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(Fark)   Can we get this year's Halloween / spooky story thread going? I need my fix, I've been jonesing all month   ( divider line
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2012-10-31 9:36:27 AM  
My father died when I was 3 1/2. He was a WW2 veteran. My parents met, married, and had me in their forties. Not long after he died, once my mother got all the VA, social security, and insurance money, she did one of the smartest things she ever did -- she made a down payment on a small house in a good neighborhood, in a good school district, in town. It was the first house she'd ever lived in that had "city water," and a shower. She furnished the whole place with stuff she bought on credit.

When I was 4 or 5 years old, I had a really bizarre thing happen. One of the end tables she'd bought was big and square, and had doors on it. That's where I kept all my books, coloring books, comic books, crayons, etc. I came in the back door and took an immediate left toward the living room and "my" table. The table had a lamp on it, and over the lamp, something was hovering. I couldn't make out any features, it was just "some thing" hovering over the lamp, calling to me. Two distinct voices were running through my head -- one saying, "It's Daddy! It's Daddy!" and the other saying, "Devil! Devil!" I ran the hell away. I never saw it again.

Of course, nobody believed me, but God's truth, it happened.
2012-10-31 9:41:59 AM  

Bathia_Mapes: Still haven't read one that topped the spooky story posted by echo5juliet in the 2008 thread. Still gives me the creeps everytime I read it. For those who missed it the first time around or just want to experience it again, here it is:

A classic. I remember a few other creepy ones... The slave cabin one comes to mind. Anyone have that one lying around somewhere?
2012-10-31 9:48:59 AM  
Never told anyone about this - always felt uncomfortable when I tried to, but reading about the sleep paralysis stories really struck a chord...

When I was about 21, I woke up in the middle of the night - a little before 3am - and was unable to move or make a sound. The feeling of dread was quite strong... it felt like I was getting the life sucked right out of me; but it lasted only a few seconds. I sat up like I was launched by a giant spring, full sweat, heart pounding. Not pleasant. I got up, went to the bathroom, calmed down, went back to sleep, nothing; other than I felt kinda tired the next day which I wrote off as a bad night's sleep.

The following night, I woke up again - it was almost to the minute from the night before - and again unable to move or make a sound, feeling like my life is being drained from me, only much stronger. This time it lasted longer, I'd say almost double the time. I distinctly remember fighting to yell and only near the end was I able to make these pitiful whimpering grunts. Then boom: released sat up full sweat.... same deal; only this time it took me quite a bit longer to get back to sleep, and the following day I felt like crap.

The third night... I woke again; same time, pinned to the bed and that feeling I'm being drained is incredibly strong, like it's killing me. I remember trying to scream - really scream - my back is arched: my shoulders are on the bed, with my butt in the air and I. can't. move.

Now for the weird(er) part. I have absolutely no idea why I said or did the following - I am soooo not a believer/dabbler in any of this 'stuff'. But for whatever reason, I sat up and shouted. Shouted: "In the name of the Light I command you to leave!" and it felt like this giant surge of energy flowed back into my body and I crashed limply to the bed.

Never experienced anything like it ever again. 
/Don't want to.
2012-10-31 9:52:56 AM  
On weekends during the high school years in the 1980s, my brother and his friends would go for very long drives on every country road or dirt track he could find in southern Illinois and Missouri to listen to road music and kill time. One afternoon, they were more than a half hour away from the nearest small town, driving down a single lane dirt road owned by the county, with tall corn stalks on either side of the road. A man in a dark black suit and dark sunglasses suddenly stepped out of the corn on the side of the road about 100 yards in front of them and just stood into the middle of the road, facing them. As they got closer, they saw that he held a shotgun in front of him pointing at the sky. Freaked out, but curious teens, they quickly slowed to a stop in front of him. The man looked closely at the car, then walked around to the open driver side window. He looked toward the back of the car and the teens looked in the rearview mirror to see two similarly dressed and armed men step out from corn fields on either side of the road just behind the car and just stood there behind the car. The man at the window leaned over and looked in the car and asked in a casual tone, "Do you kids know where you are?" The teen driver quickly said, "No, sir." The man instructed, "Then why don't you just turn around and drive away. Pretend you never saw us here." The man nodded to the other men, who then stepped back on either side of the road and the car backed up and turned around. The driver floored it and went back the way they came. In the rearview mirror they watched as the men stepped back onto the road until the car was nearly out of sight and then they stepped back into the cornfields. Over the next few weeks, the teens asked around about the area from the locals, but everyone else who had driven the road had no idea what they were talking about. To this day they have no idea what was going on.
2012-10-31 9:57:35 AM  
Some years ago, I drove up to New Orleans, Louisiana for The Warped Tour, a rock concert of tens of thousands, like Lollapalooza. I remember while Garbage sang Only Happy When it Rains, it rained.
The time I was there I visited Bourbon Street book stores, looking for a particular book for a friend. The book was banned in all stores. Some black magic store had a newspaper article why it was banned. I was trying to take a picture of the article when some woman confronted me about it. She was not happy and started saying all kinds of BS to which I just left the store. I think she literally cursing me -I just forgot about it.
On my 12 hour drive back home the next day, I switched places with my friend from the passenger seat. I may have been very road lagged, but I had a very euphoric feeling while he was driving. I felt we were going extremely fast and I just kept wanting to tell him to slow down. Anyway I did make it home that night, flopped on the bed, and while I stared at a wall where a light from the open door was cast, I fell into a weird state. Perhaps a dream while my eyes were open.
In a dreamy way, I saw a carousel of stages rotating with different acts quickly performing for my entertainment. The last was a guy with a guitar not happy the curtains were dropping and the carousel turning away from me. He was getting every last curse word in before his time was up, peeking from below the dropping curtain. His curse words with, "wait you Sobs!" were echoing in my head. Then the "final act" as I felt, came in with a faint snare drum roll like a snake's rattle. This "dream" was somewhat gone, and I was looking at the wall again.
The light shrunk into a round spotlight focused on the wall I was staring at. Then a forward facing silhouette slowly faded in. The shadow had a cocked wrist and in it, a huge gleaming hand gun slowly faded in -Much like a brand new desert eagle .50 cal. Only the gun was not a shadow, I could see color and reflection. The creature went from looking forward, at the same spot of the wall I was looking, to slowly looking down at where I was lying. This revealed a side profile of his head. It was not human, it had a long nose. Best description is it looked almost like Chester Cheetah, the Cheetohs chips mascot or whatever it is. It stared at me for a bit. His wrist with the gun slowly started following the same angle, pointing it towards me. I could still hear the snake rattle.
I woke up in the most terrified state I'd ever been in. I only attribute it to being a dream from road lag. I then remembered the incident from the "witch"
I freaked the fark out.
2012-10-31 9:58:36 AM  
2012-10-31 10:02:28 AM  
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2012-10-31 10:06:35 AM  
Reposting from previous year's threads:

I saw it (him?) three times in my old Florida house.

I was lying in my bed wide awake. I had finished reading, my coffee was empty, and my girlfriend was asleep next to me. It was dark, but I saw something move in the shadows off to the left of my bed. It was as if a patch of darkness had just suddenly 'stood up'. I saw something about the size of a small boy, but seemed to be composed entirely of shadow. A chill immediately ran over me.

The shadow walked around to the foot of the bed,then turned it's head and looked at me. I saw two glimmering points of red light where eyes would be. I briefly got the image of a small child, lost and confused, and a little angry. It just stood there and looked at me for a moment. The head seemed to tilt a little, as if it didn't understand what it was seeing. Then it walked ahead around a corner, and into the master bathroom. The shower doors rattled.

When my girlfriend woke up hours later, I was still awake. She got up to use the restroom, and then wanted to know why I had showered in the middle of the night, and left the bathroom such a mess. There was water everywhere. I couldn't answer her, and I didn't tell her anything about what I had seen.

That was the first time I saw him.


Years passed before I saw him again. I was living alone now, same house, same bedroom. I had been happy before, but then she left me, and I was alone in bed this time. I guess I never completely felt alone though, because I still remembered that dark shape, and the red eyes.

One night I woke up and heard my next door neighbors fighting. I couldn't sleep because of them, so I just lay there, waiting for sleep to come to me again. I was looking at my stereo and listening to the CD I had put in to distract me (The soundtrack to the anime 'Akira'), when I saw him again. He rose up from the foot of my bed and looked around, almost curiously, as if he had been suddenly brought to a strange new place. The same chill hit me, as it had the time before, and just as I did before, I froze.

It appeared then that he noticed me, and he seemed more scared of me than I was of him. He moved quickly away (I hesitate to use the term 'ran' - he just ... moved), off out of my field of vision. I heard my door open. A minute later, my door creaked again, and he was back at the foot of my bed. He looked at me one more time, then dropped from view. He seemed sad, and confused.

I saw him one more time after that.


Years passed this time. I'm still in the same house, but now have a new woman living with me, my future wife. It had been so long since I had seen him that I had almost thought he was gone, but then one winter night I saw him again. This time he walked into view on my side of the bed, appearing from the corner of the room.

