn't really hit me.

Anyway, in the summer when I was 7 or 8, I developed a real bad headache and a "stomach flu" type illness. My mom figured it was no big deal, kids get sick, etc... Well, being up with me all night made my mom tired, so she took a nap during the day while I slept. To this day, I remember the dream I had while I slept... It was all white and I saw my second cousin. I remember the words "Everything is going to be just fine". It was then that she suddenly woke me up and took me to the ER. Turns out I had pretty bad encephalitis and could've had severe brain damage or even worse if I hadn't gotten medical help. According to my mom, in her dream, she saw my second cousin and he told her to get me to the hospital immediately.

I am a skeptic and all that shiat, but it was pretty damn weird that we both dreamed of my cousin and that the one time I was really truly sick, she had a dream that my second cousin told her to take me to the hospital and turns out I could've been in big trouble.
2012-10-31 1:47:24 PM  

thecpt: Question for other SP sufferers out there ( I assume there are plenty in this thread. Mine has given me a fixation on the creep). When you are fighting to get conscientiousness, what happens if you give up? I feel forced to constantly fight through what my mind is forcing me to see. Trying to force my mind to wake up. Upon succeeding I awake to my paralyzed body which is slowly awakening, but what happens if I don't fight the previous stage? I never give up for fear of the unknown.

No idea. Never tried. SP is more common for me when falling asleep then after I've been asleep. Sometimes I am in a very VERY vivid dream state (they are 100% realistic) and they are NEVER good. If I slip into deep sleep from there, I know I'm in for horrible nighmares (or death. At least that's how it feels) so I rip myself awake, which is HARD and exhausting, and nauseating, and leaves me weak and shaky. Sometimes if I am successful I can get up, use the bathroom, drink water, etc., and then have a normal night. But sometimes I manage such a jolt to the system that sleep is over for the night. Which is preferable to SP.

One time in college I had a friend visiting. I gave him my bed and I made a bed on the floor. I "woke up" (SP) to a room FULL of "people", whispering and laughing at me, an evil, evil laugh. I had the full paralysis. It was awful. I ripped myself out of it and got up to move around. I went back to bed and as soon as I lay down again, I was right back into it. I couldn't see any of them, but I knew that they were all around in dark robes with hoods, faces covered. Definitely malevolent. Then one of them, the leader, reached out a bony, cold finger and touched the back of my neck. Holy cow that was the most frightened I have ever been. Terrified. It was a good thing I'd just been to the bathroom or I would have peed. I felt that damn finger on my neck. It was real. I was raised UCC but am not a very churchy person, but right then I mind-yelled with all of my strength, "JESUS PLEASE HELP ME I NEED YOU PLEASE JESUS PLEASE HELP ME!" and then it was gone.

I've had SP since then but never ever that bad, thank whatever-you-believe-in.
2012-10-31 1:55:38 PM  

StevieKo: Some years ago, I drove up to New Orleans, Louisiana for The Warped Tour, a rock concert of tens of thousands, like Lollapalooza. I remember while Garbage sang Only Happy When it Rains, it rained.
The time I was there I visited Bourbon Street book stores, looking for a particular book for a friend. The book was banned in all stores. Some black magic store had a newspaper article why it was banned. I was trying to take a picture of the article when some woman confronted me about it. She was not happy and started saying all kinds of BS to which I just left the store. I think she literally cursing me -I just forgot about it.
On my 12 hour drive back home the next day, I switched places with my friend from the passenger seat. I may have been very road lagged, but I had a very euphoric feeling while he was driving. I felt we were going extremely fast and I just kept wanting to tell him to slow down. Anyway I did make it home that night, flopped on the bed, and while I stared at a wall where a light from the open door was cast, I fell into a weird state. Perhaps a dream while my eyes were open.
In a dreamy way, I saw a carousel of stages rotating with different acts quickly performing for my entertainment. The last was a guy with a guitar not happy the curtains were dropping and the carousel turning away from me. He was getting every last curse word in before his time was up, peeking from below the dropping curtain. His curse words with, "wait you Sobs!" were echoing in my head. Then the "final act" as I felt, came in with a faint snare drum roll like a snake's rattle. This "dream" was somewhat gone, and I was looking at the wall again.
The light shrunk into a round spotlight focused on the wall I was staring at. Then a forward facing silhouette slowly faded in. The shadow had a cocked wrist and in it, a huge gleaming hand gun slowly faded in -Much like a brand new desert eagle .50 cal. Only the gun was not a shadow, I could see color and reflection. The creature wen ...

