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(CBS News)   Mother of the Year candidate who super-glued her kid to wall given 99 years in time out   ( divider line
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2012-10-12 10:44:59 PM  

slayer199: MadAzza: Manslaughter isn't murder.

Ah, but it is. Most of the time it's a murder 2 charge that's plea-bargained down to manslaughter. Bottom line is that someone was killed.

Then it isn't the same crime.
2012-10-12 10:48:41 PM  

Endive Wombat: Maybe its because I am not a sociopath, but I have never understood beating a child to within an inch of their life and what good that may do. They are children, they do not know better...I don't get it.

Never wanted the kid in the first place --> resentment + IQ ranging from 70-90 + emotional maturity of a petulant teenager + poor or non-existant social support = child abuse

jabelar: This always has amazed me -- the "slutty" and "party" girls who apparently were all worldly when in high school were also always the ones getting knocked up. And it wasn't like they didn't know about how it happens, or that they couldn't access contraceptives. My guess is it all stems from low self-esteem -- having babies makes them feel like they've got purpose (for the nicer girls) or makes them feel a sense of power (for the evil ones like this chick).

They don't give a shiat about anything. They don't vote, don't go to the dentist, don't change the cat box, don't finish school, think neck tattoos are an awesome idea, etc. etc. etc. They are extremely bad at any long term planning. Very common. Self perpetuating. Shiatty.
2012-10-12 11:10:06 PM  

fredbox: 1. She committed a horrible crime and deserves a long penalty.

2. There's no way she would have gotten 99 years if she wasn't a poor minority.

3. If she was was only a minority, or only poor, it would have been around 10 years.

4. If she was a rich white woman, it would have been probation and probably wouldn't have even made the news.

5. This is all true outside of Texas too.

6. That doesn't mean that her sentence is absurdly long, only that the sentences of others are absurdly short.
2012-10-12 11:12:27 PM  

Gyrfalcon: FraggleStickCar: I know that beating a 2 year old is pretty abhorrent, but 99 years? What does that solve exactly? What is it with people wanting the justice system to act as way to get vicarious revenge on people who upset them? Wouldn't it better for this person was given the years of therapy they need so they can reenter society?

Is that too compassionate and thoughtful? Is that not the world you want to live in? A world where we've shed the false good/evil dichotomy and thoughtfully respond to troubled people with kindness and compassion? Am I off the mark here for not thirsting for blood every time I hear of a sick person doing something wrong?

You're assuming that all people can respond to "years of therapy" and re-enter society. Some cannot. Anyone who would brutally torture a two-year old has not merely done something wrong, they've done something so beyond the pale as to push the boundaries of what can be allowed to even exist in society. And then when that person indicates by their words that they don't consider what they've done to be wrong, but puts the blame on others in their lives (including the victim) then it is very likely that this person simply cannot be rehabilitated to return to society in any meaningful way. A normal person should be able to realize, at least once past the heat of the moment, that beating a toddler into a coma is, in fact, something that they did and that it was bad. This woman was not able to so realize the fact.

Now, there is a difference between wanting to see someone so lacking in empathy and remorse removed from society so she cannot harm anyone, and "thirsting for her blood" as you say; I certainly don't want to see her skinned alive with a rusty cheese grater and left for the vultures; but anyone who is unable to independently acknowledge that beating her child unconscious is HER responsibility--hers, and nobody else's--just can't be allowed to roam free in society. She just can't. And she certainly can't be allowed to have access to other children, not in any society that calls itself a moral one.

And merely because sentencing in our justice system is very unevenly applied, as some have pointed out, does NOT mean that justice was not done in this case; it merely means that it was not done in other cases; a situation which needs to be rectified. Just because some murderers have gotten less time than this woman doesn't mean she should do less time; it means murderers should have gotten more.

Exactly! And I, for one, think it's the fault of the schools. Not the parents. I mean, it's not like parents have time to raise their kids nowadays.

/6 beers
2012-10-12 11:36:18 PM  

Guest: belhade: I've had my own issues with potty training - my son wouldn't poop until he was four (and he still wears pull-ups at night, still four) but I never resorted to gluing him to the wall and beating the crap out of him - though I assure you I was sorely tempted.

It's not potty training that's a pain. It's the stage when they can't lie still when your changing them.

Aaaaaand that's where the eight-month-old comes in.
2012-10-12 11:56:17 PM  

Bender The Offender: SnarfVader: Wow. Just wow. That's a life sentence. Horrendous as the crime may be, I'm not sure the punishment fits. You can murder somebody and not get as much time.

