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(CNN)   Columnist argues that since Funyun production is at an all-time high and there are more cartoons on the air than ever, the time is right to legalize pot   ( divider line
    More: Obvious, marijuana legalization, Gay Journalists Association, President Nixon, drug abuse prevention, Herbert Hoover  
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2012-10-30 04:07:18 PM  
Three reasons that cannabis should be legalized. One it will bankrupt the drug cartels. Two it will bankrupt the pharmaceutical industry. Three it will stimulate the food and beverage industry and create jobs. TADA!
2012-10-30 04:41:42 PM  

Elzar: Silly libs and your pipe dreams. Real men like Ryan and Romney don't need the drug crutch - once the republicans roll the whitehouse, your dreams of legal pot will fall by the wayside and you'll be forced to admit you have a problem.

/ Here's to another 40 successful years for the DEA
// People who don't support the war on drugs need to be locked away

Pot helps me to laugh at assholes like you. I can't tell if you're just a stupid jackass who really hates pot or a stupid jackass who's doing a lame job of trolling Fark.
2012-10-30 04:49:58 PM  

captcaveman: Three reasons that cannabis should be legalized. One it will bankrupt the drug cartels. Two it will bankrupt the pharmaceutical industry. Three it will stimulate the food and beverage industry and create jobs. TADA!

But legalizing it will take money and power out of the hands of the GUMMINT!

/Don't you know that's what the "War on Drugs" is really all about?
2012-10-30 09:05:20 PM  

shortymac: ArkPanda: There's a medical marijuana initiative on the ballot this year that I'm probably going to vote against. If you want to push for legalization that's fine but California has shown that "medical" marijuana is a huge crock of shiat.

So you'll deny cancer patients and chronic pain suffers something far less addictive and more helpful than oxycotin because of some losers who take it for "stress"?

More helpful than oxycontin?

I know a guy who came off his bike a couple of years back. Brachial plexus injury, lost the use of his left arm. He's not on oxycontin, he's on morphine and ketamine, all the time. But he works two jobs, one of which is driving.

I highly doubt being baked would give him the pain relief of opiates. Plus, he wouldn't be able to drive.

Most people in our methadone clinics at my hospital are not heroin addicts, it's oxy and other pain pill addicts.

Yeah, but they're all opiates.

Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure some European countries have had better results from replacing methadone treatments for opiate withdrawal with measured doses of pharmaceutical grade heroin.

That shiat is dangerous. My Aunt was on Oxy for years after a 50lbs box fell on her head and she had to have a bunch of spine and neck surgeries. Now she's addicted and is in treatment.

Well, my friend who's on morphine is very strict with his schedule. He is very aware of the risks of overdoing it.

I get the impression that a large part of the problem in the US is that health care is motivated by profit, rather than patient wellness. Doctors have an incentive to get patients onto all sorts of drugs when they may not need it. They have an incentive to sell you as many drugs as they can.

Of course, my friend has never paid upfront for his medical treatments or his medication.

Yes hippies claim MJ is a cure-all but there was certain instances were it has been scientifically proven that it works

I'm not trying to argue against the recreational use of weed by the way. I've had some fun times getting high - too old for it these days. And weed has some legitimate pharmaceutical uses too. But can it really be as effective an analgesic as opiates, without impairing the user?
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