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(The Raw Story)   Native American activists criticize 'Dr. Phil'. Sorry, Chief, but the end of that complaint line is waaaaaaaay over there   ( divider line
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1785 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 25 Oct 2012 at 11:55 AM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-10-25 12:06:28 PM  
That is a bit of a mess all the way around, isn't it? if you're going to drag it out for display on a show like Dr Phil, you better be loaded for bear.
2012-10-25 12:11:42 PM  
There's a trail of tears joke somewhere in that story.
2012-10-25 12:22:20 PM  
Sounds like someone took a Dr. Phil to the knee.

so very sorry
2012-10-25 12:28:24 PM  
The child would be better in a non-Indian home. At least in a white home she might get a proper up bringing
2012-10-25 12:41:59 PM  
One of the few times I ever watched Dr. Phil was when he had two peace activists on during the run-up to Iraq. They were basically booked to be the targets of the extended Two Minute Hate session he and his audience engaged in. Just the worst sort of jingoistic crap. And of course, everything that he and his audience found so treacherous turned out to be true. There were no WMD. We were rushed into a useless war through lies and propaganda. Dr. Phil and morons like him are why we got into Iraq in the first place. The lies were exposed long before we ever went over there, but most of the country was mired in a frightened patriotism that made it easy for a cabal of assholes to get away with the most blatant and damaging con job in our nation's history.

So f*ck you, Phil.
2012-10-25 12:43:47 PM  

swahnhennessy: f*ck you, Phil.

2012-10-25 12:46:10 PM  
Indian child welfare act? Look, just return the stones and we'll call it even.

/Fortune and Glory
2012-10-25 01:22:59 PM  
What you did there, subby. I sees it.
2012-10-25 01:42:20 PM  
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Wait, this isn't a Superman thread?
2012-10-25 02:44:31 PM  
Hey, how are ya...
2012-10-25 03:58:30 PM  

Mid_mo_mad_man: The child would be better in a non-Indian home. At least in a white home she might get a proper up bringing

Oh, good, a new name to add to the SARS Blanket List.
2012-10-25 10:46:31 PM  
Who would have thought that someone who is retired from psychology and attempts to solve deeply troubled people suffering from mental or social problems within the timespan of an hour would lack ethics or shame?

Hint: Dr. Phil isn't a board-certified doctor. He's considered retired and thus unable to practice medicine. His show is entertainment, not an effort to help people with problems. It's to exploit them.
2012-10-26 03:44:25 PM  
Wouldn't it be news if Native Americans didn't complain about something?
2012-10-26 04:45:08 PM  

Whiteston: Wouldn't it be news if Native Americans didn't complain about something?

And yet another name. You get a SARS Snuggie. And your little dog, too!
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