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(Telegraph)   Want to work for Williams F1? Then try this simple maths test. Difficulty: No calculators   ( divider line
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10985 clicks; posted to Geek » on 28 Oct 2012 at 6:35 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-10-28 07:20:54 PM  
3 votes:
The log stuff is pretty easy. Just remember log (a*b) = log a + log b and log(a/b) = log a - log b

So the first one, log 40 is cake because thats log (4*10) = log 4 (which is given) + log 10. Since it's log base 10, log 10 = 1.

The second one is cuter, log (.12) = log(12/100) = log 12 - log 100 = log (3*4) - log 100 = log 3 + log 4 - log 100.

The rest is just simple arithmatic to get the actual numbers.
2012-10-29 02:18:42 AM  
1 vote:
Just six young people passed, with 10 failing to get more than half the answers right - a failure rate of two-thirds.

10/16 = 2/3?
2012-10-28 08:18:44 PM  
1 vote:
It's farking arithmetic. I was expecting to see differential geometry or vector calculus.
2012-10-28 07:40:15 PM  
1 vote:

Abner Doon: The log stuff is pretty easy.

I did the log ones by remembering log a=b can be converted to a=10^b. Then it's just manipulating exponents. For the first one, a=10^b becomes 10a=10^b*10=10^(b+1). For the second, it was a*c*10^-2=10^b*10^d*10^-2, so the answer was b+d-2.

I screwed up problem 10. Bah, I should have checked my work.

One day in eighth grade I loaned my calculator to my brother, only to find out we had a class-wide math test that day. I had the best score, doing everything by hand. Long division, multiplication, all by hand on paper.

//I've probably used some logarithms at work since college
///power company engineer
////a rare one that does some real math on rare occasions
2012-10-28 07:16:24 PM  
1 vote:

xelnia: Have I just not been paying attention my whole life, or is that some British convention?

If the answer to one of those is yes is does not preclude the answer to the other being yes.
2012-10-28 07:08:54 PM  
1 vote:

Benevolent Misanthrope: kmmontandon: Benevolent Misanthrope: God, I feel like an idiot - I got all of them except the ones that called for 11pc and 12.5pc. Can't for the life of me remember what that pc means.

... seriously?


Seriously. It never occurred to me. I can do calculus in my head but can't read a basic arithmetic problem.

Yeah, I know, I suck.

I've never seen that convention either. I figured it out quickly enough, but for a split second I was wondering WTF a parsec was doing in a basic math test.
2012-10-28 07:01:57 PM  
1 vote:

Benevolent Misanthrope: God, I feel like an idiot - I got all of them except the ones that called for 11pc and 12.5pc. Can't for the life of me remember what that pc means.

pence. So..
0.1771 and 0.2012 USD

/Am I doing it right?
2012-10-28 07:00:53 PM  
1 vote:
I'll be honest, missed the log questions cause it's been too long. With a calculator, and maybe enough time and lack of apathy would have done those too.

For those who haven't seen pc before... you couldn't guess that meant %?

Also, being generic as writing things like write .3 as a fraction... 3/10 is not the only valid answer. They really need to be specific like writing it as lowest termed fraction or similar.
2012-10-28 07:00:26 PM  
1 vote:
Aced it. But I probably wouldn't have as a teenager. The only reason I can do it in my head now is that I wouldn't be able to make a living if I couldn't.
2012-10-28 06:45:43 PM  
1 vote:
Did anyone say 42 yet?

How about "I was told there would be no math"

Just want to make sure this is a Fark thread is all....
2012-10-28 01:52:43 PM  
1 vote:
The logs messed with me but that's because it's been almost 30 years since I had to do any of that.
2012-10-28 01:40:20 PM  
1 vote:
I couldn't do the logs because I haven't used them in over 36 years, I just don't remember how to use them. All the others are simple head math for me.
2012-10-28 01:08:00 PM  
1 vote:
I am speechless.
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