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(BBC)   Charges have been dropped against a Perth man who was accused of causing fear and alarm by being aggressive with a black pudding   ( bbc.co.uk) divider line
    More: Silly, Perth, sheriff court  
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2012-10-19 11:09:35 AM  
That's probably because he was using a slashing weapon on the pudding.
2012-10-19 11:49:45 AM  
Ecky Thump!
2012-10-19 12:41:51 PM  
Bill Oddie's in Australia?
2012-10-19 12:42:09 PM  
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2012-10-19 12:43:02 PM  
I'm sure most ladies are used to having blood-engorged sausages thrown at them.
In fact - some of them seem to enjoy it.
2012-10-19 12:43:18 PM  
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/also oblig
2012-10-19 12:47:56 PM  
"Aggressive Black Pudding?"

Is that a bathroom code reserved for hangover days?
2012-10-19 12:53:30 PM  
Do you know what those black pudding can do to your armor?!?! Geez.
2012-10-19 12:53:37 PM  
Came here for the Ecky Thump, leaving satisfied.
2012-10-19 12:58:10 PM  
He broke the black pudding toss record.
2012-10-19 01:01:00 PM  
A black pudding once ate my plate mail.
2012-10-19 01:03:25 PM  
I used to be a warrior but then I got an arrow to the black pudding.
Um ... I mean I got a black pudding to my ... uh

2012-10-19 01:04:18 PM  
His mother makes pudding so black, that even the white bits are black
2012-10-19 01:05:07 PM  
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2012-10-19 01:06:16 PM  
how can you have any pudding when you don't eat your meat?
2012-10-19 01:11:08 PM  
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2012-10-19 01:22:57 PM  
Damn that Bargle the Infamous!
2012-10-19 01:24:35 PM  
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Amongst his weapons
2012-10-19 01:25:43 PM  

Porous Horace: I used to be a warrior but then I got an arrow to the black pudding spotted dick.

//for somebody
2012-10-19 01:45:31 PM  
Beaten to it, but I'll post this anyway:

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2012-10-19 02:24:31 PM  
I see the ecky thump has already been covered.. Good. I'm pleased to see so many Goodies fans on Fark.

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2012-10-19 02:35:37 PM  

Misch: Do you know what those black pudding can do to your armor?!?! Geez.

Could've been worse.
Could've been a blancmange.
2012-10-19 02:39:26 PM  
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2012-10-19 04:30:23 PM  
What? no Green Slime references yet?
2012-10-19 06:04:04 PM  
There once was a man from Perth
Who was born on the day of his birth.
He was married, they say
On his wife's wedding day,
And he died when he quit the earth.

/got nothing
2012-10-20 12:27:19 PM  
Token remark about aggressive and black being in the same sentence.
2012-10-21 12:13:13 AM  
Anyone got a canister of Zgwortz? 

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