He stood there watching me. He looked at me, then at my fiancé, and back to me again. He seemed sad and alone, but he didn't vanish like he had in the past. It was as if he wanted something. I moved closer to my fiancé, and waved him towards us, and patted the open spot in the bed. I murmured sleepily "It's ok. You don't have to be alone". He seemed hesitant "Don't be afraid. It'll be alright". I felt him curl up there. He seemed happy, comforted - and then he was gone.

I never saw him again after that. I like to think he's happy now, moved on to where ever it is we go. I'm also not making up a word of this. Think of it what you will.

Dream? Hallucination? Accepting my Inner Child? Could be. It still freaked me out to no end.
2012-10-31 10:08:42 AM  
In all seriousness, I think I have seen 2 ghosts in my life. I'm an atheist, scientist, and general skeptic but I don't know how else to explain it. I saw them with my own eyes, granted the mind can play tricks on the senses. The first one was when I was around 13 years old. It was a Sunday morning (I know, not the creepiest time, but I'm not creating a story, I'm retelling events). I was awake away laying on my bed playing Sega Genesis. I look over beside me and there is the fuzzy, transparent figure of a woman screaming. She wasn't making a sound, it just looked like she was in agony. I could tell she was wearing lingerie and seemed to be in a lot of pain. She faded after about 5-10 seconds. I'm not really sure how long. It was such a shock, I froze. I ran into my living room in horror and wasn't able to sleep in my bed for almost a year after that. I found out later, that the bed frame we had bought used, was where some husband found out his wife was having an affair and shot her while she slept before church on a Sunday morning, There were still holes in the bed frame where the shotgun pellets had chipped the wood. Had I heard knew this beforehand, I would chalk the whole thing up to a child's mind but I had no idea the history of the bed until after I saw the apparition.

The second ghost was when I was 19. My room at the time had an attached bathroom. I would leave that light on so I could see to move around my cluttered room. I woke up one night early in the morning but before daylight. When I opened my eyes I saw the outline of someone standing in the bathroom doorway, but it didn't make sense because there was no shadow. As my eyes focused I saw that it was the transparent figure of a little girl. Maybe 9 or 10, she was clutching a teddy bear and reaching out to me. I don't remember what she was wearing, what I do remember is the look in her eyes. Sheer terror, it was like she was reaching out to me for help. There was no sound, but the expression on her face was screaming. I should have been scared out my mind but I found myself getting out of bed, and walking toward her instinctually, like when you see someone in danger and even though it puts you in danger you feel like you have to help them. I took a couple of steps out of bed and she faded away, still clutching the teddy bear with one hand and reaching out to me with the other. I felt an overwhelming sense of helplessness after, like I have failed to save someone who needed help. I actually have a drawing of her tattooed on my thigh, in a cemetary clutching a flower instead of a bear. It's my way of letting her know that I still think about her, whatever she was.

Those are the two weirdest things that I have ever perceived. Whether they were ghosts, demons, or something my mind had conjured I'll never know. If people ask I tell them I don't believe in ghosts. I don't believe in an afterlife so how could there be spirits hanging around? But I do know that twice in my life, I have seen ghostly apparitions that I can't explain and in light of no other evidence, I can't say what they were.
2012-10-31 10:12:45 AM  
No real scary story, just that I live in an old house (150+ years old) that creaks like a mofo, and I know at least two people have died in the room I sleep in...

2012-10-31 10:14:52 AM  
A few more Halloween related items I put up:

Scary Bunnies

Black Eyed Kids

Self-Mummyfying Japanese Monks

As for personal stories, well, I did live through the 1970s...
2012-10-31 10:17:32 AM  
I was 17 years old, my parents were out of town and my younger brother was asleep a few rooms over. It was maybe 1am and I was laying in bed drifting to sleep when I heard noises in the closet. I heard someone DISTINCTLY cough and creaking from footsteps. At first, I thought maybe it was just the house, but went to go look anyways because let's face it, I couldn't go back to bed. I opened my closet and noticed that the small compartment door leading into the attic (I was on the second floor) had the shoe rack moved out from in front of it, allowing someone to use that door. Ok, that was weird, but maybe my Dad moved it to get to the water heater or something. Still, kind of freaked me out so I called my older brother and me and my younger brother went to his apartment to stay the night. Before we left, I put a whole bunch of shiat in front of the attic door and my closet door. Well, next day after school we all went over and I checked the closet door. Everything that was there had been moved. I would also like to mention that their house had an alarm system that was not deactivated. After that, we grabbed bats and searched the entire house and (with reluctance) opened the attic door - nothing.

Fast forward a month later, my mom and I were watching CSI (bonding time) and my dad was still at work and brothers were both gone. We (BOTH) heard sneezing and someone walking. We immediately looked at each other and go "What was that? Is dad here?" We heard some muffled sound like TALKING. We turned the TV off and listened. The moment we did this, the sound stopped as if it knew it (they) were being monitored. I locked the door we were in and grabbed a gun. The alarm was set, all doors were locked. My dad arrived at home soon after from work and we checked the house. Nothing, except the attic door was slightly ajar and everything in front of it was moved again.

Freaked me the hell out. I forgot about all of that and wasn't really concerned but I am 100% positive there is no way the stuff could have moved from the door and that what I (and my mom heard) were footsteps, coughing/sneezing and muffled voices.


The neighborhood we were in wasn't fully developed and there were still some open lots. On the back side of some of the lots are huge fields separating our neighborhood from the opposing one. The field has dense tree growth too. My friend from across the street and I were hitting golf balls and it would hit the fence or end up in one of the vacant lots. Well, we hit a couple a little too hard and they went sailing over the fence. Out of golf balls, we decided to hop the fence to get them and ventured into this field/forest thingy. Well, found the golf balls and something else. There was a flipped over car (older car windows busted out it had been there a while) and a couple of human remains (bones). WHAT THE FARK? So we looked around a little more and there was a little metal shack there also. Yeah, didn't want to go in there so we went home and called cops to report it. Turns out, that spot had been used for some heavy drug deals in the past and one must have gone wrong. Both skeletons appeared to have been bound. They found another body in the shack with a bullet through the head execution style.

After this event, we never heard anymore coughing/voices/footsteps and furniture was never moved from the attic door.
2012-10-31 10:19:07 AM  
I was on a film crew shooting an action movie on a desolate stretch of road between Albuquerque, NM and Amboy, CA. Out of nowhere, a car pulled up to the set, sat still for about a minute, then screeched around our set like a bat out of hell. Then the car sat still again for about a minute. When the crew started to approach the car, it disappeared into thin air!
2012-10-31 10:19:55 AM  

ArcadianRefugee: [SLEEP PARALYSIS] ...And all the things you hear about it are true. You can't move. There is something in the room with you. You can't see it, but you just know it's there. And there isn't a damned thing you can do about it.

You can't see it, but you can hear it. Oh yes, you definitely hear it. Them. There are lots of them. They laugh. They laugh and laugh because you are helpless. It is a bad laugh.

Thankfully, it doesn't tend to last long. I guess maybe your body realizes something's wrong and reboots. I dunno.

First time it happened was, to me, the classic 'abduction' scenario. I woke up on my back, and there were these things in the room with me. I couldn't see them, but I knew there were there, watching me dispassionately. I had know idea what was going on, but I was terrified. I tried to scream -- not that anyone would have heard me as I lived alone in a rather secluded area -- but I tried. This pathetically thin, almost wispy whine came out of my mouth and nothing else as I tried in vain to pinpoint what was in my room with me. Next morning, I woke up wondering "WTF?" and, knowing what sleep paralysis was, looked into it more deeply. Didn't happen again for nearly three months.

This time, I knew what was happening, but it was no less scary. Seems the feeling of dread accompanying the episode completely unrelated to the conscious feeling of dread that one might associate with being paralyzed. It's like you're not just falling, but something is also pushing you downward. So there I am, lying on my side, back to the edge of my bed, eyes wide with fright even though I know it's all in my head but still knowing every bit as much that something is behind me, kneeling beside the bed, fingers out-stretched and ever-so almost touching me on my back.

And sometimes you can feel it. One cold, bony finger touching my neck...

Oh yes, there will be silent screams.
2012-10-31 10:20:15 AM  

Yuri Futanari: This ones a little long but I first read it in one of the previous Fark years Halloween threads and really liked it.


Russian researchers in the late 1940s kept five people awake for fifteen days using an experimental gas based stimulant. They were kept in a sealed environment to carefully monitor their oxygen intake so the gas didn't kill them, since it was toxic in high concentrations. This was before closed circuit cameras so they had only microphones and 5 inch thick glass porthole sized windows into the chamber to monitor them. The chamber was stocked with books, cots to sleep on but no bedding, running water and toilet, and enough dried food to last all five for over a month.
The test subjects were political prisoners deemed enemies of the state during World War II.

