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(Colbert Nation)   "One caveat, my balls must be in your mouth no later than 5:00 p.m. on October 31 " said Stephen Colbert, as he suggested an entirely different kind of October 'surprise'   ( divider line
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2012-10-25 03:29:48 PM  

rufus-t-firefly: skullkrusher: NateGrey: skullkrusher:

If Colbert had threatened to stick a GI Joe up Trumps butt you would of had to sue for infringement.


I would have. If Colbert stole my material, I might change my opinion that he is far better suited for 5 minute bits on TDS rather than his own 30 minute show

Well, the market has spoken, and he's worth far more to Viacom than you are to Fark.

I need a comedy subsidy. Maybe some price floors too
2012-10-25 03:32:35 PM  

After Stewart gutted Tucker Carlson on his own show, I don't think Colbert is ever going to get out of TDS' shadow.

You have obviously forgotten about this.
2012-10-25 03:35:24 PM  

Jackson Herring: Mitt Romney would let Colbert teabag him live on C-Span for 50 electoral votes

If that's what the voters wanted him to do of course.
2012-10-25 03:38:37 PM  

NateGrey: skullkrusher:

If Colbert had threatened to stick a GI Joe up Trumps butt you would of had to sue for infringement.


I guess now we know Destro's Secret.

// also why he screams so much
// apologies if it's crappy quality
2012-10-25 04:03:00 PM  
Trump has a big mouth for sure, it's YUGE, but even Trump's mouth aint big enough for Colbert's balls.

2012-10-25 04:45:50 PM  
I was on the floor for most of that episode. OMG... it was genius.

That said, the animal feces bit from TDS last night was also out-of-left-field funny.

I'm watching Colbert's performance from the White House Correspondent's dinner in '06 again. Holy crap, it's scary how much Ryan looks like him. Minus the humor. Or the truth. (Even when Colbert is totally making shiat up.)
2012-10-25 05:19:43 PM  

HellRaisingHoosier: If I was President of the United States....

*transition into dream-state with angelic harp music*

"Listen up Trump. I'm the President of the motherfarkin' United States of America. Just who the fark do you think you are to proposition me or give me any sort of caveats? Just because you have a video camera and a bit of a viewership you think you can demand things from me? I don't have time for your chump change of $5,000,000 or petty arguments. Besides, we could probably check all the furniture in the White House and find that tucked away. So why don't you be a man and donate the money anyway, then go fark yourself while picking out a new toupee. Deuces biatch, I'm out"

*walks away to go do Presidential shiat*
*fade back into reality*

....Yea ... that would be awesome.

i.imgur.comView Full Size
2012-10-25 05:41:35 PM  
I'm sure Silly Jesus will come around soon and insist Trump should do it to save the lives of children, right?

...oh excuse me gotta go, someone just rang my doorbell, they sound whip-creamy.
2012-10-25 06:42:47 PM  
saulustig.comView Full Size
2012-10-25 06:48:00 PM  

skullkrusher: still not blackmail

I did say "effectively" blackmail. Trump thinks he has cornered Obama into an impossible position. That he's pulling a reverse (offering instead of demanding money) doesn't change what this is.
2012-10-25 07:02:51 PM  
Colbert's whole show was amazing last night, not just this bit.
2012-10-25 08:23:05 PM  

cc_rider: dickfreckle: FLAWLESS VICTORY. I lol'd.

I got an email from one of my Tea Party wingnut uncles this morning, expressing outrage over this. "What happened to decency?

[ image 382x284]

That was the very first Tea Party protest, in late February, 2009. Look closely at the lower right corners of those two signs in that photo, at the small handwritten text. As the photographer who took that photo noted on his blog, that was the Free Republic cadre of protestors. The thing is, mere days before that very protest, on February 20, 2009, a thread was started on Free Republic entitled "Operation Teabag (Send a teabag to your representative!)" and it's still there!

Read it for yourself. These are the same people who made and/or held those signs! Read along with me:

The thread was started on Feb. 20, 2009, at 7:54:01 AM. Not even 1½ minutes later, the second comment in that thread was: "I would suggest a different name." Obviously, this person knew what that term meant, and tried to warn them about it!

Not 1¾ minutes after that, the fourth comment: "I think Barney Frank would welcome a good tea bag." ← Barney Frank. Really. Obviously this person "gets" the innuendo.

A mere ¼ minute later, very next comment: "While it is the historical home of the original tea-related protest, Operation Teabag means something much, much different in Barney Frank's district." ← Yes, another Freeper who gets the innuendo.

One second after that second "Barney Frank" innuendo, the sixth comment is someone else saying, "Definitely change the name." Yet another warning as to its innuendo meaning!

Got that? Just 2½ minutes in, and already out of a mere ½ dozen comments, four (a ²/3 supermajority ― enough to block filibuster in the U.S. Senate, override a Presidential Veto or send a Constitutional Amendment to the States for ratification, or the number needed by the RNC and DNC chairs to pretend to hear to implement key rules change and symbolic platform language respectively!) are directly about that term's sexual innuendo! ½ of those specifically advised to change it! They were warned about this by their own people!

