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2012-10-27 03:57:18 AM  

fusillade762: Propellerheads - On Her Majesty's Secret Service

It's a mashup of 3 or 4 different themes.

All of their Bond remixes are excellent. They also did a song with Miss Shirley Bassey called "History Repeating" which is worth checking out.
2012-10-27 05:03:43 AM  
I know it wasn't a theme, but Dusty Springfield - "The Look Of Love" is better than this one.

Best theme "We Have All the Time in the World".

Jesus, Adele can't sing.
2012-10-27 06:27:27 AM  
Hmmmmmm, no.
2012-10-27 06:42:42 AM  

Treygreen13: FlashHarry: 1: goldfinger


2012-10-27 10:18:28 AM  

theurge14: LET THE SKYFOE

/mouf full owe marbowes Adawe


Still, pretty good song and I'm definitely not an Adele fan. My problem with these Bond themes is that they have to shoehorn the movie title into a song without it sounding shoehorned.

And then it kinda does.
2012-10-27 10:48:16 AM  
markmansour2009.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

Diamonds are Forever and For you Eyes Only are the best Bond themes of all time!
2012-10-27 01:22:45 PM  

Dwight_Yeast: Bongo Blue: Always wondered what Amy Winehouse woulda done on a Bond theme.

I think I remember hearing rumors that she'd been approached, but she was too much of a mess to be able to commit to writing something for Quantum of Solace.

Mess or not, whatever she may have done would've been better than the POS we got for QOS.
2012-10-27 02:11:24 PM  

theflatline: the only good thing about View to a Kill was Tanya Roberts, the song was just Duran Duran phoning it in, and Christpher Walken doing a payhcheck flick.

A real Bond would have never farked Grace Nasty Ass Jones.

Tanya Roberts was horrible as a bond girl. She peaked in Sheena, and it's no coincidence she didn't have to act in that.
2012-10-27 02:27:10 PM  

Apos: The Muthaship: Apos: In fact,it's nothing more than an unnecessary-and revolting-remake of the far superior Thunderball.

The villain chick is terrible in that one, too.

Yup. "Fatima Blush". Probably out of extreme embarrassment.

You shut your whore mouth!

i19.photobucket.comView Full Size
moviemarket.comView Full Size

nsfw ?

2012-10-27 04:59:25 PM  
2012-10-27 08:23:36 PM  

theurge14: LET THE SKYFOE

/mouf full owe marbowes Adawe

I missed yours when I posted mine, but yeah.. It was the first thing I noticed. She's singing in some sort of Dick Van Dyke Cockney accent, I think.
2012-10-27 09:40:18 PM  

Tom_Slick: Icetech3: This is farking horrible.. the theme to casino royale was MUCH MUCH better.....
Casino Royale Theme

That is not the Casino Royale theme. This is the Casino Royale Theme

+1 I love this so much.
2012-10-27 10:50:14 PM  

Rambino: You are all wrong. This is the best Bond theme song ever. EVAR!


Well, that has the class orchestration factor going for it along with the true classic Bond.
MI = Lalo Schifrin
Bond = John Barry

and just for shiats n' giggles:
The Avengers = Laurie Johnson
Peter Gunn = Henry Mancini
what else could qualify?
2012-10-28 12:23:25 AM  
This song is good and all.. but is it ICONIC? Will it be remembered 30 years from now?

Not even close to the best Bond Theme ever. Maybe top 5
2012-10-28 06:24:03 AM  
Tried to listen to it, couldn't make it a full 45 seconds.

1.World is not enough
2.View to a kill
3.For your eyes only
4.all the time in the world

As for which movies in the series I'd even watch again, obviously On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Goldeneye, and maybe Tomorrow Never Dies. Die ANother Day wasn't just the worst movie of the series, it was the worst movie that hit theaters that year. Honestly, you could base an entire personality test around one question, "Bond or Bourne, which do you prefer?"

Bourne of course.
2012-10-28 09:17:15 AM  
The song delivery is fantastic. Adele has a wonderful voice, and great timing. However, I have to let the song age a little before I declare it "the best". Having seen all the bond flicks several times, I will smugly say that the best (before Skyfall) were Goldfinger, Nobody Does It Better, For Your Eyes Only, A View To A Kill, Living Daylights, Goldeneye, and You Know My Name. Skyfall already feels better than almost all on my list, except for maybe Goldeneye and Nobody Does It Better. Carly Simon and Tina Turner are difficult to top.
2012-10-28 02:21:32 PM  

Jarhead_h: Die Another Day wasn't just the worst movie of the series

DAD was indeed atrocious,but there's one Bond flick that's even more despicable: The Living Daylights. Aside from his rocket-equipped car,that movie was mind-numbingly horrible. Utterly devoid of charm. This is literally the most memorable line from the entire movie:

Timothy Dalton (to Jeroen Krabbe): "There's a four-letter word for you,Yogi-and you're full of it."

Never Say Never Again isn't too far behind....
2012-10-29 01:34:06 AM  
A View to a Kill is the best song, this one is really pretty meh.

I don't know what this film is supposed to be about, but I can guess if we follow the "evil plot curve" that the last few have established. This one will likely be a renegade Chinese billionaire attempting to legally purchase large amounts of High yield bonds. Possibly even donating money to charity, unless he can be stopped of course. Terrifying.
Absolutely requires the intervention of the British.
2012-10-29 03:03:25 PM  
Random post:


Best use of a Bond theme outside of Bond. Such a perfect end to last season.
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