Everything was fine for the first five days; the subjects hardly complained having been promised (falsely) that they would be freed if they submitted to the test and did not sleep for 30 days. Their conversations and activities were monitored and it was noted that they continued to talk about increasingly traumatic incidents in their past, and the general tone of their conversations took on a darker aspect after the 4 day mark.
After five days they started to complain about the circumstances and events that lead them to where they were and started to demonstrate severe paranoia. They stopped talking to each other and began alternately whispering to the microphones and one way mirrored portholes. Oddly they all seemed to think they could win the trust of the experimenters by turning over their comrades, the other subjects in captivity with them. At first the researchers suspected this was an effect of the gas itself...
After nine days the first of them started screaming. He ran the length of the chamber repeatedly yelling at the top of his lungs for 3 hours straight, he continued attempting to scream but was only able to produce occasional squeaks. The researchers postulated that ...

2012-10-31 10:21:15 AM  
Mine is a story with three characters. Myself, Jessica, and the Other Thing.

I'm an Electrical Engineer. I don't believe in ghosts, goblins, devils, spirits, etc. Science.

Jessica is my bike. She's had... some upgrades from stock. I've been biking to work for more than 15 years and I teach spin. I'm not exactly "stock" myself, and as someone told me the other day, I have as many Tour de France wins as Lance Armstrong.

Last Hallowe'en I was biking home from work and it was dark. I have a lot of lights, so the darkness doesn't really bother me. In truth, I spend more on lights than most people spend on their bikes. (I actually carry spare lights to give out to people and jokingly say I'm the light fairy.) I avoid the roads whenever possible, and on Drunk-O-Ween that's an even more prudent idea. Part of my route takes me on a trail where the lighting is minimal. It was overcast, and some of the lights were out, so it was even darker than normal.

I listen to music when I bike too, on a speaker so I can hear what's going on around me. It bothers me when people wear earbuds. How can you not hear the cars coming up behind you? All that biking has given me pretty good situational awareness, I can hear the pitch of the cars' tires change when they're about to turn (so you brake); the slight increase in engine pitch when they're about to accelerate past you (so you shift right a little); always give the bigger guy the right of way.

So I'm biking along and something just felt... off. I could hear (but that's not quite right. Feel?) that there was something behind me. I checked my rear view but nothing was there. My rear light bathed the area in a soft red glow but that was it. I kept biking. The feeling was still there. My song got to the end as I turned around.

and saw It.

It wasn't in my mirror but it was there. It was made of smoke and darkness and a tendril was reaching out towards me. It pulled back when I looked at it, the strobe of my helmet lamp lighting up flash movements of some hideous darkness. It _wanted_ me.

Primus started playing. Appropriate.

Adrenaline boost on the bio-drive kicked in. I had to beat it home. I don't know how I knew I had to get to my house, but some part of me knew that. And damn it, I was going to get there with all the speed I had. Fast as my legs could go, I _flew_. Up to 40km, up to 50km, up to 65 kilometers an hour. On Jessica, an armoured commuter bike not built for racing.

All this time I couldn't check behind me. I couldn't see it in my mirror and I sure couldn't turn around at these speeds. Still, I could see where it kind of was because as we flew, the lights near it kept winking out. I got a surprising head start, but it was gaining. Home was still six minutes away.

Past intersections, mercifully devoid of cars as they crossed the trail, onto the main road back to my house, and now a downhill section. My legs were screaming, but all that spin. This is what it was all about.

Primus was ending.

One last intersection, I'd got a break on the downhill, but now it was uphill and across the highway. I couldn't just blast across; I'd be killed and what would the point be?

As soon as I stopped, it caught me, struck me down in the darkness. Judas Priest's "Hell Bent for Leather" came on. Appropriate.

I was lying there face down, exhausted, my legs were burnt. I wanted to see it, see what was going on. The darkness was overwhleming. No stars, no lights, just the flash of my front light. The main light was face down in the dirt. Ugh, I turned around to face what it was that was going to kill me, kill me right now. My helmet strobe hit it and it stopped.

One chance.

I dove for Jessica, grabbed the front light, and shone it at It. I burned a hole right through It's... chest and It fell to the ground. I spent a good five minutes shining my light around, making sure there were no hidden tendrils of smoke anywhere. The light fairy won.

That's when I realized why we don't hear stories about things that go bump in the night anymore. Our new lights destroy them. They can shake the incandescents and burn them out. A candle or a lantern can be blown out. But the sealed LED bulbs? They're powerless against them.

Three days later, I realized that's why it wanted me specifically. Back in school, most people took the few classes you have to take on lattice structure, but I really thought the quantum physics behind semiconductors was fascinating. I was never one for studying for the exam, and it reflected in my GPA. Not great, but I really understood all the material. Sure, I can't derive as well as some of the people I went to school with, but I still remember it all, all these years later. In other words, I know how to make an LED, and importantly how to make them stop working.

I carry a flashlight at all times and sleep with the lights on. Every light in my house is an LED bulb.

I've just realized that I loaned my helmet light to someone I barely know because her lights broke and they had to get sent to Germany for repair.
2012-10-31 10:24:51 AM  
Well seeing as its Halloween and elections are around the corner here is a story that just came to me:

Once there was a politician. He was a simple man who came from simple beginnings. Wasn't the tallest of men, or the most hansom, hadn't gone to the best of schools, but he had that voice... He always spoke smooth as silk, always engaging and comforting at the same time. He could win arguments easily, sway people to his ideas, leave challengers looking like fools as he spoke forcefully and compassionately about his cause.

He never spoke about it to his friends, even his most trusted. He didn't speak about it to his wife. He didn't even think about himself when he could avoid it. His voice wasn't his...It was his voice he knew, but the words always just came to him. Always at the tip of his tongue, always ready to give a speech, or fight an argument. Always the right words, always delivered perfectly. Always.

He rose quickly, first as a mayor, then state representative, finally a Senator in congress. Talking heads and other people of important positions began to talk about him running for president. He came to the day he needed to decide if he should run. He stared at himself in bathroom mirror for a long time, wrestling with the decision. He continued to stare for a long time, until he whispered..."Should I ?" He answered himself at once..."Yes!" And his course was set and he set about his biggest campaign yet.

He campaigned thru the primaries and won. A hard fight, but he had his voice and the right words. Now he had but one fight left and he was brimming with confidence. His opponent could give a good speech too, but not like him. But the other party had money and powerful connections at their disposal, so it had been a close race. Now it came down to a public debate and he and his supporters could smile smugly knowing they would have the upper hand.

The debate started and he rose to speak, but the words would not come, his voice coming out as a squeak. He stammered, he tripped over his own words. He refocused and concentrated on the words he so often gave before. He spoke but it was not like the times before. He wasn't the powerful orator, instead speaking like a nervous student giving his first speech in front of a crowd.

His supporters defended him, it was a fluke, they said. Surely everyone has an off day. But his enemies smelled blood and were quick to set upon him. He was all style over substance, they said. When it came to a real challenger he simply folded.

After the speech he got away from them all, leaving them behind as he took a few minutes to himself. He stood in front of a mirror in his private quarters and stared at himself in disbelief. "What happened?" he asked no one in particular.

He was completely astonished when he answered himself, "I gave you the words". He fell back, slapping his hand over his mouth. But the words just kept coming, his mouth just moving on it own.

"I gave you the words" he repeated to himself, "the words to inspire, to win arguments"
"I gave you the voice to deliver them, to sway people to you"

He tried to speak out, but his voice spoke on without his control or consent.

"I built you up, made you what you are today"

He finally managed to get control of his mouth. "Why??" he squeaked out.

He voice spoke back, but there was something else in it now, something sinister. "Built you up so high, but what of the man to bring you down?"

"A man who could do that would go on to do great things"

"Great and terrible things..."
2012-10-31 10:26:59 AM  

muck4doo: We had a filming crew for the story of Midas and Judas and Pat. The day started out right for our scene taking place at a cabin near a pond just north of Poughkeepsie NY. The scene involved the lovers triangle being found out, and instead of them being pissed off, Midas and Judas compete for the love of Pat. Judas declares his love by throwing 30 pieces of silver into the pond. Midas corresponds by turning the pond into gold. Pat responds by making them wonder if they are gay or not. Just then a ghost came up and bit Pat's privy parts off. It has haunted every one since.

Gay Sex Demon thread!
2012-10-31 10:28:16 AM  

echo5juliet: .

hey, not nearly as well organized as your story, but let me c(scary)sb you:

My wife and I were visiting family in houston. we decided to go out for a late night and have some fun, just the two of us.

well, we're having a good time, and then it was time to go home, around 2am. I don't know houston very well, so I start driving in the direction I think will get us to the highway... any highway at this point, we're somewhere in downtown houston, and all the streets change names. well, I finally catch a glimpse of a street I think I want, but I can't get to it, one way streets are preventing me.

so, I turn down an alley to cross over. immediately my wife and I realize this was a mistake. out from the woodworks, the fences, behind the alleys, something like a dozen or more figures emerge from the darkness. They're entering the alleyway, and they're blocking the way. The alley is pitch black, like we'd left the city for the country. I look back to go in reverse, but a white SUV pulls in behind us... I notice it only seconds before it turns off its lights and starts creeping towards us... people approaching us from either side, people further down the alley menacingly approaching, and it looks like someone is pulling something, maybe a dumpster, into the alley, into the way.

assuming that the worst thing would be to stop, I gun the engine and head straight down the alley, hoping to make it to the other side... hoping the people would get out of the way. If I just drove straight... drove true, they'd get out of the way. While I didn't want to get in trouble, I really didn't want to kill someone because I was scared.

well, they got out of the way. and we left the alley, drove to a well lit area. we lost the SUV.

