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(Some Guy)   Burger King releases whopper for lefties.   ( burgerking.com) divider line
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11675 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Nov 2001 at 8:29 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-20 08:35:08 AM  
Strange, I always related fast food to zit faced fat asses that have hear problems.
2001-11-20 08:35:44 AM  
2001-11-20 08:36:17 AM  
Here's a working link:

Also, note the date of the press release, March 31. :)
2001-11-20 08:36:26 AM  
Hey now, I'm a left-handed zit faced fat ass that has hear problems.
2001-11-20 08:37:28 AM  
I know this is old, I'm trying to bait ananova again
2001-11-20 08:38:50 AM  
Hang on. Presumably they're going to offer this option on any of the existing 1,024 formats of whopper. That would make a new total of 2,048 possible formats, not 1,025.
2001-11-20 08:38:56 AM  
But what about a left-wing burger?
2001-11-20 08:46:09 AM  
Damn you 9/10, beat me to it
2001-11-20 08:48:12 AM  
and Dizzybunny beat me...
2001-11-20 08:49:21 AM  
this is the most idiotic thing i have heard in a while. what a waste of money
2001-11-20 08:49:28 AM  
Jihad against ananova still on eh?
2001-11-20 08:50:53 AM  
Not only is it a 03/31 release. Its also from 1998
2001-11-20 08:53:28 AM  
Jihad jihad jihad.. aaaah.. Ramadan
2001-11-20 08:56:08 AM  
Suddenly all these new words have entered our lexicon by the virtue of CNN, NBC, BBC, NRA, KKK and so on. May as well use them while we have the chance.
2001-11-20 08:59:02 AM  
I too have a whopper.
I use both hands.
2001-11-20 09:00:15 AM  
My fav new word is "infidel". I just can't hear it often enough. Where was that word all my life?

I try to incorporate it into my everyday chats. Like "Dammit you infidel, why did you take the last donut".
2001-11-20 09:05:51 AM  
who cares about whoppers? bring on the boobies!
2001-11-20 09:06:56 AM  
A friend of mine has taken to saying "Towelhead" a lot. I think that lacks a lot, in terms of universal application and, well, style. I notice we're not hearing "crusade" or "vigilante" very often, except from the mouths of the left-wing tree-hugging baby-kissing pot-smoking hippies.
2001-11-20 09:08:20 AM  
Now, what about Whoppers for the spider monkeys that hang upside down? Couldn't they introduce a Whopper with the condiments layered backwards?
2001-11-20 09:09:07 AM  
Terrorist-hugging hippies make me want to puke.
2001-11-20 09:09:24 AM  
Strange, I'm left handed, and I've never had to deal with any condiment slippage at all. :)
2001-11-20 09:10:25 AM  
Come on, Fb-, we all know you can do better than that.
2001-11-20 09:11:30 AM  
I always eat my burgers by telekinesis.
2001-11-20 09:12:41 AM  
And hey, what if I want to take my Whopper into orbit with me in my balloon? What is Burger King doing about zero g? I want to know dammit. Because if I take my left-handed, extra-condiment loving, zero g floating ass on a balloon-in-space, my Whopper better stay together...
2001-11-20 09:14:51 AM  
sooo, 31 March press release...day before 1 April, is that?
2001-11-20 09:16:33 AM  
[image from toolboxdesign.com too old to be available] Worst Gimmick Ever.
[image from wirtanen.hypermart.net too old to be available]
2001-11-20 09:17:27 AM  


You gotta love a sense of humor like that.

I'm gonna get one right handed whopper, one left handed whopper, and a six pack of "Polygamy Porter" with straws in each one...

chow time.

hehehehehe, rare when a corporation does something so truly delightful, I'm sorry I missed that in 98
2001-11-20 09:18:50 AM  
What the hell is a left handed whopper!!!!, what's next the White Castle's colon friendly burger??????
2001-11-20 09:18:53 AM  
Best when accompanied by a left-handed cigarette.
2001-11-20 09:25:30 AM  
i prefer "non right-handed" thankyouverymuch.
2001-11-20 09:29:32 AM  
Wouldn't you need an arrow saying "This side goes in your mouth"? If you ate it backwards, the condiments would be on the right side and ruin the point.
2001-11-20 09:35:32 AM  
They're a circle...can't you just rotate it on your own?
2001-11-20 09:36:02 AM  
Does anybody actually think that this is funny?
2001-11-20 09:36:13 AM  
"Left-hand pickle, left-hand lettuce, southpaw orders don't upset us..."
2001-11-20 09:36:45 AM  
How would that make any difference? I mean, those things are so big, you can't even pick them up with one hand till they're almost gone anyway.

I'll just take my left-handed screwdriver and be on my way now.
2001-11-20 09:38:49 AM  
I think it is funny when the guy who doesn;t get it ask a question like
"They're a circle...can't you just rotate it on your own?"
That to me is the joke.
2001-11-20 09:39:10 AM  
I think it's actually based on the idea of optical isomerism, whereby an atom of carbon acts as a chiral centre when bonded to four different species, therefore making it impossible to produce a mirror image through rotation.
2001-11-20 09:39:33 AM  
Maybe we can get some left handed spit and left handed degreaser on these left handed whoppers.
2001-11-20 09:43:11 AM  
It's actually just part of the plot to round up all lefties and send them off to camps. As each lefty comes in and orders their Whooper, they are secretly marked by face recognition software embedded in Burger King's security cameras. Sometime in the near future comes the knock on the door in the middle of the night...
2001-11-20 09:43:41 AM  
For those of you taking this seriously.

(1) Read the press release, particularly the date.

(2) Ask yourself, what is the day after that release date?
2001-11-20 09:46:19 AM  
i got your left handed Whopper right here
2001-11-20 09:46:44 AM  
no way you disparagers

go to burger king and order left handed whoppers now! (unless you are right handed, then it would just be silly)
2001-11-20 09:53:48 AM  
GadgetDon: D'oh! I like to think that if I were reading this on the actual date, I wouldn't have been fooled. :)
2001-11-20 09:54:22 AM  
"I think it is funny when the guy who doesn;t get it ask a question like
'They're a circle...can't you just rotate it on your own?'
That to me is the joke."

Or could it be that when someone thinks someone is serious about something that they mistakenly think the other someone is serious about and makes a comment on that is ultimately the joke?

Follow that one three times really fast...
2001-11-20 10:00:46 AM  
I belive this site was posted with an obvious intent to bring about decent between lefties, and righters. To that I say....Screw all you right handed pussies! You know as well as I do how you got that right hand so strong;) JK guys
2001-11-20 10:07:26 AM  
Dizzybunny: Fark! It's been nearly ten years since I last heard anyone talk about chirality, isomerism, mirror images, etc. You brought up some scary memories of organic chemistry! Yuck!
2001-11-20 10:09:57 AM  
If your left handed does your johnson hang to the left?
2001-11-20 10:11:29 AM  
The URL is dated 4/31/98 - a day that does not exist!
2001-11-20 10:12:50 AM  
That's odd, the mess always ends up down the front of my shirt, not in my left hand...
2001-11-20 10:13:48 AM  
Left-handedness is the mark of Satan!

All left-handers should be rounded up and burned at the stake as Devil-worshipers!

All Burger Kings throughout the land should be torched, the charred remains bulldozed, and the ground of their former sites sown with salt!

When He returns, all you left-handed demon-lovers will be cast into the fiery pit for all eternity! It says so right in the book! Read it, and repent!
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