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(Wired)   Taliban mistakes internet joke as real bomb plans. Also thinks Bert is evil   ( wired.com) divider line
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2001-11-20 01:46:12 PM  
Pete and repeat were on a boat.....
2001-11-20 01:48:39 PM  
[image from lonecrow.20m.com too old to be available]

MUAHAHAH finally an appropriate use of my NUKE hehahahaha
2001-11-20 01:57:09 PM  
OO those crazy fanatics.. What will it be next, bombs with soap on a rope?
2001-11-20 01:57:26 PM  
It's amazing to me, the lack of intelligence these people have... yet they were able to mount such a horrible attack.

I'm just waiting for someone to find a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator on some Taliban iMac. =|
2001-11-20 02:08:32 PM  
2001-11-20 02:09:21 PM  
Wow....i wonder if they're going to put 2-liter bombs in all our mailboxes next...the goverment will ban "The Works" and aluminum foil from store shelves...fark it...
2001-11-20 02:12:14 PM  
Tablian != Al Qaida

While you could consider both groups to be terrorist in nature, the Taliban was a ruling group in Afghanistan, while Al Qaida is a decentralized global network.

The taliban wouldn't really be too interested in dirty bombs, while Al Qaida would.
2001-11-20 02:14:38 PM  
2001-11-20 02:15:20 PM  
what a bunch of gayrods
2001-11-20 02:16:48 PM  
They got all of the materials, including the the plutonium, and tried to assemble it but their nuclear bomb genius couldn't figure out how to get the cover on without breaking the water ballon.
2001-11-20 02:22:50 PM  
If we can not let the taliban get bogus nuclear secrets then the terrorists have already won
2001-11-20 02:27:28 PM  
Is John related to Homer?
2001-11-20 02:27:56 PM  
No schooling = No brains
2001-11-20 02:30:57 PM  
I say we get all those "anarchy" files and "bombs" text files from the 80s into Al Queda hands.

That way, after they read and go thru with the instructions, they won't have any hands left.
2001-11-20 02:32:50 PM  
Bin Laden found the plans writtin in lipstick on the mirror of his cave. It read WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF NUCLEAR TERRORISM .
2001-11-20 02:34:05 PM  
It's amazing to me, the lack of intelligence these people have... yet they were able to mount such a horrible attack.

Maybe they were downloading everything, and just hadn't had time to translate it into something they could all read. And the attacks weren't terrible, they went off quite well for the terrorists.
2001-11-20 02:38:57 PM  
it doesnt take alot of intelligences to get a bunch of people on a plane, slit some throats then crash a plan.

I mean, honestly, the same intelligence that it takes to become a despot or warlord in many third world countries would get you a job as an assistant manager in retail in the west.
2001-11-20 02:41:44 PM  
Silly Taliban
2001-11-20 02:43:29 PM  
They were trying to find "Building Thermonuclear Devices for Dummies"...
2001-11-20 02:48:26 PM  
haha gayrods!
2001-11-20 02:51:13 PM  
Coondog: ROFLMAO
2001-11-20 02:56:37 PM  
lbo: actually, it looks to me like the taliban was the political front for al queda. when a group is entirely subsidized by another, and both follow orders from the same man, its pretty tough to separate them except semantically.
2001-11-20 02:58:22 PM  
umm... wired is gay.. this story was reported wrong. did they notice that the plans weren't in a military facility? HMMMMMMMMM... they were in SOMEONE'S HOUSE!!!! printed out with other comedy material!

it was OUR moronic media that thought they had discovered laden's secret nuke arsenal ALERT THE PRESS, and covered their own foulup later by making fun of the taliban about it.
2001-11-20 03:00:55 PM  
HA! I know the short film they're talking about! What a bunch of maroons. Just think the carnage they could have unleashed if they had gotten ahold of a copy of "The Oh-No It's Mr. Bill Treasury".
2001-11-20 03:15:34 PM  
Didn't we see this last week? Or is this actually cnn?
2001-11-20 03:22:28 PM  
yes, this is such a rehash. oh and ,Holyman887, dont do that to me! finish your story please.
2001-11-20 03:27:03 PM  
Didn't i see a link on how to make a nucler bomb last year? i know i saw how to make a emp bomb link a month ago? Why didn't they just get it off the net like everyone else?
2001-11-20 04:27:45 PM  
... Pete fell out, who's left?
2001-11-20 06:31:53 PM  
Actually, an American author wrote a book several years ago which described in great detail how to manufacture an atomic bomb. While I don't remember his name, he also wrote "Deltoid Pumpkin Seed" and a series of books about the geology of North America.

Yes, it is possible to build a low yield nuclear weapon "in the privacy of your own home" - so long as you don't mind the radioactivity hazards. Much easier it is to build a lorry bomb with a platter charge on the proper side. But then that takes a bit of knowledge of mathmatics, eh.
2001-11-20 06:43:52 PM  
Three Talibans walk into a bar. The bartender says to the first, "What can I get for you?". The Taliban replies, "Death to America!". OK, thinks the bartender and says to the second,"What can I get for you?". The second Taliban replies "Death to America!". OK thinks the bartender and he pulls out a pair of sizzors and stabs all three in the head 8 or 9 times.
2001-11-20 06:47:37 PM  
It is possible to build an atomic weapon in your home, but where are you going to find weapons-grade plutonium or uranium? Al Qaeda would have to buy it from an ex-Soviet nation, which intelligence agencies monitor. If Al Qaeda had a nuke, the rest of the world would know.
2001-11-20 06:50:04 PM  
2001-11-20 07:08:23 PM  
Shiat, now that's scary, Shanrick. My only choice now is to strike first.
2001-11-21 12:47:59 AM  
Too bad they didn't make it and test it out on themselves...
2001-11-21 01:14:10 AM  
2001-11-21 02:50:14 AM  
Nearer to home, it's plain that radiation will get rid of pesky crab grass and weeds, and teenagers will find that brief exposure to a nuclear burst vaporizes acne and other skin blemishes. (Many survivors of the Hiroshima bomb found that they were free from skin and it's attendant problems forever.)

(i guess i'm not a very sensitive person cuz that comment made me shoot a twix out of my nose while laughing)
2001-11-21 04:27:03 AM  
Looks like the press screwed up.

BTW remind me again how many afgans were involved on 9-11?

was it 0?

Doesnt stop the USAF making a whole country collateral damage though does it.
2001-11-21 11:50:03 PM  
were gonna bomb em for this.

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2001-12-05 08:57:07 PM  
no, i believe that was the gayest comment in the world.

by the way, it's "ad"
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