I still don't know if I was the asshole who almost ran over people who were taking out the trash, or if I saved us from an unfortunate ending.  well, all that matters is that we were fine, and we didn't run anyone over.
2012-10-31 10:28:42 AM  

echo5juliet: FraggleStickCar: Bathia_Mapes: Still haven't read one that topped the spooky story posted by echo5juliet in the 2008 thread. Still gives me the creeps everytime I read it. For those who missed it the first time around or just want to experience it again, here it is:

I was driving a shortcut from...

This is a really old urban legend, have heard it plenty of times. Still creepy though and could have origins in truth, I suppose.

That is funny since I am the OP and it really happened. I was driving a maroon 1978 280Z. The 9mm was a Ruger P85. The Fiero was red. The woman in the road was wearing faded blue jeans and a pale pink shirt. The suitcase in the road closest to me was tan in color. The oddest thing about the picture in front of me was that the suitcases were open and the contents were scattered around far more evenly that you would think would happen in a real accident. That is what stood out, everything was too spread, that and there were no skid marks to explain why the Fiero was sideways in the street.

If it is a really old urban legend it must be because the same group pulled it on lots of people before they pulled it on me.

Reading this over, is it possible they were making a movie? And you happened to get in the way of their filming?
2012-10-31 10:30:30 AM  

Wolf892: That was it, nothing more, nothing less. But I didn't question that voice. It was so clear, so close to my head and so flat and inhuman in its substance that held my bladder and did not turn around to get out of bed until I could see the second rays of sunlight peaking through my curtain the next morning.
Just... "Don't turn around."

The Commissar's in town?
2012-10-31 10:32:17 AM  
Sleep Paralysis
Once when around 16 years old I was up late playing video games with a friend. I was very sleepy and started to doze off on the couch. Something happened in our game (Ogre Battle SNES, for those who are awesome, I think we had just found a book of the dead or something ultra rare) and he got excited and said something to me. It woke me up, but not fully. I can remember seeing the game, seeing the light from the TV, and seeing him, but my eyes must have just been barely open slits. My mind was fully conscious, I was completely aware of everything going on. The terrifying thing was that I couldn't move any part of my body, despite concentration and effort. I tried to call out to my friend that something was wrong and the most I could manage was little whimpering noises that he couldn't hear from across the room. After what felt like an eternity, everything snapped back to normal and I was able to jolt out of my sleep paralysis and tell him what had happened. It was probably only around 30 seconds or so that I was actually unable to do anything, but man, scary.

Shadow Person
Around 14 years old I was outside swimming at night. There was a pool deck around the pool that was fairly wide, and we would play marco polo, sharks and minnows, and other pool games. General tom foolery was occurring in the pool, and at one point I went underwater, then popped up quickly. In the moment of brief sight that I had in between exiting the water and having to wipe water from my face, I looked out towards the deep end of the pool and saw two shadow legs running across the deck. Just legs and waist, or lower torso, nothing else... I quickly wiped my eyes and looked around, convinced that one of my friends had been out of water and my water blurred vision was mistaken, but everyone was accounted for inside the pool. I've been fascinated with shadow people ever since, but have never seen anything else like that.

Heavy Cat
More recently, I had been dealing with some insomnia due to stresses from work and school and had been up late working on a paper. Deciding that I wasn't feeling very well, I laid down to sleep around 3AM or so. We have four cats which come and go throughout the night, the only warning that you get before a cat jumps to the bed to sit on you is the tinkle of their bell. So around 3:30AM I feel the tell tale sag of the mattress next to me as our heavy cat jumps up. He tentatively puts a foot on me, thinking about sitting on my legs, but then thinks better of it and circles around my legs a few times instead. I was sleeping on a pretty thick pillow top mattress, and I'm used to the bed sagging a bit under the weight of various things and shifting my position, but after a few seconds of this I realize that even our twenty pound cat doesn't jostle me around this much normally. Thinking that he must be fighting with a toy, I roll over to smack him and he's not there. Instead I see two conical shaped depression in the mattress, approximately 3 feet apart from each other, and sinking what seemed like 12 inches or more INTO the mattress, as if something very heavy was standing on the bed. Going from "cat please let me sleep" to "wtfwtfwtf" in about a quarter of a second I leap out of bed and turn on the lights. By the time I look back, nothing strange going on with the bed, but the ceiling light is swinging from side to side, the room had tall ceilings, probably 12 feet. Totally freaked out and not getting back to bed anytime I soon, I tested my 220 lb weight on the mattress and barely sink in 4 inches. Also approximately 8 feet from surface of bed to the ceiling light which was left swaying. I determined that there were two options for what had occurred. One was that in my sleep deprived state I imagined the deep depressions in the bed, and then after turning on the lights, the ceiling fan started to sway the light fixture. Two was that something weighing about 600 pounds and around eight feet tall was standing on my bed jaunting around at 3AM. I chose to go with option one since the last thing I needed with my insomnia was that kind of nightmare fuel.

Happy Halloween!
2012-10-31 10:35:35 AM  
I've lived in three houses that could reliably be said to have ghosts in 'em.

Most of the stories from my parents current house are really mundane. Footsteps on floors were nobody is, a piano playing late at night, the sounds of people playing pool in the billiard room at 0230 (always 0230, dunno why), hearing a cabinet door close when nobody is in the kitchen, and occasionally seeing a figure walk around. Truth be told, you get used to it.

I will say that having your name said out of thin farking air a few feet in front of your face is farking unnerving.

Oh, except for my grandparents 200 year old house. You never get used to that place.
2012-10-31 10:39:39 AM  

Bathia_Mapes: Still haven't read one that topped the spooky story posted by echo5juliet in the 2008 thread. Still gives me the creeps everytime I read it. For those who missed it the first time around or just want to experience it again, here it is:

I was driving a shortcut from Twentynine Palms, CA to Albuquerque, NM. .

That's a fantastic story, but absolutely fake. There have been different versions of it floating around Reddit, 4Chan, etc. for years.
2012-10-31 10:39:56 AM  
This happened when my Dad was building our house 30-odd years ago.

Mom and Dad bought a chunk of land and Dad was building the house on it. He did much of the work himself, often sleeping there on weekends in a little camper parked off to the side.

The noises started soon after the walls went up and the doors were installed. Dad and some of the crew were in the kitchen talking when they heard the front door open and close, and footsteps walking briskly across the wooden floor. Dad called for whoever it was to come in--but no-one came. The front door was firmly closed.

The disturbances continued and Dad lost 2 crews; not one of them would work in the house day or night, for any amount of money. Finally the only ones left were Dad, his brother and friend, and Ralph. Ralph was an alcoholic, but mostly functional. He'd bought a house from Dad and was helping with the construction to help pay for it. Ralph would often stay over in the camper, where, Dad says, no matter that it was summer, no matter if he pulled the covers over his head, there was always a cold draft on the back of his neck.

The last time my uncle and his friend worked on the house they were in the laundry room, working on the floor, The door to the garage kept slamming open and closed, though it never moved, and they finally went upstairs to work on the hallway when they couldn't stand it anymore. The front door opened and closed and the brisk footsteps walked across the living room. They ignored it since it was a daily occurrence by that point. This time, however, the steps stopped at the foot of the stairway. There was a creak on the bottom step, then the next.

They stopped running when they reached the church a mile away.

Now it was just Dad and Ralph. One night just after sunset they were walking to the camper when they heard a horrible scream from the woods out back of the house. Dad's a hunter and has been all over the US and he says he'd never heard anything like that and never wants to again, thank you very much. He and Ralph tore ass to the camper where they locked the doors and windows and lay awake all night with their guns at the ready. They didn't hear it again.

About a month later Ralph was taking a bath and drinking in his new house about 4 hours away. He passed out and drowned in the tub.

The disturbances stopped from that moment on. We moved in in 1980, and my parent still live there. We've had dogs, cats, and gerbils and there's never been a sign of anything odd.

Dad swears it all happened and so does my uncle when he's still talking to us.
2012-10-31 10:40:50 AM  
All right. I haven't finished the thread yet but I've read enough to want to share my most recent, unexplained experience.

We had just exited the school with the crowd after our kids' winter concert. Our son and daughter were walking a little ahead of my husband and myself. I heard a dog coming up behind me at a pretty fast pace. I could hear his toenails clicking the sidewalk and I could hear the jingle of his tags on his collar. When I heard him very close behind me I stepped toward my husband to give the dog room to go around me. I looked down at him as he passed me and saw a smaller dog that looked like a black Pomeranian mix or such. I watched him close in on my daughter, pass her, cut over in front of her and then just disappear. *Poof* No dog.

