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2012-10-10 11:25:01 AM  
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Back in the bad old days, universities used to set quotas on the number of Jews that could attend (let alone Asians, non-WASPS, non-whites, women, etc.).

Then they realized this was wrong. But the result, of course, was "too many Jews". Being hard-working and valuing education, Jews wanted to go to university in large numbers. Of course, this was before everybody wanted to go to university, namely, before the invention of coed dormatories, sex, drugs and rock and roll.

The solution was to declare diversity one of the shining values of a liberal education. So they set quotas on how many people could attend from the cities and the urban states where most of the universities are. Thus, you would have a much better chance of attending university if you were not "urban" (Jewish), a New Yorker (Jewish), a Bostoner (Jewish, or worse yet, Irish or Italian). You were a shoo-in if you were from Iowa, eight feet tall, three hundred pounds and could understand the basics of football.

In those days, I might add "urban" people (Jews) dominated basketball. This ended when the quota for blacks (zero) was removed. Urban people replaced urban people playing basketball and in a few university seats, so the Jews moved to the suburbs and became White People in a huff. This was very shocking to their systems and they never fully recovered. Most of them dropped out and became hippies.

In the meantime, the unvirsities found that Jews were even smarter than they thought (namely, smarter than White Christians by a long shot). The Jews responded to the quotas like good sensible White People. They moved to the right neighbourhoods in order to get their children into the right schools.

This is why there are Jews in Montana. The other reason has something to do with the fur trade or something.

Any hoo, the universities could no longer discriminate on the basis of race or religion and so they discriminated on the basis of geographical location (as the banks did and still do). This did not work perfectly because the wrong sort of people can move into the right sort of place and it is a constant game of hide and seek to keep them out of the universities.

Meanwhile, the Asians arrived and like the Jews were hard-working, smarter than White People by a long-shot, and prized education. It was déja-vu all over again, to quote a famous manufacturer of what the British call Irish Bulls, namely sentences that don't make any sense grammatically or semantically except for the making a lot of sense bit in other ways.

Soon there was a quota on education for Asians and Jews. To counter the Yellow Peril, universities came up with another form of diversity: they insisted that students be not only diverse in race, religion, and geographic origin, but also in abilities, skills, talents, hobbies, sports, etc. They knew that the Jews had given up on sports when the blacks moved in, and the blacks had given up on dressing like white people when the Asians moved in (dressing more White than an Asian? unpossible!)

And so you have the quota-ridden university universities of today as the result of the abolition of quotas. Nowadays there is a quota for everybody (except legacies, white jocks, white fraternies and sororities, Christians, and of course, rich people's brats).

Next week: Why Democrats are more concerned with getting their precious snowflakes into the right schools, universities, kindergartens, etc., than they are with social justice.

The two political parties, of course, are exactly as bad as each other and in no why is one party superior to the other. Just like the rest of us suckers.

But just between you and me and this n-word holding up the wall, the liberal Democrats are slightly better at playing this complicated mindfark game than the conservative Republicans who are very often unreconstructed racists and old school, word. And, of course, the Blue Dog conservative, working class, racist Democrats who grew up behind Union and Government quotas, have the best (or worst) of both worlds because they get to be racist under cover and overtly as well.

So much for Asians buying their way into Harvard. Back in the bad old days, Harvard used to rank its students, not according to their intellectual attainments or marks, but according to how rich their fathers were. Yes, they really did. They simply did not have enough titled brats to form a proper aristocracy, so they did with the super-rich until something better came a long.

Next week: High Society such as she is
2012-10-10 10:31:27 AM  
1 vote:
FTFA: "Many of the foreign students are shunned, made fun of and treated as 'second class" citizens at U.S. boarding schools due to their cultural differences, eating habits or other forces that make them 'different'....

I lived in a "dormitory" once upon a time. We had 15 13m (single) rooms per hallway. Those 15 people shared 3 showers, 3 stoves, 2 refrigerators and 2 sinks situated in about 5 meter of counter top. We got a lot of international students. In the 2 years I lived there I met people from Cameroon, Germany, Suriname, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Hungary. Most of them were friendly, open people. Only the Chinese were horrible. throughout the 10 floors, with 2 hallways per floor, you could ask just about anyone what they thought about the Chinese. They would overwhelmingly say that they'd love for the Chinese to gtfo. Why? here's a list:

1. They do not take out the trash
2. They hardly ever clean up after themselves (I have even been lied to when I asked someone if she shouldn't unclog the drain. It wasn't her she said, despite the fact that I saw her do the dishes while I was cooking. no one else used the sink.)
3. You will not see them interact with anyone. They come home, close and lock the door until they leave again.
3b. They barely speak English, let alone a bit of Dutch (when they have been here for (over) a year)
5. Ever woken up at 7am with the smell of frying fish?
6. Some of them will demand utter silence at 22:00 on a Saturday. In student housing... They either learn to live with it or move on.
7. I have never seen a Chinese go to the depot to collect the complementary toilet paper/garbage bags we were entitled to.
8. They will complain about fluorescent lamps being broken but they will not go to the depot to exchange it for a free new one.

So yeah, they probably do get made fun of in boarding school. In my experience that isn't because those evil, evil non-Chinese refuse to cooperate with the precious snowflakes..
2012-10-10 10:18:07 AM  
1 vote:

Tomji: fusillade762: 'Embedded racism' made development offices wary of Asian donors

We're supposed to be racist towards Asians now? I missed that memo.

Ever heard of diversity? The top colleges are BUSTING in Asians. yes, there is racism in the admission, and I feel surprised that this isn't common knowledge.

Is it racist when white people are overlooked to open space for black or Hispanic students? You can't have it both ways, people.
2012-10-10 09:01:48 AM  
1 vote:

gerbilpox: Everyone knows Asian students get bad grades and drag down the average. I blame the parents for teaching them to be lazy and shiftless.


Except no.

I was asked by a colleague "When did American students stop going for their PhD's? All this foundational research was done in the 70s 80s and 90s by students with American names"

My Answer : "When Students from overseas started using the Graduate programs as ways to earn prestige and admittance to the US Job Market"

And yes, I will say this : The Students from overseas are very smart, but they also cheat like hell - and each in their own way
2012-10-10 07:41:11 AM  
1 vote:
If you have that much money to burn, why the hell do you want your kid to go to ANY school? Set up a trust fund and call it a day. Maybe I'm missing the point here somewhere...
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