My mistake. It was Voodoofest
2012-10-31 1:56:44 PM  
If you want to scare the bejeebus out of yourself, open your eyes right as you're about to go to sleep. You'll experience severe visual distortion: the walls "breathing," things (in my case, my digital clock) appearing to move toward and away from you. Things the too big and too small, moving around. Pretty much like an acid trip.

I only did this once, after a friend told me about it. Don't care to do it again.
2012-10-31 1:56:49 PM  

echo5juliet: Bathia_Mapes: Hey! It's been a long time since I've seen you post. Welcome back. :-)

Thanks! Fark notified me that people were talking about me so I stuck my head in.

and for those of you who do not believe the story I would be happy to organize a car caravan road trip leaving from Palm Springs or Barstow to the location where the story took place. I've been wanting to go back by myself but the government keeps denying my request to buy a MK-19 40mm belt fed grenade launcher for personal use.

hey!! thanks for re-posting your story. read your original post years ago, and have seen it posted bv others many times. that would be awesome to meet up at that place and have a fark halloween? btw, i believe your story entirely. gives me chills everytime i read it.
2012-10-31 2:00:36 PM  
2012-10-31 2:03:45 PM  

AssAsInAssassin: If you want to scare the bejeebus out of yourself, open your eyes right as you're about to go to sleep. You'll experience severe visual distortion: the walls "breathing," things (in my case, my digital clock) appearing to move toward and away from you. Things the too big and too small, moving around. Pretty much like an acid trip.

I only did this once, after a friend told me about it. Don't care to do it again.

This happens every time I open my eyes after being asleep for more than a minute or two. My digital clock usually looks like alien Predator language, my walls shake, I see faces in items, people sitting on stuff, etc. I also get really bad, and very often sleep paralysis (used to be like twice a week, now it's like once a month.)

Never visually hallucinated during SP, but get auditory hallucinations, especially during hypnagogic and hypnopompic sleep.
2012-10-31 2:04:25 PM  

Znuh: So, CSB time, and made super-creepy by FARK, of all things.

True story, etc.

I was 14, sitting in my parent's 'posh' front room where the nice furniture was. Mom and Dad had stepped out to pick up dinner, and it was night. I was sitting in front of my big-ass stereo, one of the old-school rack jobs, where the record player sat on top of the amp, which sat on top of the tuner, which sat on top of the tape deck. Headphones on, commence listening to music.

About twenty minutes in, I get this insane feeling of being watched. Not a casual 'hey, someone's there' vibe, but full-blown creeps; gooseflesh, hair on back of neck, etc. I whip my head around to the right to look out the window all the way across the room and bam, there's this dude in a cloak and a wide brimmed hat staring at me, through the window.

I could barely make out any features save for the fact he was tall, wore a cloak and had a wide-brimmed hat like something out of High Plains Drifter. What horrified me was he seemed to instantly amplify the fear I felt and reflect it back, his face pulled into this crazy rictus of a maniacal grin. The moment I made eye contact (all of 2 seconds if that) boom, vanished. Gone.

Then I instantly felt the same damn creepy gooseflesh vibe from my other side. I whip my head around to the left and the Hat Man is standing in the hallway looking and silently laughing at me. Again, the moment I made eye contact, boom, gone.

I never thought much of it later, until last week I brought it up on another creepy thread here on FARK. Never heard anyone else talk about it in my life, until another FARKer brought it up that the 'hat man' or 'man in hat' is something that's been seen by a lot of other people.

Bullshiat, I thought. I googled 'shadow people' + 'hat man'.

The first link had a drawing, and damned if it wasn't the same *@@(* thing I saw in the Hallway. Multpile people with the same descriptions, etc.