When we got to the car I asked the kids if they saw the dog. Nope. Neither did the husband. None of the strangers around us had reacted to it. Nothing. It's been a couple of years, but I can still picture the dog pretty clearly.
2012-10-31 10:42:39 AM  

farkerintx: True story, this happened to me, about 20 years ago.

I was about 18, a girl I knew in college introduced me to Ouija board one night, it was your store-bought parker bros. version...we played with it, it wasn't that weird because everyone was suspicious of each other about who was moving the planchette. Just a TOY I thought...but interesting at the least. Maybe even a little spooky.

I did a little reading and found out that if you make your own, it's more powerful, better connection to the spirit world, blah blah blah, I wasn't taking this thing seriously, but I was excited by the creepy factor, and how many other people DID take it seriously.

So, one night in October (couple of weeks before Halloween) I called an old girlfriend, "Jenny", and we got to talking (We were reduced to good friends at the time. She was dating some guy named "Patrick" and I had other girls on my mind). We were both a bit bored, so I invited her over. I was living in the apartment above my parents garage, it wasn't much, but it was my "own" place. I told her about my new found knowledge and said I'd make a ouija board to keep us entertained. She was reluctant, but I assured her it was "just a toy" and parker brothers makes these things. "Nothing to worry about, it can't hurt you, it'll be fun"

She had a 20 mile span to cover so I had some time. The board was easy to make, just a piece of 18" x 24" drywall, and I drew the letters and symbols on it with a sharpie. To make the planchette I cut a corner off a pine board and drilled a hole in the middle. Oila~ we had board and were ready to contact Elvis.

A couple of things i told her that I read about these things...(from the box in the store or a movie, I don't know.)

Don't take your hands off the board once you've started. If you do, you could open a "door"
Don't stop the "session" without saying "goodbye", if you do, you could open a "door"
Spirits Lie, can't spell, don't use it alone, and don't burn it near your house.

Now, on to the ...

Ja oui? It sounds like you might have.
2012-10-31 10:44:17 AM  
I love this Fark tradition.

Here is some Halloween reading. Sorry if someone else already posted any of them. Got to get to work - no time to check right now.

His Face All Red

The Enigma of Amigara Fault
Translated from Japanese: read panels right to left.

The Dionaea House

Ted's Caving Page

The Dibbuk Box
2012-10-31 10:45:21 AM  
Ressurection Mary. With a Twist.....

Mary and Denny were finishing the last of the pizza as they sat on the couch in front of the TV.
"Wow! Is that true?," Mary asked.
"Supposed to be. You know, it happened right down the road from here."
She turned to him, "What?"
"Yeah," Denny continued, "the story of Resurrection Mary happened a couple of miles down Archer. Over by Willow Springs."
"That's creepy."she shivered, "So, was she killed after leaving the dance?"
"I guess," he answered, "but the story gets really interesting when she gets picked up hitch hiking. It's happened more than once supposedly. The guy picks her up, She doesn't say much, but as he drives past Resurrection Cemetery she tells him to stop. Then, she jumps out and runs up to the gate and vanishes!"
Denny leaned close to Mary and spoke in a quiet voice as her expression showed that she was becoming more and more intrigued, and genuinely frightened.
" He later finds out that she's actually been dead for years. Killed as she was hitchhiking on Archer Avenue."
She shivered as he finished.
"And...She's still seen out there hitchhiking?"
"To this day... usually near Halloween." He looked over his shoulder at the wall calendar," only a couple of weeks away."
"Stop it. You're trying to scare me!," she punched his arm.
Denny laughed as he looked in vain for another piece of pizza, and a thought struck him.
"You know what would be funny?"
"What?" she asked dubiously.
"Well, people come out here hoping to see the ghost of Mary hitch-hiking."
"Yeah, so?"
"Maybe they should see her.
"You," he looked at her, "You could do it."
"Yeah," he explained, " you find an old prom dress and we go down to where the old Willobrook dance hall was...And you hitch-hike. I'll stay parked somewhere nearby so when someone stops you can run over and we take off."
" I don't know..." she mumbled.
"Yeah," he said, " I can record it, C'mon, it'll be funny to scare the crap out of a couple of people. That's what Halloween is for."
"Well," she eyed him, "I'll think about it."

The drive from Denny's apartment on 79th Street to the old Willowbrook dance hall was only a few minutes, so they had waited until dusk to leave. As the sun was setting Denny opened the car door for Mary as she struggled with the ruffled skirt to get into the car.
"Man," he said, " You look perfect."
"Yeah," she smotthed the dress out, "it was my Great Aunt's from the 1930s."
" The bright white ought to stick out just right."
She looked at him, "I',m not too sure about this, it's kind of creepy."
"Don't you chicken out now. We're just trying to scare some jerks. Most of the people out there tonight are just out-of-towners looking for a thrill. Let's give it to 'em."
"OK, when you put it like that."
They drove toward Archer and through the quiet town of Willow Springs, a pretty village built on a hill that sloped down to the old I&M canal. A forest preserve surrounds most of the town giving it the feel of an alpine village. Drastically different than the bungalows of the nearby south west suburbs of Chicago.
"OK," Denny said as he pulled the car into aq lot near a large building that was emblazoned with a large sign declaring itself as the 'Hall of a Thousand Bargains'.
" This ought to be good." He looked around at the layout, "You stand over near the steet light. It's kinda dim so you'll look even more like a ghost."
Mary began to apply some make-up to whiten her face and then, using a dark shade around her eyes. The final touch was the dark, dark, red lipstick that gave her an appearance of someone who had been dead for a while at least.
"Where will you park?" she asked as she touched up her ghostly countenance.
"I'll be over here watching. If anyone gives you any trouble I'll turn on my lights. I'll be there in a second."
"OK, see you soon." she said.
"Yeah," he smiled, "see you in Hell."
"Real funny," she slammed the car door and walked to the barely illuminated spot near the road."
She smoothed her dress one more time and put out her thumb.
Within minutes a car began to approach. The headlights hit Mary and seemingly her visage had the desired effect. The driver hit the brakes and the car skidded. By the time the car backed up, Mary had hidden from view behind some bushes just off of the road. This pattern continued for a couple of hours, one car after another trying to stop suddenly as Mary would hide nearby.
At about 11:30 Mary returned to the car.
"Let's go," she said, "This is getting old."
Denny was beaming, " I got some great video! Did you see that one guy in the Mercedes? He almost hit a tree! There are probably gonna be a bunch of 'ghost sightings' called into the news tonight!"
"Yeah, I could see his face. He looked freaked out!"
Well," Denny checked the time, "it's almost midnight. Let's try a couple more then we'll head back to the apartment."
"OK." she laughed.
"What?" he asked.
"You're like some pimp for a ghost!"
" She closed the door and walked to the spot that she'd stood before.
Denny turned on the video and suddenly felt a chill.
"Man," he said to himself, "The temperature can sure change fast this time of year."
Mary pulled the thin sweater closed as watched for the next car.
"Brrr, this is too much." She began to go the car when she saw two headlights coming through the fog that was developing.
"This is too perfect. I'll try one more."
She waited until the car, or pick-up truck more accurately, would be just in view. She stepped into the light. The truck though, had already begun to slow down. It stopped right next to the spot that she was standing. She looked at the driver. He was maybe 20 and he was as oddly dressed as she was.
She tried to turn and run to Denny and the waiting car, but something, maybe curiosity, kept her from fleeing. The passenger door opened slowly, only after the dorr was open did she realize that the driver hadn't even touched the door. She felt a rush of cold air from the truck.
"How did you do that?" she heard herself say.
"Please," he spoke in a voice that seemed to be something that she heard yet it was also deep in her mind. "Get in."
She felt paralyzed with fear yet she slowly began to step to the battered looking truck.
"I.....I don't want to..." she managed to stammer.
"I've come for you," he 'said'.
'But I don't know you," She looked at him and saw a very sad looking young man. He had much the same pallor that she did yet he seemed to have a slight glow about him. Maybe some black-light trick. She felt another chill as she sat in the passenger seat. She looked for but found no seat-belts. The truck began to move as the door closed, again...all by itself.
"But...." she stammered, "I can't go anywhere..."

Denny couldn't believe what he was seeing. The truck seemed to come from nowhere. It stopped next to Mary. He put the camera on the dashboard and turned the ignition key.
Rrrrrrrrrr... the car protested.
"Damn!" It wouldn't start...rrrrrrrrr...The pickup truck door opened.
"Oh shiat, what the hell...."
Rrrrrrrrrr...vroom!! Iy started. He hit the headlights and saw Mary getting into the truck which then pulled away.
"No...Don't get in!" she couldn't hear him.
"What the Ffffff." He began driving toward the truck which had entered the roadway.
"Oh shiat!" He floored it and followed the truck.

