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(Chicago Trib)   BMW 7-series unintentionally to become the 8-series   ( divider line
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2012-10-30 04:05:34 AM  

Mr. Ekshun: Manufacturers think that electronic controls will be cheaper to build than mechanical linkages but the funny thing about that is nobody ever had to calculate the 5-year percentage-of-failure in a steel shift linkage rod. They've gone from something which is cheap to make and has no real-world possibility of failure to something which is slightly cheaper to make, can fail for any (or no) reason, and which will end up costing everyone more in the long run. In engine management complicated is often better than simple (though there's a limit to that). In everything else it's not.

But hey, if I wanted to get worse fuel mileage than a 20-year-old, $180,000 (when new) supercar while at the same time going slower, having more breakdowns, and paying higher maintenance costs I'd certainly buy a new BMW. And even though the BMW costs more to buy today than the old supercar and won't hold its value nearly as well I'll still project the aura of a refined, intelligent consumer... somehow.

/Someone I know just sold the afore-mentioned supercar for the same amount she paid five years ago and bought a 1-year-old BMW for $13k less than it originally sold for. The BMW has a much smaller engine and gets the same mileage. Quite a bit slower, too. But it does have a heated steering wheel.
//I called her a moron.

NSX by chance?
2012-10-30 06:56:47 AM  
I have a new Porsche. Can I post here?
2012-10-30 07:30:27 AM  
Technology is only going to become more and more integrated into cars. Better stop crying and get used to it.
2012-10-30 12:17:59 PM  

mynameist: davidshi123: Expensive, high end cars doesn't necessarily mean "better" cars, or better engineering for that matter.

IMO Honda makes the best engines in the world and it's not even close.

My 335i reaches peak torque at 1200 RPM with no lag. Honda doesn't make anything within a decade of BMW drivability-wise.

I've owned a couple of BMWs (both bought used)...a 1985-86 (ish) 528e and 1992-92 (ish) 525 and I currently drive an accord. I will agree that BMWs are absolutely amazing machines..... "drivability-wise" they are some of the best cars on the road (that are affordable to an average person).

Quality and reliability wise...they are nothing special....and they always cost 40-50% more to fix. I've always owned used cars and I am aware of the repair cycle that goes along with it. I loved those BMWs to death...but every 4 months (like clockwork) something goes wrong and it's always $400+ to fix. It's never a $150 repair. And as much as I agree that hondas lack a "personality"...The darn things start and run and repairs are cheap and easy.
2012-10-30 08:46:37 PM  

cleek: The cars are designed to automatically shift into to park when the driver presses the Stop/Start button to shut off the engine. In some cases, if the driver presses the button two or three times in succession, the system may shift to neutral rather than park.

points. laughs.

This. I just shift into first, kill the engine and let the clutch out. Never had one roll away.

/Beemers aren't known as the most reliable car on the planet
//whaddya want for $90k? Perfection?
2012-10-31 02:29:54 PM  
I'll rather fond of the 6 myself. Here's my 89 635CSI in all it's glory . . . by glory, I mean it runs, but needs some work. Rescued it from a garage a couple of months ago.

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