So, thanks fellow FARKers, for re-energizing something I thought was long gone, and for freaking me out all over again.

Did your parents by chance have any novelty liquor bottles? Specifically, one of a guy in a dark cloak and wide brimmed hat?

Took me years to make the connection. The dreams I had about that guy when i was very young were terrifying. I know now that I likely logged the creepiness of that bottle into my subconscious.

Little did I know he was actually full of delicious liquors.
2012-10-31 2:05:08 PM  
Election day, 2012. Two candidates. ONE OF THEM WINS!

/Scariest thing I can think of.
2012-10-31 2:06:36 PM  

Dr. Picklebacon: I picked up a hitchhiker many years ago, which I didn't typically do. The guy looked lost, and poorly dressed in and overcoat and I thought shorts, so I took pity. As he got in I realize he's wearing blue tights. Weirdo alert. But it felt harsh to kick him out. So we get to driving and after a few minutes he asks if I wanted to meet his friends. He produces two figurines and proceeds to introduce me. OK then. I wait a bit then indicate I need to drop him off and be on my way. He hasn't indicated where he wanted to go, just up the freeway he was standing near the entrance to. He asks if I want to split a pack of cigarettes. I decline. I take an exit I know there is a busy restaurant off of and pull into their parking lot and persuade him to get out of the car. Staying calm and friendly when things grow disturbing can work wonders with the violent and or deranged, I've found. So, thankfully, and perhaps by not freaking out, I drove away from that experience.

A few days later I heard on the news that a man very much matching his description had killed a person that had picked him up hitchhiking.

wow. in 1992 i drove betweein twin falls, idaho and great falls, montana at least once a month. and i never picked up hitchhikers. however, one fall day it was pouring, and i took pity on this guy. i passed him, then went back and pulled over. before i could say hello he had thrown his back pack in the back seat and was in the passenger's seat. i knew immediately i had farked up.....and bad. not a minute later he asked me where i was going, and why...i told him the truth- i was going to great falls to see my two little girls. i kept talking about them. to this day i'm convinced that i'm alive because this guy took pity on me...because of my two little girls.
2012-10-31 2:07:55 PM  
So I know I am late in the game, but I thought I would post about a place I used to live: Fort Trumbull Ct

upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size

That row house on the left is where I used to live as a child. It was built during the mid 1800s as officers quarters. It is a state park visitor center today.

Here is a picture of it today, my room was the third window on the left on the top floor. ( I know it says copyright, but I lived there, but I lived there, I do what I want)
newenglandphotography.smugmug.comView Full Size

For a child, that place at night was terrifying. Dark, quiet, and noises. Things would creak pop and groan. The groans sounded like voices to me, long dead Civil War soldiers trying to talk to me. My dad told me that the building was once a hospital and people died there. (not true) Other things were just hallucinations, like the dancing skeletons I once saw on my shelf as I was trying to fall asleep. The falling Christmas tree were the only communally experienced event. Christmas Eve we were all saying good night and heading upstairs. As the last good night was said, the tree came crashing down, despite being well balanced.

But the strangest thing to me is how the house has followed me around in its own way.

I dream about the house about 2-3 times a year. This has been going on since I moved away. I have not dreamed about any other place I have lived, ever.

Back in the early 2000s while living in SoCal, a girlfriends father was interested on my opinion on a court battle regarding eminent domain, and called me into the room where he had paused the news report, and behind the reporter was my old house.

Then, just a couple of years ago I was handling some overflow order calls during the holidays calls I normally didn't even deal with, and the woman on the other end gave me her billing address, and asked her order to be delivered to where she worked. The state park where my old house was the offices and visitor center.

For an inanimate object, the house sure has moved me.
2012-10-31 2:20:38 PM  

Wolf892: "Don't turn around"
That was it, nothing more, nothing less. But I didn't question that voice. It was so clear, so close to my head and so flat and inhuman in its substance that held my bladder and did not turn around to get out of bed until I could see the second rays of sunlight peaking through my curtain the next morning.
Just... "Don't turn around."

2012-10-31 2:22:17 PM  
sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.netView Full Size

Spooky ya say?
2012-10-31 2:28:54 PM  
Aw crudbuckets! My day is about to get busy, and I'M NOT DONE THE THREAD!

