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(Time)   Sorry honey, scientists say PMS is a myth. Don't kill the messenger   ( divider line
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2012-10-23 10:41:06 AM  
7 votes:
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2012-10-23 11:00:37 AM  
3 votes:
the girlfriend is completely awesome with the exception of about 20 minutes per month. those 20 minutes lead to the weirdest non-sequitur commments imaginable.

gf: "what do you want to do this weekend. should we ride bicyc...WHY ARE YOU WEARING THAT SHIRT?!"

as long as i see it for what it is and just keep my mouth shut, it passes uneventfully. if i don't realize what is happening and get snippy in return, i spend the next 2-3 days being reminded about every shortcoming and personal failing of the last 11 years.
2012-10-23 11:33:13 AM  
2 votes:
Won't go so far as to say it's a myth, but yeah, it's as over diagnosed as ADD. I know that when the missus had her hysterectomy, and it put an end to the monthly visit...much less moodiness.

/Used to say the "P" stood for "PERMANENT"'
//She was very musical...three weeks of the blues then a week of ragtime
2012-10-23 11:27:58 AM  
2 votes:
My greatest fear is that at menopause, I'm going to find that Mrs. Banned's real mood state was the PMS one and the more pleasant 3 weeks of the month were caused by her menstrual cycle.

/going to go curl up in the corner now
2012-10-23 11:21:53 AM  
2 votes:
Science, you are wrong.

I can tell which ovary Mrs. Banned is ovulating from. Every other month is distinctly different -- irritable one month, demon from hell the next.
2012-10-23 11:02:35 AM  
2 votes:
As the article mentioned briefly, males can have similar responses to swings in testosterone. It happens to me, and after nine years, it's synchronized with my girlfriend pretty well.

I do appreciate that when I watch some episode of a TV comedy and suddenly feel that I really understand how it feels to have that happen to me *sniff*, I can go and ask her if we're PMSing. The answer? Almost invariably a resounding "yes".
2012-10-23 10:53:46 AM  
2 votes:
I don't know if it's real or it isn't, but I pretty much knew that if my mother bought a bag of Oreos home from the store and it was already opened, I should probably just leave her alone for a few days.
2012-10-23 10:40:26 AM  
2 votes:
Don't say that out loud. YOU NEVER EVER EVER SAY THAT OUT LOUD!!!!!
2012-10-23 01:48:13 PM  
1 vote:

gulogulo: I still think it exists. For me, running up to about 4 days prior to my period starting, I start getting really sensitive. Like, I'll be reading Hallmark cards in Walgreens and start choking up. A schmaltzy commercial will drive me to tears. This doesn't happen any other time of the month except for then, and even when I am not paying attention to my cycle to have the effect of 'anticipating' it. The minute my period starts, all of the tumultuous emotions also stop as suddenly as they began. If I was angry, or obsessing about something it would stop.

hell, I've been like this for a couple of years now. Some days worse, some days not so bad. I think it's menopause. And my periods have always been irregular, so it has nothing to do with "anticipating" anything. Do these people think that hormones don't exist? It's been proven that our hormones wax and wane periodically.

Then sorry, guys, you can't attribute anything you do to testosterone. No fighting, no looking at boobs, no arguing on the internet for hours. Your hormones are no excuse.
2012-10-23 12:53:14 PM  
1 vote:

johnny queso:
if i don't realize what is happening and get snippy in return, i spend the next 2-3 days being reminded about every shortcoming and personal failing of the last 11 years.

You just described most marriages. It has nothing to do with PMS.
2012-10-23 11:07:39 AM  
1 vote:
Only 15% of the studies found that women tended to have "classic" PMS: moods that worsened as the menstrual period approached and lifted when menstruation occurred. An additional 38% found PMS that lasted into menstruation or another cycle phase.

Let's see, 15% + 38% = 53%

The majority of studies found that PMS existed, therefore, it is a myth.
2012-10-23 10:45:28 AM  
1 vote:
Thanks goodness men never use their hormones as an excuse to act like assholes. They're quite an inspiration.

I was especially inspired by that guy who went into a spa and killed 3 people (and injured 3 others) because his wife got a restraining order against him.
2012-10-23 10:42:40 AM  
1 vote:

super_grass: Maybe so many women exhibit PMS symtoms only because women are conditioned to think that it's inevitable and men are conditioned to expect it.

Mmm, maybe. My wife never knows when hers is coming and she's never PMS-like before it. It might be that people who are more conscious of the schedule trick themselves into getting more emotional. I really just think it's a matter of "happens to some not all."
2012-10-23 10:40:13 AM  
1 vote:
Bleeds for 7 days and doesn't die. Must be evil.
2012-10-23 10:39:53 AM  
1 vote:
Maybe so many women exhibit PMS symtoms only because women are conditioned to think that it's inevitable and men are conditioned to expect it.

Sort of like how we think being cold leads to having colds.
2012-10-23 10:39:43 AM  
1 vote:
Summary: Sometimes people have bad moods, but not all the time. Sometimes those moods are due to chemical changes in the body, but not all the time. Sometimes the chemical changes are due to menstruation. Sometimes the chemical changes cause differently timed moods changes.
2012-10-23 10:29:01 AM  
1 vote:
Been married for 18 years. You're wrong this time, science.
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