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(ABC News)   Will Mitt Romney lie even more this time out? Is Barack Obama planning to show up, or at least be half-comatose? Will Candy Crowley allow half the shiat Jim Lehrer did? It's the second 2012 Presidential Debate, Town Hall style at 9 PM   ( divider line
    More: Scary, Mitt Romney, obama, Jim Lehrer, Candy Crowley, USA Today-Gallup, pew poll, Jennifer Psaki, President George H.W. Bush  
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9843 clicks; posted to Main » and Politics » on 16 Oct 2012 at 7:24 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2012-10-16 9:05:34 PM  
I want you to be able to get a job working for shiat wages in a company I'll strip and send your job to China, so you can take another job at lower wages.
2012-10-16 9:05:35 PM  
Oh it's this format! This should involve creepy unbroken eyecontact.
2012-10-16 9:05:37 PM  
did he answer the question?
2012-10-16 9:05:37 PM  
He knows what it takes to get this economy going: sell off America in bits and pieces.
2012-10-16 9:05:38 PM  
That kid looks as scared as a whipped dog. You won't get a decent job without a spine, Junior.
2012-10-16 9:05:39 PM  
And that would be?
2012-10-16 9:05:41 PM  
jobs jobs good jobs loans jobs opportunity jobs last four years jobs
2012-10-16 9:05:43 PM  
Why is Romney talking nothing right now....
2012-10-16 9:05:43 PM  
He hasn't answered the question. He's just saying he's going to fix the economy.
2012-10-16 9:05:44 PM  
Romney: I know what it takes, I know what it takes...

So what does it take?

Romney: ...
2012-10-16 9:05:45 PM  
2012-10-16 9:05:45 PM  
What does it take?
2012-10-16 9:05:46 PM  
2012-10-16 9:05:47 PM  
No substance. No answer. Just 'trust me, I know what it takes'.
2012-10-16 9:05:48 PM  
Yay! Debate's started and I'm drinking!

/Woodchuck Amber Hard Cider
//and don't ask me to believe you give a shiat about college grads, Romney.
2012-10-16 9:05:48 PM  
Middle class crushed - Drink!
2012-10-16 9:05:50 PM  
OK, Romney didn't say shiat. Obama should be able to do better.
2012-10-16 9:05:51 PM  
Q: Reassure me that I'll be able to support myself after I graduate.

Romney - Scholarships, I know what it takes to create jobs
2012-10-16 9:05:54 PM  
2012-10-16 9:05:54 PM  
He knows but he's not telling.
2012-10-16 9:05:55 PM  

I'll be better. Don't worry about how.
2012-10-16 9:05:56 PM  

J Noble Daggett: Oh crap, Romney won the coin toss. I don't think Obama can recover from that.

2012-10-16 9:05:56 PM  
i see that CNNs 'independent' line is still farking that chicken.
2012-10-16 9:05:58 PM  
my friends!

2012-10-16 9:06:01 PM  
2012-10-16 9:06:01 PM  
I like the 'wrap it up' clock
2012-10-16 9:06:01 PM  
Romney knows what it takes to create good jobs again... send the jobs from his companies to China and give the Chinese the jobs.
2012-10-16 9:06:03 PM  
Romney's voice is wavering slightly. He seems nervous.
2012-10-16 9:06:03 PM  
awkward ending
2012-10-16 9:06:05 PM  
Does Romney sound tired to anyone else?
2012-10-16 9:06:06 PM  
Free college education? Sounds like socialism!
2012-10-16 9:06:06 PM  
"You bet"
2012-10-16 9:06:07 PM  
Magic jobs promise, no specifics but he'll create them somehow...
2012-10-16 9:06:10 PM  

Will-Mun: God forbid you had Job as a drinking word.

I'm already farked up.
2012-10-16 9:06:10 PM  
"I know what it takes to make jobs"
2012-10-16 9:06:10 PM  
Wait, mass gives 4 years free? Oh, tuition only. Fees are an extra 10k+ a year.
2012-10-16 9:06:10 PM  

Will-Mun: God forbid you had Job as a drinking word.

Just tuned in. If this would've been the case, I would be well on the way to alcohol poisoning.
2012-10-16 9:06:12 PM  
Spectacular non-answer, Mittens.
2012-10-16 9:06:13 PM  
Obama looks bushy tailed... So far so good?
2012-10-16 9:06:14 PM  
God, Romney's so awkward.
2012-10-16 9:06:14 PM  
Don't worry! I can do it! I won't tell you how or give you any specifics whatsoever! But I can do it!
2012-10-16 9:06:15 PM  
The middle class has been crushed!

Gloat more, Republicans.
2012-10-16 9:06:20 PM  
I'm kinda bummed that CSPAN isn't going split screen.
2012-10-16 9:06:20 PM  
"I know what it takes."

Then why the fark won't you tell us?
2012-10-16 9:06:21 PM  
Mitt will hire Jeremy, then fire him when he offshores things.
2012-10-16 9:06:22 PM  
Just tell that kid he's destined to live in Moms basement till she dies.
2012-10-16 9:06:22 PM  
He laughs like Judge Smails.
2012-10-16 9:06:22 PM  
So Romney's answer is "When do you graduate? I presume I'll be president. I'll make sure you get a job". No word on how.
2012-10-16 9:06:24 PM  
Once again Mittens is now answering the goddamn question.
2012-10-16 9:06:26 PM  
Is it me or did Romney not really answer the question well?

Meh, let's see how Obama handles it.
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