Here's a couple of quick Ouija-tales. Nothing too scary, just WTF. I hope I have time to come back and tell my good stories.

1) We were using one at a sleep-over in Jr High. My friend's dad was leaving on a business trip, And came down to say goodbye to her. He scoffed at us for believing "that nonsense." So we told him to ask it a question only he would know. He had his plane ticket in his hand, so he glanced it and said, chuckling, "Fine. Ask it my flight number."

It knew.

He got really serious, really fast. And my friend said her Ouija board disappeared shortly after he got back from his trip.

2) Another time we were using it with a French exchange student who was not touching the board. She was asking questions in French, and it was answering. In French. No one on the board spoke French.

More later, I hope!
2012-10-31 2:39:39 PM  

muck4doo: Wolf892: I was 15 years old and...................
I'm not sure what time it was when I woke up, my room was dark, I was laying in bed facing my wall and I could tell that if I didn't get out of bed my bladder was going to burst.
As I started to turn over in my bed so that I could climb out, something happened that to this day (34 years old now) I'll never forget.
From right beside my head, almost like a breath away from my ear I heard as clear as day a voice. The voice was strange though because it was devoid of all inflection, all tone, all emotion. It only spoke three words to me...
"Don't turn around"
That was it, nothing more, nothing less. But I didn't question that voice. It was so clear, so close to my head and so flat and inhuman in its substance that held my bladder and did not turn around to get out of bed until I could see the second rays of sunlight peaking through my curtain the next morning.
Just... "Don't turn around."

I believe it. Grew up in an old Victorian home and had something similar happen to me, except it asked if I wanted to be a "top dog". Ignored the voice, but tons of weird shiat happened in that house, and many who came over just felt something "bad" there. It was a fixer upper when my parents got it in 1 ...

I also believe it. A few times growing up I suddenly awoke from a sound sleep in the dead of night for no apparent reason. Then I heard a voice say my name as if whispering it right in my ear. It was clear as day. This happened 3-4 times over the course of 10-15 years in the same house. It has never happened to me anywhere else.

The first time it happened I remember freezing up from fear. I eventually mustered up enough courage to pull the sheet up around me very slowly. I listened for any sound, footsteps, lights..anything at all to explain who/where this voice came from. Nothing.

The next time it happened I remember finding enough courage to turn around and eventually jump to the light switch before something could grab me. Flick of the lights....nothing...nobody awake.

The last time the voice called my name I replied "What?" Silence.
2012-10-31 2:40:58 PM  
Well I just wrote a few more stories, but accidentally hit the back button and lost them all.
In a nutshell, I've dreamed of things before seeing them in person. And too precise to be coincidence -Like the above mentioned.

Happy Halloween.

\Please fix the site to autosave lol
2012-10-31 2:44:16 PM  

echo5juliet: sethen320: I feel like an idiot for asking, but...this wasn't made up?

Nope. Every word is the God's honest truth. The scariest moment in my life. At least until the time the jet engines quit during a Delta takeoff out of Philly airport or the time I was in Taipei during the earthquake in 1995.

That is what made it scary, it really happened..

I first heard this story on the Coast to Coast AM radio program. Even though I forgot exactly when I remember the staged accident part and the people coming out of the grass. I even played with Google street view last night. There are two possible roads you could have taken if you wanted to go eastbound on I-40. That would either be the old 66 highway or Kelbaker road. Both are on Street view. If you ever care to, you can probably find what road
and approx. what part you were on and drop in a screenshot.

This isn't anything paranormal. It's common thinking that toughs and psychos on hang around the ugly parts of a large city, but the countryside has 'em too. Not surprised that roadside bandits might try something like that. Not even more surprising there some cults or thrill killers lurking around.

These days the Mojave has a new problem. Meth labs. Buy desert land real cheap and set up a lab dumping the toxic chemicals into the soil.

