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2012-10-14 08:00:51 PM  
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Porous Horace: This is better (?), a link to the full story.
Consider yourself now doubly warned.

That guy seems a little too fascinated with her poo.  I mean, sure, there's plenty to go around, but still.....
2012-10-14 08:34:59 PM  
Jesus Christ on a stick. What the fark is wrong with people?
2012-10-14 09:16:54 PM  

lizardbrain: ThrobblefootSpectre: Tuesdae: /Son is mentally ill, 18, diagnosed, has health insurance and is homeless and jobless.
//Resources available for mentally ill folks are slim and none.
///Thank you, President Reagan!

Does your son need to be involuntarily committed? If not then it probably has little to do with Reagan, but rather a matter of health insurance. I'm not really a big fan of involuntary incarceration of the borderline mentally ill myself. I take it you don't allow him to live with you?

I don't know about where you live, but around here you can't involuntarily commit someone unless they are a threat to themselves or others. An imaginary threat does not count. ("He MIGHT hurt himself.")

/Raised around mental illness.

When he lived with us, he was 'Baker Acted' a few times. Before turning 18, we had him in one in-patient facility for a couple of months, and they finally discharged him as they were unable to get him to cooperate.

No, he can't live with us -- unfortunately, he's proven himself to be dangerous, and we have a five-year old girl as well.

He completely lacks life skills, completely refuses to learn any, and is delusional. I would have him involuntarily committed if I could because he is completely unable to take care of himself. The standards are high for that, though -- as they should be -- and it is highly doubtful that we could really make that case. If this continues, though, we are going to try. Better involuntarily committed than dead.

/I gotta stop talking about this on FARK!
//These pics remind me of his room, too.
2012-10-14 09:24:10 PM  

danno_to_infinity: GoBadgers: It just goes to show that no matter how decrepit and depressing the surroundings are, once a person is engrossed in the digital experience, neither the environment nor personal hygiene matter.
I try to keep things interesting, if not too cluttered.
[img.photobucket.com image 800x600]

that's not cluttered, that is pure AWESOME. Is that a bass pod (can't tell if it's black or red from the picture) on your desk? Which fender gdec is that?

I have my ancient G4 in my music room, it has my PT LE on it (hate the noise the fans make, mics pick it up big time). Could use the pod 2.0 that i have on permanent loan but prefer to play through my amp. Had a much quieter G5 but the power supply blew up (put computer back in original packaging, awaiting day I can get a new ps without selling a kidney, not sure if it is ever going to happen). My mac mini is dead silent but I'd have to spend 6 hundred dollars for new PT LE and that's not going to happen either. I'm procrastinating moving the mini to the music room, not sure what biblical sign I'm waiting for. No posters at all :(

Love the CD border trim around the top of the walls

Thanks, Danno, it's a labor of love over a couple years. :^)
That Line 6 bean is a Pod HD, the amp is a G-DEC 3 Thirty. You can find those G-DECs well under 200 bucks now. I kept repairing my old G5 iMac (hard drives, power supply, logic board) until I realized the software I wanted to use was advancing beyond my computer's abilities. After its last failure I saved up some cash and sold some old gear to buy a late 2009 Intel iMac from Craigslist. So far it's doing well keeping up with my needs using OS 10.7.5 Lion. I also set aside an OS 10.6.8 Snow Leopard partition on the HD to run a bunch of games and stuff I'm fond of, but won't work on Lion.
2012-10-14 09:29:56 PM  

Knarf: Those are not bottles of urine. Those are bottles of water that cigarettes were put out in. Gross, but not as gross as pee bottles.

We've already been over this. What are the chances that a guy who lives in that sort of squalor would take the time to fill his empty Powerade bottles to the brim with water for the purpose of using them as ashtrays? One, it makes no sense to use that much water. Two, the guy obviously has no problem just stubbing his smokes out on his desk, so why go through the hassle at all?

That's piss.
2012-10-14 10:09:23 PM  
not much on the internet surprises me, but still. wow. an ashtray with a few butts in it smells atrocious, i can't imagine what has to be 1000's of cigarette butts on a desk. Or the food. or the pee. Im a bachelor, and my worst area is my bathroom, and thats only because I don't have suitable storage in there for all the stuff, so theres razors and toothpaste, bandaids, etc. all on the counter.

Even in my dumpiest apartments, I took care of my living areas. these sad people : (
2012-10-14 11:27:06 PM  
Just noticed that the one with all the Coca-Cola bottles is also a Bauhaus fan...

All the goths i know are neatnicks...

Oh... here's my little portal to the interwebz -- complete with my Oogie Boogie cookie jar!
img.photobucket.comView Full Size

And yes... it looks like it was decorated by a 15 yr old.
I'm 46.
2012-10-14 11:53:20 PM  
I thought mine was bad because I don't seem to dust often enough. In comparison to
some of those pics my computer area is squeaky clean. Sorry no pic you'll just have to take
my word for it.
2012-10-15 12:51:43 AM  

Delay: I like this one. Except for the highway cone.]

I'd wager it's being used as a hat rack.
2012-10-15 08:24:52 AM  
I confess, I didn't even make it halfway through. Not even a quarter of the way, I think. It's just awful. I can understand people being untidy or disorganised. I can even understand not wanting to clean up. But some of these -- okay, a lot of them -- suggest to me a psychology that's just broken somehow. Please tell me these are not merely atypical, but actually rare. I won't be able to sleep otherwise.
2012-10-15 08:26:16 AM  

McBatt: Someone recently described my computer setup as 'very apple store'. They weren't saying this in a positive way, I think.

Maybe not, but I've been to Apple stores, and it's many orders of magnitude nicer than anything in that photo spread. You're okay.
2012-10-15 12:22:22 PM  
As someone who is rather OCD and a bit of a perfectionist I honestly cannot fathom filth of this magnitude. I did scroll through the whole thing, albeit in horror.

There were a couple that were not "Mentally Impaired", the one with just a computer on the floor, with the monitor on a plastic container says, 'I just got my first place and don't have much stuff.'

My house is neat and organized and clean, my biggest problem is I own too many books and not enough bookcases. My 'Have yet to read' stacks are setting at roughly 95 to 100 books. Some I would have read already but cannot read a series without reading them in order and there are books missing in the set.

I don't dust as often as I should, but hey, I live in New Mexico, I have a fine coating of dust the day after I dust, often I only dust/vacuum the electronics and their respective living spaces and ignore the nicknacks.
2012-10-15 02:38:12 PM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size

I will only say that those are exactly my head and foot boards from the bed I grew up in.
2012-10-15 09:01:21 PM  

Porous Horace: This is better (?), a link to the full story.

Consider yourself now doubly warned.

Sweet Jesus, that's nasty. How do people get like that?
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