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(Yahoo)   Pregnant Mom kicked off of bus over baby's dirty diaper. No, the walk did not hurt her   ( divider line
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2012-10-22 04:01:32 AM  

MisterRonbo: J Noble Daggett:
MisterRonbo: Pro-tip: When someone cites science, google up the actual science before ridiculing them and calling them a liar. Its saved me from looking like a dick quite a few times.

Cite the scientific research then chief. But don't give me your arm chair evolution and expect me to buy it.

Oh dear, not able to look it up yourself. Seriously?

Google: instinct to avoid excrement of their own species
Take the very first result, which is a New York Times article on how we raise meat

Many animals' instinctive aversion to their own feces and to the carcasses of their species may represent similar strategies to avoid infectious microbes and parasites.

Let me guess: you also think humans have a taboo against cannibalism only because their mommies and daddies told them it was bad, and not for reasons that resulted from natural selection.

See pro-tip above. Especially for something like this, which isn't even counter-intuitive.

In fact, I'm very able to look it up and find nothing legitimate. A New York Times article is not scientific research. I can easily find psychological studies that make claims like you made but nothing that equals scientific research. Instead, it's just unsubstantiated assertions. Your own earlier comments that there is great diversity in primates regarding coprophagy is your first clue that it isn't a legitimately evolved instinct. Gorillas for instance, have no deep aversion to their own feces and are in fact coprophagous. Chimps, both standard chimps and bonobos, have no deep set aversion to their own feces. They find it quite funny to fling them about. None of our closest primate relatives shows this "evolved" aversion you claim. It is further observed that this claimed aversion does not exist across human cultures. I find no legitimate biological evidence that humans have an innate, evolved disgust of feces as you claimed. I've published in the scientific literature on evolution and on human sensory science (separately, not the evolution of human sensory attributes). I know the difference between legitimate claims of evolution and hopeful "just so" stories. I also know that a great deal of human sensory response is learned.

Add to that, I've potty trained kids and seen others potty train kids, including watching people do it wrong. Doing it wrong has a very strange side effect. It turns out that a significant number of cases of adults severely beating infants surrounds adults who can't handle kids pooping. They get horribly made at a kid for doing what they can't avoid.

"more abuse occurs during toilet training than during any other developmental step".American Academy of Pediatricians

So this isn't just a case of silly internet back and forth. The position you are advocating sits behind a very real problem, adults who have an over-developed sense of disgust with poop. The very real truth is that this leads some of take their frustration and anger out on children who cannot avoid pooping. The good news is, humans can get over bad potty training and learn that you don't get germs from smelling poop and can easily wash your own hands after changing a poopy diaper. You don't need to be a victim of how you were treated as an infant. Get over yourself and learn to laugh.
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