And I keep thinking of the desert scenes out of Sunset Highways magazine.
2012-10-31 2:46:40 PM  
Two experiences that I've had that creeped me out:

In 2008 my wife and I were visiting my sister in law in Salt Lake City. We were all sleeping downstairs in the living room because it was so farking hot upstairs. The light in the stairwell would flicker at irregular intervals so I swapped bulbs but it didn't fix the flicker. The house was dark all day so the light was used all the time but the flickering only happened at night. I thought it was just poor wiring or something. A few nights go by and one morning we hear a huge bang in the kitchen. We all sat straight up and stared at each other. It sounded like someone firmly punched or kicked the metal sink full of dishes. I went to investigate and found nothing. The sink didn't even have dishes in it. I tried to replicate the noise but I couldn't get anywhere close to the original sound.

Next story. I was painting a restaurant in the middle of the night in SoCal about 20 miles from the border. The only people in the building were us 3 painters and 1 security guard. I was painting in a large room with the other 2 guys. At about midnight I hear all kinds of racket coming from the kitchen as if someone was running around banging all the pots and pans together. I thought it was the security guard but I walked up to the front of the restaurant and there he was sleeping. I didn't think much of it at the time.

An hour later or so I was listening to my ipod and painting a wall in a hallway. To my right was a 3 foot half wall. Something catches my eye and I look over just in time to see a 4 foot tall shadow quickly duck behind the half wall. The scary thing is that the shadow wasn't on the wall it seemed that it was in open space, like a dark figure. The other painters and the security guard were on the other side of the room from me so I know it wasn't them. I put the banging in the kitchen and that shadow figure thing together and got myself all freaked out.

I don't consider myself to be a believer in ghosts or anything but that experience got me thinking.
2012-10-31 2:47:15 PM  
Something my dad told me: the night my sister died and during the two nights before, their dog started acting really odd in the middle of the night. She (the dog) was awake, panting heavily, pacing around and in general acting really restless and wouldn't calm down. Totally out of character; she's never done that before and hasn't done it since. I've heard amazing stories of animal intuition so I'm inclined to believe she sensed *something* was up but didn't understand what.
2012-10-31 2:48:48 PM  
I had a migraine yesterday so am a bit migrained-hungover so please excuse me if this lacks any cohesiveness.

My family owns a little cottage out in the Uwharrie Mountains that my great-uncle and great aunt built back in the 1940's when the family moved here from Norway. The property is set on ~200 acres of forest abutting right next to the National Forest. Now, this land is OLD. The Uwharries themselves used to rival the Himalayans way back when Pangaea was in existence and has since dropped off to mere foothills from erosion with a few actual mountainous peeks about. On part of the property is a large creek that runs through the majority of the Forest itself, with clay perfect for pottery; very attractive area for the Native Americans before western settlement. Almost every time I venture throughout the property I find old pottery pieces, arrowheads, etc.

My great aunt and uncle had been together since they were 15, true love in the truest sense. They never spent a night apart from each other and never had children. They both put their heart and soul into this little house in the Uwharries, even building a large pond on the property and stocking it up with bass and catfish since they both loved fishing so much. My great aunt was very particular about how things were to be. She was a wonderful and beautiful person (as was my great uncle), and she'd never get angry with us children when we went for a visit and accidentally moved something; she'd just quietly come behind us and move whatever it was back to its place without a word, just a smile.

In the early-90's when they started to age a bit more rapidly they bought a townhouse in the city, about 2 hours away but still went to the house in the Uwharries every chance they got. Around 94 my great uncle fell ill out of nowhere at 93 and died two days later at the hospital. Nothing was wrong with him, it was just old age. The day after the funeral, my great aunt, who was always a very tall and strong woman who never hunched, became ill herself. She was put into the hospital for tests. Then her brain went; she just fell off the deep end and was talking as if she were 16 again; telling us that her Love was picking her up today to take her to the beach. She's asking if her bathing suit looks okay, where is her sun hat? Two days later she passed. Nothing was wrong with her, no illness; she just passed; talking about fishing with her Love in the Uwharries.