She beat a 2 year old into a coma, what exactly is an appropriate punishment, in your learned legal opinion, for a woman that would beat a 2 year old toddler into a coma?

rocinante721: My child just started to walk, so I'm slowly getting more sympathetic to batpoop-nuts parents

Let me tell you, If you're so farking stupid that you can't grasp the very basics of the physiology of potty training, turn your kid over to the state now. A kid can't be potty trained until the appropriate part of the spinal sheathe mylenates. It doesn't matter how much you beat them, how much you scream at them, or how much your ignorance screws them up for the rest of their lives, it's not going to happen until the neurology catches up. Please, for the sake of your child, put it into foster care now. I've potty trained 2 children and many, many adults and I have never gotten angry, only a sick ignorant fark would act so selfishly.

You sound angry
2012-10-13 12:02:10 AM  
Well I mean look at this mugshot... Full Size

Coupled with that neck tattoo- I'm sure this woman is just a complete WINNER.

Nothing about this suprises me at all.
2012-10-13 12:05:14 AM  
Whether it is too long or not, the reality is that there are far more heinous crimes committed where the person sees less time than this. Even in Texas.

/imo about 25 years would have been justified in US justice terms, about 10 here in Canada
//will probably have the sentence cut in half through an appeal, will most certainly get her parole in 30 years regardless
///not losing any sleep over her sentence though
2012-10-13 12:43:13 AM  

Frustration combined with lack of impulse control combined with lack of parenting skills, possibly supplemented by poor decision making skills in general.
/left CPS because I saw too much stuff like this
//dead kid investigations suck
///it's even worse when they can tell you about it

Those are very nice baby carriers you have there. I used those things religiously when my kid was little. It makes me cringe when I see every mom carrying her baby around in those car carrier things. They never even have to touch them. How can you not want to touch your baby?
2012-10-13 01:07:33 AM  

big pig peaches: hbk72777: SnarfVader: Wow. Just wow. That's a life sentence. Horrendous as the crime may be, I'm not sure the punishment fits. You can murder somebody and not get as much time.

You know, I've seen a lot of idiots post this all over the web. When someone is murdered, it's usually quick. This kid had to endure hell. A slow torturous death..This kid was too young to cry out for help. If you think that this doesn't deserve this long of a sentence, you're just as sick as the perpetrator.


And just because some people don't get what they deserve, doesn't mean this piece of garbage didn't deserve what she got.

And I hope female prisoners are as tough on child killers as male prisoners.

Worked as a CO at a Texas womens prison for eight months back in 2010. The inmates lived in the moment and absolutely do NOT ask or tell what they did to land them in prison. They treat each other based on current behavior not what they did in the past. And yes, who did what (including child abuse/murder/molestation) was common knowledge, thanks to the rumor mill, but nobody really gave anybody a hard time about anything unless it was something that happened that day.
2012-10-13 01:33:37 AM  
"Don't be such a crybaby. After all, 99 years isn't forever." -- B.Bunny

Shame on you for not even mentioning it. This news deserved inappropreate humour
2012-10-13 01:41:41 AM  

QT_3.14159: fusillade762: Didn't the last story mention she was pregnant again? What do they do with pregnant inmates?

As soon as the babies are born they are placed with foster families. I know a couple who do this in Texas and have adopted two of the three they've gotten. It's been a long road for them, though, as the mother retains her rights for quite a while. They're still waiting on the third to go through, I think.

Through the vagina?
2012-10-13 03:59:40 AM  

Jument: It's better than letting her out after 5-10 years and hoping she's all better.

True, although that's largely because our "correctional" system is absolutely worthless for correcting people.
Prison makes criminals out of normal people far more often than it makes normal people out of criminals. These sorts of anger issues are something that should be and are very correctable with therapy. We could, if we cared to, give this chick some years of prison and in time return her to society as a functional, contributing human being. Instead we have to lock her up and throw away the key because there is approximately a 0% chance of her learning how to become a functional person if we just stick her in that concrete tiger pit to "teach her a lesson". These people are literally incapable of being normal -- they don't know how, and throwing them into a pen with a bunch of other dysfunctional barbarians is not going to teach them.
2012-10-13 04:00:19 AM  

Indubitably: Two words: Parental License.


Three words

Mandatory Parental License
2012-10-13 10:42:11 AM  

special20: JonPace: I live with my mom just because you're an idiot


/pet peeve

I live with my mom because you are an idiot too.
2012-10-13 11:37:57 AM  

INeedAName: I hate to say it, but part of me wonders if the mom wasnt also found guilty of looking like an illegal while in Texas. The woman desrves prison, a lot if it. But 99 years is absolutely insane.

What does her ethnic background have to do with her rage? She beat, kicked, bit and glued her child. What do you think she's probably done to her other children in the past? Even the family admits she has rage problems. AND she just had another kid... bringing the number to 5. Would you prefer she get out on probation in 5 years to continue her beating of the children?

99 years is a great sentence.
2012-10-13 12:47:57 PM  

The Only Sane Man In Florida: special20: JonPace: I live with my mom just because you're an idiot


/pet peeve

I live with my mom because you are an idiot too.

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