Mary couldn't take her eyes off of the driver.
"Who are you?"
"I can't believe that you don't know. I've waited for you for so long."
"For me?" Mary began to seriously consider that this guy could be crazy, almost as crazy as she was for getting into the truck.
"Yes Mary."
"Look my name is Mary but you've got the right one."
" Oh yes. That smile. That beautiful dress, there can be no mistake." He stared straight ahead.
"Look Mister, my boyfriend was watching and he's going to be following us. He'll probably kill you for kidnapping me!"
"I'm taking you home."
"What," she screamed at him, "the hell are you talking about? I do NOT know you!"
"A broken heart tends to forget things. Our love is real though. You can't have forgotten that?"
He was still staring coldly. He slowly turned and reached one hand over to touch her hand. A cold, clammy, shiver eminated from the spot he had touched.
"No, wait," she said, "This can't be!"
"Yes it is. You've waited so long for me. Your wait is over."
"But..." she suddenly realize that this guy thought that she was really.... "Oh dear lord...."

Denny did his best to keep up. As the truck drove through the wooded area he noticed a stoplight change from yellow to red. The truck wasn't slowing down. He was keeping pace with them and he noticed that they were moving at 60 MPH. The truck was fast approaching the intersection.
"Oh my God!" Denny must have blinked for a moment because in an instant the truck had passed the busy intersection. It looked as if it had actually gone through a car.
"Jesus!", he screamed, " This can't be happening!"
As he approached the same intersection he decided that he would have to run the light. Sitting just off of the intersection a police officer saw Denny speeding towards the intersection.
"He's not even slowing down." the cop mumbled to himself. He radioed in....
"Unit in pursuit of a red, late model Nissan. Over the limit and disobeying traffic signals. Heading north on Archer through Willow Springs." He flipped on the lights and siren and was fast in pursuit of Denny.
Two cars nearly hit the curb as Denny zipped in front of them, flashing his headlights and honking his horn. In his rear-view mirror he noticed the flashing red and blue lights of the police.
"Never thought that I'd be glad to be chased by a cop."
The truck was speeding up as it neared another intersection, blowing another red light. Denny did the same, at least this time there was no cross traffic.
The cop was gaining, but he was slowed by another car that entered the intersection after Denny had sped through it. The truck quickly sped out of the small town toward the cemetery ahead.

Mary was terrified.
"Why are you doing this?", she asked the stranger.
"To end our pain."
"Mister. You're nuts! Let me out of here right now!"
"Soon..." was all he said.
She looked ahead as the truck was about to blow yet another red light and saw the backed up traffic in the crossway.
"Oh my God!" she screamed and covered her eyes. When she looked they had driven through the intersection.
"Oh....,"she said, "You're not real."
"I'm as real as eternity."
"Please, let me go."
"Relax, You're almost home. You'll never have to wander again....and I'll be with you forever. I'm so sorry that I left you at the dance hall. I've suffered for that. Now...We can both rest."
She looked ahead and saw Resurrection Cemetery ahead. The truck was swerving towards the gate.
"Slow down," Mary screamed, "please slow down!"

Denny was catching up to the truck as it blew the last intersection.
"Oh man, this is bad."
By now the lone police car following Denny had several squad cars joining the chase. He carefully negotiated the last intersection, if that's possible at 60 MPH, as he saw the truck nearing the cemetery gates.
" He's not stopping!" The truck vanished into the cemetery with a flash of blinding white light. Denny hit his brakes and skidded. His car hit the concrete gate pillar and crumpled. Denny was thrown forward and after feeling a sharp pain blacked out.

Two Cook County Detectives walked towards the hospital room that that was being guarded by a single uniformed officer.
"Is he awake?"
"Yeah," the cop answered, "He's still babbling that shiat about Mary though."
"Man," said the taller detective, " I guess eventually you hear everything."
They entered the room. Denny lay in the bed his left leg and arm in casts.
"Dennis Anderson?"
"Yes." he answered, " Did you find her? I tried to stop him... I chased them..."
"Chased who? The cops didn't see anybody!"
The detectives looked at each other and rolled their eyes.
"Enough bullshiat. You're under arrest for the kidnapping and murder of Mary-Ellen Brown. You have a right to remain sil.."
"Damn it! I know my rights. But you've got it all wrong! Did you check the video I made? She's on the recording!"
"We looked at your recording. She's there alright, and then it shuts off and goes blank. You obviously didn't want to tape her murder!"
"No," Denny begged, " please.... You've got it all wrong.."
"Well kid," the stockier detective said, " Don't worry. Where you're goung, everybody's innocent. Just ask 'em!" They laughed.
Denny fell back onto his pillow, tears swelling in his eyes. The TV was on.... Denny could hear...
"So Happy Halloween from Willow Springs, Illinois where there were numerous sightings last night of our most famous ghost, Resurrection Mary. Happy Halloween Mary...Where ever you are.
2012-10-31 10:47:23 AM  
My father in law died about six months before I got pregnant with my son, his first grandchild. Pretty much right after he was born, we started hearing footsteps in his room, and we'd find him tucked in when neither one of us had done it, or if we couldn't find one of his stuffed animals when we put him to bed, it would somehow be in his crib when we got him in the morning. He would throw his pacifier out of the crib, and I'd go in to get it and it would be in his mouth.

Once, when he was about six weeks old, my husband came home from work and I asked him to take Henry (our son) so I could have a break. He asked to just get something to eat first, and I said fine, and took Henry into the office. The chair in there rocks, so I was sitting there, facing away from the door, he fell asleep, and I had my eyes closed. I felt someone walk into the room and put their hand on the back of the chair. Naturally I thought it was my husband, and I think he's going to think we're asleep and tiptoe out so he doesn't have to take his turn with the baby. I sit there until I feel him start to walk away, then I spin around and am ready to bust him, but no one is there. I go out to the living room and he's sitting on the couch eating. Hadn't been in the room. Then I realized I'd smelled cigarette smoke, and niether of us smoke-but my father in law did.

Similar stuff kept happening, and one day when Henry was maybe 4 months old I had him in his exersaucer. I heard footsteps, smelled cigarette smoke, and Henry started looking up and waving and laughing at someone. I said "Wayne, we miss you, and you can come see Henry any time, just please don't scare him." Then I heard a man's cough, in the room with me. I was home alone.

It's kind of nice, really.
2012-10-31 10:50:24 AM  
Holy crap, my first greenlight! Hold me, I'm scared.
2012-10-31 10:50:55 AM  
I have two stories, one from my mom and one from myself.
Note: Mom is a no BS child of German immigrants and my father is Croatian. They did not raise me to believe in fantastical stuff. Mom's is from an e-mail forever ago.

1. We were recently married and broke. Your dad was a dispatcher at the PD and worked at a funeral home too. We lived in the apartment behind the funeral home. One night, your dad went to work and I was alone. Only six of us had keys to the building. I was in the living room when I heard someone knocking on the back door of the apartment. I went to the door and asked "who is it?" No one answered, so I figured it was someone being cute.

A bit later, it happened again, but as I'm going to the door, it stops. It immediately started up at the other end of the funeral home. This time it's louder and panicky. I got to the bay and saw the metal door bending like a gorilla was trying to get in. I ran back to the apartment and called your dad.

He was trying to calm me down when the apartment door starts being hit like the other door. I don't think he believed me until he heard it himself. It seemed like every cop on duty showed up and they looked EVERYWHERE but found nothing. Tommy, your dad's friend on the job, took Polaroids of the door when he got there. He showed them to us after we'd moved into our house. There was no damage to the door: no dents or marks where the door had been hit. To this day, I can't explain it.

After they left, I stayed up and waited on your dad. He and Tommy called the rest of the staff to ask if they had done it, but the director was out of town, the secretary was a little old lady and the two other staff members were at dinner with their families when it happened. We never had anything happen like that again, but I heard noises and sounds there during the day and night that I cannot explain.

2. I was in grad school, living in another town. I had recently learned my downstairs neighbor was a drug dealer who had rednecks looking for him. I saw two of them almost kicking his door in, yelling "Yuuu cain't hide fur-eva!! Yuuu owe Big Tim BIG TIME muthafarka!" Needless to say, I was late for my class that day.

I had to work the next day (Saturday). About 9:30pm or so, I'm sitting on the couch when I hear our front door rattling. I look over and see the doorknob shaking like someone wants in. I looked through the peep hole, assuming I would find the rednecks from earlier. Nothing.

I sit back down and I hear a kazoo sound off in the apartment. It was deafening. Cat heard it too; she took off and hid. I had this feeling like I was underwater (panic attack?) and I'm getting pretty freaked out as I'm alone. Finally, the Slavic/Teutonic rage kicks in and I yell, "What the fark?! If you want the farking drug dealer, he's down farking stairs!!! In the name of God, leave me the FARK ALONE!!!!!" I followed up with some Croatian insults.

The underwater sensation slowly fades and I think WTF? Maybe 30 seconds after I start feeling normal, I hear a BOOM like a damn bomb went off downstairs. Across-the-breezeway neighbor calls asking "What was that?!" We go downstairs, expecting chaos, but find a dark apartment. Breezeway neighbor points to the bedroom window and says "What the..?" The blinds were pulled back from the bedroom window like someone wanted a better look outside, but we couldn't see anything. I haul back upstairs and lock the door. I have no idea what they came back to, and frankly I don't want to know.