About ten years ago my family gained control of the property and were about to start renovating it, it had the same 'carpet' since the 40's. My sister and I went down there for a long weekend just to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, drink some wine, smoke some green, hike through the woods... the first night there we start to cook dinner. She moves a few things around in the kitchen and places things on a table in the adjoining sunroom because we had a feast planned and needed the extra room. So I go into the living room and move some knick knacks off of the coffee table for a place for us to sit and eat. We get everything prepared and in the oven or simmering on the stove and decide to blaze one while we wait, walking out outside to the porch together. We had a good 30 minutes until the food would be done so we took our drinks and cigarettes with us and chilled.

Once the 30 minutes was passed we walk inside together and go straight to the kitchen. Everything that my sister had moved around on the kitchen cabinets and placed on the table in the sunroom was moved back to its original location. The pots on the stove had been moved around to different burners with the heat level changed on all of the burners. The oven temp had been moved to 325 from 350. We obviously both notice this at the same time and just stood there mouths agape. We turn and look at each other and as a unit walk into the living room; everything that I had moved from the coffee table and had placed on other little tables around the room had been moved back to their original location as well. I walk into the kitchen, turn all of the burners and stove off while my sister walks to the bar and grabs a bottle of whiskey and we, as a unit, march right back outside and shared the bottle.
2012-10-31 3:02:11 PM  

Wolf892: I was 15 years old and it was the first summer where my parents decided to take a weeklong vacation to visit my grandmother. This was great for me for two reasons, the first, I was allowed to stay home alone for the week, and the second, my mother had left me a 4 gallon tub of bubblegum ice-cream that she had told me to go wild on.
I stayed awake every night late, watching Japanese anime, drinking root-beer and eating the heck out of that bubble gum ice cream. I was in 15 year old boy Heaven.
On the second to last night of the week everything was going the same. It was three o clock in the morning when I finally finished the last episode of "bubblegum crisis" (which I'd loved watching while eating bubblegum ice-cream) and decided it was time to go downstairs to bed.
So I did.
I'm not sure what time it was when I woke up, my room was dark, I was laying in bed facing my wall and I could tell that if I didn't get out of bed my bladder was going to burst.
As I started to turn over in my bed so that I could climb out, something happened that to this day (34 years old now) I'll never forget.
From right beside my head, almost like a breath away from my ear I heard as clear as day a voice. The voice was strange though because it was devoid of all inflection, all tone, all emotion. It only spoke three words to me...
"Don't turn around"
That was it, nothing more, nothing less. But I didn't question that voice. It was so clear, so close to my head and so flat and inhuman in its substance that held my bladder and did not turn around to get out of bed until I could see the second rays of sunlight peaking through my curtain the next morning.
Just... "Don't turn around."

Der Kommisar was in town?

discomuseum.netView Full Size
2012-10-31 3:02:52 PM  
Robert the Doll is a creepy story. Visit him if you ever visit Key West. Remember to bring peppermint candies for him and don't take any photos without asking him first.

Wikipedia entry about him
2012-10-31 3:05:39 PM  

Stranded On The Planet Dumbass: The scariest shiat is real.............

Indeed. How about that Bob Berdella? Or the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs? John Bunting and Robert Wagner? Lam Kor-wan? Robert Pickton? Marcelo Costa de Andrade? Carl Panzram? Joachim Kroll? Ivan Milat? Tsutomu Miyazaki? Adolfo Constanzo? Gary Heidnik? Fritz Honka? Surender Koli? Ahmad Suradji? David and Catherine Birnie? Fernando de Assis Pereira? Anatoly Onoprienko? Luis Garavito? Ed Gein? Jurgen Bartsch? William MacDonald? Daniel Barbosa? Peter Moore? Leonard Fraser? Pedro Lopez? Marcel Petiot? Yoo Young-chul? Leonarda Cianciulli? Futoshi Matsunaga? Fritz Haarmann? Nikolai Dzhumagaliev? Peter Manuel? Richard Chase? Fotunato Botton Neto?

That's as many as I feel like naming... Speaking of Corll though, his record was topped by Gacy in 1978. Gacy apparently left some ghosts behind...
2012-10-31 3:07:26 PM  

capnmonkey: Also, for anyone looking for spooky stuff on Netflix instant streaming, here's a list of stuff I queued for our Halloween party this year:

Grave Encounters
Apartment 143
The Innkeepers
Paranormal activity 2/3

Insidious gets me until the ending portions. Good movie where even though you know what's coming, still get a scare.
2012-10-31 3:10:43 PM  
Here's mine, not real scary but they really happened.