Read the whole thread! Much of it is like this! Comment #11 said, "The Barney Frank jokes just write themselves," and Comment #12 is from the person who started the thread and who came up with the idea of "Operation: Teabag," replying to that one, saying, "Heh heh heh, indeed"! So there's no way that that person didn't know about this! That's still not even six minutes (¹/10th of an hour) into the thread's existence yet!

Comment #13 was removed by the moderator!

But wait, it gets worse!

#14, the very next comment after the removed #13: "For such modern crass imagery the name gives, there's something keenly impotent when comparing the original Boston Tea Party to sending little bags of tea to one's representative. The statement to me would be one of a nation castrated, unable to offer any attempt at freedom other than using the meekest of symbolism."

Yeah. Try to make the case that they didn't know what the term meant. Remember, this was before the Tea Party protests, before those signs were made, let alone carried!

#18 shows this photo:
i44.tinypic.comView Full Size

Caption: "Sign these guys up."

Only about ¼ of an hour has passed since the thread started before that appeared (consider the time it takes to find specific photos on the Internet, and re-host them at TinyPic for use in forums)!

Very next comment (#19) quotes #2's advice for another name, and adds, "Yeah, so would I."

#23: "So, seriously, what percentage of the people viewing this thread do you think aren't getting the sick, and incredibly funny joke here?"

#24 (Reply to #2): "SNICKER! | Drag across their forehead."

#25 (Reply to #23): "69%" ← (Who here does not know what that number signifies WRT [mainly gay] sexual innuendo?)

#28 (Reply to #25):
i41.tinypic.comView Full Size

Caption: "Ba Dum Tish!"

(Yeah, this person knows what "69" means!)

#30: "This is a good idea but needs some tweaking. I suggest sending a bag of pistachios and calling it Operation Nut Sack." ← (Uhm, yeah. Tell me this person doesn't "get" what "teabagging" means!)

#33 (Reply to #2): (Link to a YouTube video [] of "teabagging" in the Halo computer game!)

#34 (Reply to #2): "LOL! I came here just to say that! | Although, that might be well deserved in their cases too!" (Another hint of keeping this term to insult their opponents.)

#35 (Reply to #30): "LOL!" (Reminder: #30 made the "Operation Nut Sack" joke.)

#37: "I suggest a third political party with a different name for it (I'm drawing blank for the moment) with the Teabag as it's symbol?" (the first suggestion of the TEA PARTY ITSELF!! AFTER so many posts about the innuendo!)

#38: "Operation Loose Tea? LOL!"

#39: (Another YouTube video of video game teabagging [], in City of Heroes)

#41 (Reply to #23's asking who doesn't get the sick joke): "Me, and I think I'm okay with that." (So far only ONE Freeper has admitted ignorance!)

#42 (Reply to #41): "Yeah, in this case, ignorance is bliss. For the rest of us cursed with the image conjured up by these words, a quick snicker is our only consolation prize."

#48: 'Yup. | And we'll start a "Have you teabagged you representative yet?" thread where we post our teabagging exploits. | I love where this is going.' ← (That one pretty much spells it out: using the name deliberately and explicitly, knowing about its innuendo, but aiming it at their opposition!)

#49: "Operation Teabag | BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

#50 (Reply to #2): "nah... i like it... | roflmao"

(Next page)

#51 (Reply to #49): (TinyURL to .gif image of NSFW teabagger icon [I won't embed it here. Click if you want.])

#54 (Reply to #4 which was the first Barney Frank comment): "Well, He and the Congress have been Teabagging us for a while now."

#55 (Reply to #33's Halo teabagging YT vid): "I had to stop that video after about 15 seconds. I'm laughing and wheezing and crying and making a complete ass of myself at work. | Not helping me create the illusion that I'm working."

#56: "My representative is Roscoe Bartlett. He would probably just take the teabags and pass them on to Nazi Pelosi."

#57 (same person #56, Reply to #41's ignorance): "I looked it up on Urban Dictionary. You may want to stay ignorant with this one."

#58 (same person #56 & 57, Reply to own #56 [remember, s/he just looked it up on Urban Dictionary): "Unintentionally funny, now that I get the ulterior meaning."

#59 (Reply to #33's Halo YT vid): "W.A.H."

So, you see, the Freepers who started the Tea Party in that thread, chose that name deliberately after having been warned by their own about its innuendo, thinking that the innuendo would be applied to their enemies instead of themselves!

This was about two months before Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow used it on them!

I admire Jon Stewart and am a big fan of his, but on this matter he was wrong when he chewed out Maddow: "Teabagger" is fair game to use against them, because after all, they knowingly used the term themselves, thinking that it would only be used against their enemies! We have this by their own words on their own Free Republic, in posts hard-dated months before the term was ever used against them, and days before the Tea Party launched its first protest where they carried that sign!
2012-10-25 10:01:44 PM  

dickfreckle: skullkrusher: still not blackmail

I did say "effectively" blackmail. Trump thinks he has cornered Obama into an impossible position. That he's pulling a reverse (offering instead of demanding money) doesn't change what this is.

that's pretty much the only similarity between this and blackmail.
Damned if you do, damned if you don't doesn't make something blackmail
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