I found out later the girlfriend claimed to be a witch and opened a "door" she didn't close. I asked a Wiccan friend what was up. Friend says people who are new often do that and don't know how to "fix it." Friend asks, "did you believe yelling would help?" I said, "I was uber-pissed." She smiles. Drug dealer got busted not long after and girlfriend was committed (seriously, I watched them take her away from my kitchen window). Never heard any weird noises again.

Wow. That was a Tolstoy. Happy Halloween to all!
2012-10-31 10:55:01 AM  
I also used to have really bad sleep paralysis episodes and nightmares. I asked a shaman to clear me, and I haven't had them since. Might just be a placebo thing but I'm glad they're gone, they were terrifying.
2012-10-31 10:55:14 AM  

BolshyGreatYarblocks: Wolf892: That was it, nothing more, nothing less. But I didn't question that voice. It was so clear, so close to my head and so flat and inhuman in its substance that held my bladder and did not turn around to get out of bed until I could see the second rays of sunlight peaking through my curtain the next morning.
Just... "Don't turn around."

The Commissar's in town?

Oh oh
2012-10-31 10:57:02 AM  
Posted these before, I used to see a ton of stuff when I was like 8 or 9 but I associate that with an over-active imagination and pent up psychological issues. However, these are things that happened when I was fully awake and not too long ago.

Hanging out at my friends trailer when I was 16 or so, surfing the net (the awesome 1998 net, 56k biatches!), he has an annoying little brother who's constantly bothering him about something or another. We're both sitting there, house is really quiet (it usually is), when his brother calls his name, as usual. He calls back, "what?"; no response. He's like, "Did my brother just call me?" and I confirmed he did. He says that as far as he knew his parents and brother had gone out for awhile, they left at least an hour ago. So we're both kind of creeped out at this point. We get up together and investigate, no one home, nothing amiss. We just went back to his room, talking about how freaky it is. When his bro came home with his parents we told him about how we swore we heard his voice calling his big bro. Seriously can't explain this one. It was clear as day, and we BOTH heard it. Yet, no one was home. Nothing weird had happened before or since.

Second story ended up having an explanation. Living with my girlfriend and her brother at this point (think I'm like 22). I'm sitting at my desk with her brother surfing the internet (I do this a lot...don't I?) at like 3am, watching Youtube videos or some such when out of the corner of my eye the coke can on the desk moves about an inch. I attribute it to it being late, and me being tired. Then her bro asks, "Did that Coke can just move?" I reply, "I wasn't going to say anything about that." Kind of freaked me out, but combined with nothing else freaky (though her bro swears he saw a couch cushion move in and out once) kind of shrugged it off. A year or two later I set down a sweaty drink and right when I'm watching it moves an inch or two, this time I investigate and it seems like the desk is at a slight angle and if you set a drink down at JUST the right spot and some condensation gets under it, it will move. Seems like something obvious, but outside of that can one night it had never happened before or since other than the time it happened in plain day a year or two later.

Also, for something really scary; note: this happened when I was like 9 years old and living in an apartment that I swore was haunted. I was a huge ghost/ufo/cryptozoology nut something I kind of grew out of as I got older. Came home with my family from a mall trip went to my closet to put some new toy or some such away, turn around and my younger sister is standing right in back of me, she looks sad. I say, "Hey M-" before I can even finish she turns around and walks straight into and through the wall. Still freaks me out thinking about it, but as my sister was alive and well in another room, I attribute it to me being batshiat insane at that age, and/or a spooky ghost took the form of my sister or looked like my sister? I don't know. I don't really tell people that story, because really I saw all kinds of stuff at that apartment. My sister and mom said they never saw/heard anything. I think it was all just an over-active imagination.
2012-10-31 10:58:14 AM  

Old Man Winter: This apparently real tale has bugged me since I heard it.

Train Crash Victim's Cell Phone Make Calls

In the days after my Mom died suddenly, I got three calls from unknown numbers. I let the machine pick up, and there was heavy static with a quality I've not heard before or since. I can't really describe it - just... odd. And over it was an almost-voice, very echoey, that I couldn't quite make out. Of course there could be a perfectly logical explanation. Solar storms or some such. It's just that there were three calls like that right after she died, and never again.
2012-10-31 11:00:50 AM  
Aside from my usual sleeping paralysis which I cannot convey how terrifying it is even though I know what is happening time and time again, my mom told me this story of me when I was 5:

She walked by my bedroom around 10:00 (was asleep for an hour) and heard me crying. She said I had a normal day so she peaked in just to ask me what was wrong. I was sitting up balling my eyes out and when she sat down at my side and asked "what's wrong" I exclaimed "IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN."

'What is?"

"I'm going to grow up, I'm going to marry someone. I'm going to have kids and grow old. THEN I'M GOING TO LOSE IT ALL, AGAIN. EVERYONE. I'm going to lose everyone I love and not see them ever again. I'm going to lose you, dad, (brother's name), (pet's name), granny, EVERYONE. WHY? It's so unfair."

"Everything is going to be fine"


I didn't say anything else after that and kept crying until I went asleep silently. Next day I was good as new, and I can only remember the incident faintly. I just remember crying uncontrollably one night, which crying as a whole was rare for me because I was a really happy kid who played with lego until I fell asleep. The only reason she brought it up was because there was an episode of Oprah or Dr. Phil were they interviewed people who experienced something like this with their young children.

I didn't pluck this one off the internet and I'm not making it up. There is no value in creepy stories to me unless they come from a sincere teller who speaks of an experience. I think previous lives is a cool concept, but all that being said I'm not sure I believe it. Still, I wouldn't have just said all of that stuff. The only things that scared me or provoked my imagination when I was a kid were aliens and spiders.
2012-10-31 11:02:39 AM  
Beer 'fridge

aromacucina.typepad.comView Full Size
2012-10-31 11:03:31 AM  

blatz514: Beer 'fridge

[ image 459x315]

Hold me.
2012-10-31 11:04:36 AM  
This is a story that involves a dream, the eve of a surgery that I was about to have, and a house that my father would later move out of soon after.

So when I was little, I would have ear-aches/infections all the time. I had ear-tubes for the greater part of my young childhood life. My father lived in a house we were renting at the time and it would always give me the creeps for whatever reason. I don't know, I just didn't like being in the house. Anyway, I was scheduled to have my ear-tube removed, and the night before I had them removed, I had a dream. I'll never forget this dream, it was so vivid and so realistic. A little about the house and potential creep factor about it: The house is located on Lookout Mountain, on the Tennessee Side, very close to Point Park and several sites where Native Americans used to live.

The dream involved my fathers house - I was walking through it and it was nighttime. So I'm walking casually throughout the house, and notice a slight glow to the front door. Now, the front door had windows on either side and as I got closer, the glow was becoming far brighter and almost seemed like someone was beaming their car lights into the house. Well, being a a kid, I begin to walk to the front door and begin to open it.

Instead of the lights being something simple like headlights, it was a floating, glowing skull. It was just floating there for a moment and I stood on the stoop of our door, mildly freaking out at seeing this sight before my eyes. The skull hasn't affixed its gaze on me until a few seconds later, at which point, when it does it opens its mouth. It simply speaks one word, one simple word that just so happened to be my name. Upon speaking my name, I begin falling into a void of darkness and absolute dread. All sound, good in the world, and everything was deafened by this pit - my vain attempts to scream were muffled by this awful place.

I later wake up screaming, having experienced one of the most terrifying moments I have ever been through - my father comes rushing to my aid and attempts to calm me.

A few hours later I was to be put on the operating table to have my ear tubes taken out; I wanted nothing to do with this surgery and sincerely wished that my father could have been in the operating room with me at the time, since I had to be put back to sleep for the surgery to proceed.

I had no dreams during the surgery, thankfully. I wake up and my father is sitting in a chair beside my bed in the hospital. Beaming with a smile and gets up and hugs me.

About a few months later, my dad has a creepy dream involving something vaguely similar and moves out of the house.
2012-10-31 11:08:52 AM  
Ok, here's mine. Back in 2001, I moved with my ex-wife (thank god she's my ex-wife) into an old Studebaker exec. home in downtown South Bend, IN. Cool house, built in 1902, lot of history to the house. The woman I bought the home from told me that she had bought it from a family after the wife had died. She actually passed away in the second floor library after a prolonged fight with cancer. Prior to getting sick she was a nature lover and had quite the garden and plant life in the backyard. The woman I bought the house from had severe allergies, so she never went outside and basically let the backyard go to hell. Well, I ended up fencing the entire backyard in for my dogs and cleaned everything up and put it back to the way it originally had been to the best of my abilities.