We used to live in old army family housing on Ft Shafter in Hawaii. One day when my daughter was around 3 she told me she had a friend named either Fred or Frank and she felt bad for him. She said he's sad because he can't find his friends and he's been looking for them for a long time. I asked her where Fred or Frank lives and she said, "He lives in my room." What does he look like? "He's a big tall man with a beard and his leg is all hurty so he uses crutches. He stepped on something and his foot is gone." Creepy factor rising, I asked her where he stays in her room and she said, "He likes to hide under my bed. He's afraid you will make him leave." Of course there wasn't some hobo living in her room and we never heard about him again.

We live in Colorado now and a few months ago I swear I heard a man's voice (very clearly) call my dog's name. It sounded like it came from downstairs in the family room. Not only did I hear it, but the dog did too. He went room to room searching and whining. I went room to room after him with a frying pan and a flash light in my hand and never found anything.
2012-10-31 3:21:22 PM  
On a funny note, I haven't seen the short one yet about the guy who saw a lamp start sliding across a bedside table. He freaks and screams! Then his wife -- who was on the floor on the other side of the bed pulling on an extension cord -- stands up and wonders what the hell he is on about.
2012-10-31 3:23:48 PM  
Ok, I don`t post often.. But I had to share.

It was 2 days after my 9th birthday. A sunday., which was my dad`s visitation day with me.
My mother woke me up in the morning with the portable house phone to her ear.
It was my grandparents asking if I`d like to go to this old-timey amusement part. conneaut lake (sp?) which was apparently haunted as I found out years later..some huge fire or something.
Now even though I was supposed to see my dad on his 1 day a week. Being a freshly turned 9 year old, what choice do you think I made?

So I skipped out on my dad and went and rode horses, rode rides, spent the day with my cousin, grandmother, and grandpap. It was 1994, so this was before cell-phones (unless you counted those huge bricks that had to be plugged into the cigarette lighters of your car)

around nightfall I started getting a horrible sinking feeling in my stomach.. so much so that this day would never leave my memory. We all packed into my pap`s van and started the hour+ ride home.
My gram smoked like a chimney, so I pulled the back window open,(one of those, pull tabs then open it about an inch type windows) and leaned my head against it to try to get fresh air. My pap and gram had polka on the radio, My cousin was passed out snoring in the seat beside me.

I started to nod off a bit but woke to a start with a horrible sickening feeling in my stomach..It wouldnt cease, and it was probably what would be considered my 1st panic attack. cold sweats, body shaking.. I had no idea what was going on until I heard a females voice from outside my window

'Don`t tell Amber her Dad`s dead'

I don`t remember the rest of the ride..but I remember being dropped off at home, walking up the steps to my mother waiting for me, bawling her eyes out.
She tried to tell me he was gone, but I stopped her.. telling her 'I already know' and I went upstairs to my room to cry and try to deal with the shock of what the hell just had happened to me.

I was raised catholic..and that was the moment I questioned the existence of god, and began to look outside the bibles explanation of the universe.. who`s voice did I hear? why would they say it like that?
Before my grandmother died, I begged her to tell me if it was her voice I heard.. she swore to her deathbed she didnt even know what had happened to him the next day. Even though my cousin was asleep, i hounded her about it as well. looking desperately for some explanation...I never found one. Not even to this day.

I wish this wasnt a true story..but it happened to me..and I swear on my father`s ashes..that was only the beginning of the strange things to start happening to me.

He followed me around a shopping mall a week after his funeral.. I was put into therapy for 3 years because I thought he must have faked his death to get away from me. How could he have been there? None of it seemed real. Some huge conspiracy must have been taking place because THAT was the only logical explanation.

I stopped going to church after that day. I never looked back,
2012-10-31 3:26:30 PM  

Spaz-master: [ image 571x240]

Spooky ya say?

This is the second time this fall the former soldier has used the Obama mask on display. He took it down a couple of months ago after getting heat from his neighbors.
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