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2012-10-12 03:20:20 PM  
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2012-10-13 07:22:05 AM  
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grokca: Apos: [www.btvsonline.com image 600x839] 

I'm sorry......What were we discussing again?

I believe it was boobs and guns, somebody shop a gun into that picture.

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Mole Man:

Dude... the Cramps. Awesome. Fist bump etc.
2012-10-12 09:15:19 PM  
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rickycal78: ZeroCorpse: Buffy is not a superhero. She is a supernatural Mary Sue, but not a superhero.

Articles like TFA are the reason why I take such glee in f♥cking with Buffy fans. The far-out "Buffy is teh best show evar!" types are seriously demented, and get more bent out of shape than trekkies do when you criticize their show.

Then you have shows like Buffy, Charmed, or Alias who have strong female leads who aren't all boobs but if you look at the show's plots it's not a show aimed at males, it's a drama disguising itself as an action show. The action is often there as a medium to deliver the relationships between characters not as an end to itself. The only difference between those shows and Single Female Lawyer is that they're fighting monsters instead of criminals.

`Nailed it.

Buffy is a teen drama that happens to have monsters in it. It's SO much more about the relationships, angst, gossip, sex, and hook-ups than about the supernatural threat. Not that this is bad, but it means it's not a superhero show; It's a drama.

/For the record, the best zombie stories are also horror-drama, (and not action-drama), and are about relationships between characters, NOT the monsters. Any zombie story that focuses on zombies and killing them is missing the point.

Not sure what kind of Buffy fans you've been farking with, but most of them know this, and acknowledge that it's actually the interpersonal relationships that made the show as good as it was.

I'll admit that I'm a nerd who doesn't like Buffy, even with friends who love it.

I gave it a good shot, but I couldn't get past the second season, with all the teenage angst. I know high school sucked, and I don't need to be reminded of it. I was expecting vampire slaying, not whiny beautiful people.
2012-10-12 04:24:40 PM  
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albuquerquehalsey: [media.comicvine.com image 550x873]

Tee hee. Starfire was always sexualized. And to use a little black girl as the one fantasizing about Starfire -- Starfire, of the iconic hair -- is actually kind of subversive to the point.

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Curly, but not kinky... and it goes on and on and on and on forever

Teen Titan cartoon network Starfire looks like Anime. They straightened her outrageous curls. They straightened her curls. Again, subversive choice, to put a black girl in there, and to only have her throw the shiat in the trash over Starfire being a Western sexual fetish instead of an Eastern sexual fetish neutered for a Western audience.

I see the point, in spite of all that. I'm just cracking up over what else is being said.
2012-10-12 12:43:51 PM  
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The comic book industry trying to cater to the young female demographic makes as much sense the PC gaming market porting AAA titles to the Mac.
2012-10-12 11:04:02 AM  
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So, it's time for the Joss Whedon Waif-Fu thread of the week.
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