We hadn't been in the house for maybe a couple of months, when we started noticing that animals of all types were getting into the backyard (skunks, rabbits, deer, ducks, geese, raccoons, you name it). Now while that in and of itself isn't that strange, it kind of is when you have a 7 foot chainlink fence surrounding the yard and three Jack Russells ruling the area, and the backyard was small. The animals would keep coming and if the dogs were out the animals paid the price (except the skunks, those got ugly)

I just kept chasing them out and didn't think much about it. Then it began inside. The first time was when I opened the master bedroom closet and three birds flew out (middle of the house on the second floor, and it was the middle of winter). Then we started having squirrels and chipmunks randomnly dart through the first floor. The bats were fun too. Especially when you are sitting down in a dark livingroom watching a movie. Infestations of beetles in the basement in the weight room was a lot of fun also.

I still didn't put much stock into it, even when I would catch movement out of the corner of my eye. Then there was the event which freaked me out. We were in bed and it was around 2 in the morning. There was a huge crashing sound downstairs that woke us both up, as well as the dogs. This was followed by the sound of something breaking. I got up, told my wife to lock the door after me. I grabbed my 9mm from the dresser and walked out of the room telling her to call 911 if she hears anything from me. First the comical part of the story. I shut the bedroom door, chambered a round, and for the first time in my handling a gun (my dad started teaching me to shoot when I was 5), the gun not only chambered a round, but simultaneously discharged it, missing my foot by literally half an inch. I screamed to my wife to not call 911 (yet), cleared my head and went downstairs figuring that whoever was in the house would be rapidly departing, since not only will I probably shoot them, but I had alreadly started with my wrath by shooting the house.

I went downstairs, flipped all the lights on and nothing. Doors were locked from the inside, windows the same. I checked every inch of that house and there wasn't a thing out of place. Nothing had shifted, tipped over, nothing. I had heard settling noises before or little things that you can't tell where they are coming from, but the noises that night were loud enough and distinct enough to make me grab my gun.

Never did figure out what it was, but after my wife and I divorced, I was moving stuff out and was chatting with the neighbor. She told me that the woman who had passed away in the house was some form of self-practicing wiccan (she didn't use that exact tem, I can't remember what she called it, but that is the closest I can come to it). Weird house
2012-10-31 11:10:11 AM  
In the history of Halloween, nobody has ever found a razor blade in their apple. I'm not even sure anybody ever got an apple.
2012-10-31 11:10:43 AM  
This really happened about 20 years ago when I lived in Tiline, Ky. It's a small town in the middle of trees and drunks. A bunch of us went out on Halloween for our annual ghost hunt. They always ended up with us drunk and passing out in the car. After another Halloween with no scares, we decided to park at a small cemetery that is seriously in the middle of no where. Rosemarry? I can't recall the name now.

After hours of drinking and acting like dumb teens, we all heard something in the woods. My friend and I walked to the edge of the woods and started yelling, pretending to be brave in front of the girls. Suddenly, a chainsaw cranks up in the woods and was coming our way. We left the coolers and everything. We left screaming at the top of our lungs and almost wrecked our cars trying to make it out on the old dirt road.

A week later, dad brought back my coolers. He was laughing his ass off. He just kept shaking his head till he finally stopped laughing long enough to talk

"I guess you didn't know Shawn Harmless bought a new house did you? He lives behind Rosemarry now. He wanted me to thank you for the laughs, you bunch of dumb drunks."

Nobody let us forget that for years.
2012-10-31 11:12:00 AM  

fugeeface: muck4doo: fugeeface: About 12 years ago, I lived with in San Jose with my now ex wife. We went out one evening going somewhere in Los Gatos (I don't remember where we were headed). I was driving and she was in the passenger seat. I had taken a couple of wrong turns and we were a bit lost in an upper-middle class residential area. This neighborhood was fairly well-lighted, and looked like it had been built in the 1950's. I decide to pull into a empty driveway to turn around and go back the opposite direction in search of our destination. The driveway I chose at random lead to a typical garage attached to a non-nondescript house with a light-colored paint job. One or 2 lights were on in the house, and the shades were all down. The front end of our car had barely crossed the sidewalk when I felt a cold wave of fathomless evil fear pass over and through me. We were about 25 feet from the garage door. I instantly hit the brakes and at the same time glanced at the ex. Her eyes were open wide and she was staring straight ahead. She looked at me and said, "Get out of here," in a very serious flat tone of voice. I was already in reverse, and got out of that neighborhood as fast as I could. We decided to abort whatever we were going to do and went straight home. We were quiet for about a minute, and after we had gone a few blocks or so, I asked her what was wrong, and she replied that she experienced a sudden "cold evil fear" as we pulled into that driveway. She essentially felt the same thing at the same moment as I did. We neither saw nor heard nothing to prompt what we sensed. Nothing of that kind ever happened to me before or since, and I'm not in the habit of experiencing that level of creepiness. I kinda wish now that I would have had the presence of mind to remember the street and house number, if only to see if that experience would happen again -in the daytime-. No way would I ever go back at night and without more witnesses. I have a pit in my st ...

abigpicturewindow.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

Sorry couldn't resist
2012-10-31 11:14:07 AM  

ChrisDe: In the history of Halloween, nobody has ever found a razor blade in their apple. I'm not even sure anybody ever got an apple.

Received an apple once. Didn't eat it because of the razor blade story.
2012-10-31 11:14:13 AM  
I'm going to post all my ghost stories that happened to me personally, and then two more that I heard from close friends:

1. I lived in Luxembourg (the tiny little country) for a little over a year working a contract. Really, really nice place. The apartment I lived in was on the ground floor of a pre-WWI building that had been beautifully renovated inside, but was still the original facade. One night, about two weeks into living there, I heard someone knocking on the window of my bedroom. Like I said, it was a ground-floor apartment, and the window faced the street, so I thought it was morning and someone was trying to wake me up. I got up and it was like 3 AM. The knocking at the window was really loud, so I got up to see what it was. As soon as I threw the drapes open, the knocking stopped. No one was there. The knocking happened once or twice a week for months.

2. Also in the Luxembourg apartment - my television would turn itself on randomly. I would go to the bathroom or the kitchen or something and come back and the TV would be on. One time I was just sitting there reading and the TV turned itself on right in front of me. The remote was across the room.

3. Back here in the States, I was sitting at my home office/guest bedroom working. My dog was laying on the bed. My wife was down the street visiting some friends. We have a storm door over our front door that makes a very distinctive sound when it's opened. My dog has determined that it's his job to run to the front door and bark whenever the storm door is opened. Anyway, I was sitting at my desk, and both me and the dog hear the storm door open and someone put a key in the front door and start to open it. The dog hops up and runs to the front door barking. There's no one there. I can see the front porch from my office window and never saw anyone. I called my wife, and she was still down the street.

4. The house I grew up in we inherited from my grandfather and was built in the late 1890s (not a typo; it was over a hundred years old) and was generally spooky. It was just me and my father in a big house, so there were rooms that we never went into, ever - the formal living room being one of them. Once i was sitting in my bedroom alone in the house and I hear very soft talking from downstairs. I go downstairs and still hear the talking. Finally, I realize that it's coming from the formal living room - a room that neither I nor my father had entered in very possibly years. I go in there and the old hi-fi stereo is turned on and playing. That stereo had not been turned on since we inherited the house. Lots of other little things happened in that house.

5. I was present at an undersea, unexplained mass sponge migration.
2012-10-31 11:16:18 AM  
I have nothing to contribute, other than to say that this is probably my favorite thread of the year, and thanks to all who tell their tales.
2012-10-31 11:18:16 AM  
the best scary story I know isn't mine, it's my brother's. He's in the military and is a really straight laced, non-exaggerating kind of guy, but he and a friend moved into a place in Petersburg, VA, that had a ghost. All sorts of stuff happened-their silverware slowly disappeared until one day they came home and it was all lined up on the countertop. They both had covers pulled off of them. They heard footsteps. To the point where they'd both be up with guns, searching the house.

It got to the point where guys would come and stay with them, and then refuse to ever step foot in the apartment again. And we're talking about 200+ pound military guys.

They had another army buddy come in for a training, and he was sleeping on an air mattress in the spare room. They got woken up by him yelling "ALL RIGHT, ASSHOLES, I'M UP" and they went to see what he was talking about. Apparently someone had been picking up the corner of the air mattress and dropping it, and he assumed it was them trying to get him up for the training. It was 3am and they'd both been asleep.

Eventually they got used to it, and my brother used to have the covers pulled up around him and feel someone's hand on his face. They finally moved, and when my brother went back to pick up his motorcycle, he was talking to the new military family that moved in. The new guy's kid came up to them, and the dad said "This is Captain Grey, he used to live here" and the little kid said "I know, the guy in my room told me."

To this day whenever my brother looks at a house he asks the realtor if it's haunted. His wife says the realtors' expressions are great.
2012-10-31 11:18:42 AM  
I'm at work dressed up as the Fourth Doctor today. Scarf, wig, etc. And here's the weird thing, about five minutes ago I get an email on my phone. It's, offering me the latest deals on Jelly Babies. Seriously.

I'm sure I must have searched for those at some point in the past, or maybe the site noticed me looking for the requisite scarf and Jelly Babies appear on the "also bought" list of people who buy those, but it still felt weird. I'm trying to convince myself that Amazon doesn't have a spy satellite that noticed what I was wearing.
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