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(KCTV5 Kansas City)   Anyone on the hunt for a giant pet fish? Woman looks to find home to 84-lb. catfish she caught   ( divider line
    More: Weird, Leavenworth, Missouri River, pet fish  
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2012-10-09 06:23:07 PM  
Hmmm, Fish and Game in my State would be looking her up to issue a citation and confiscate the fish right about now.

It's not legal to catch a wild fish and then keep it in captivity in Idaho.
2012-10-09 06:42:09 PM  

Beerguy: greggm59: [ image 466x700] 

Jeremy Wade is not impressed.

Is that a real picture?

If so, WTF is that ?!?!

Is that a Musky?
2012-10-09 07:01:55 PM  

JohnnyRebel88: Beerguy: greggm59: [ image 466x700] 

Jeremy Wade is not impressed.

Is that a real picture?

If so, WTF is that ?!?!

Is that a Musky?

It's a Tigerfish that he caught on his show "River Monsters." Click on images after doing a Google search to see more. Link
2012-10-09 07:03:30 PM  
I bought a blue cat from a pet shop. They get big and eat a farkton of food. On account of them being non native to my area they are no longer legal.
2012-10-09 07:37:04 PM  
anything more than 15 lb tastes like poop

and while in a moment of weakness I have eaten catfish off the missouri river bottoms i won't eat them out of the river. I would suggest you don't either. 'cause atrazine and sioux city sewer
2012-10-09 10:12:22 PM  

Cerebral Knievel: thank you for clearing that up. but still a fish that big and old has usually gone lazy and is living in a hole waiting for something to come by at that point. but because of what you pointed out, the blues are usually safer to eat than other breeds. but I also believe that most cat fish breeds are generally opportunists to begin with, as in, they'll usually eat anything that gets close enough to fit in thier mouth, and even then, they'll still try.

but still people.. young's around five pounds max, three pounds min, farm raised is preferable.

Agreed. I see people keeping 20 lb brown trout (lake michigan) quite a bit, and feel the same way. Those fish at that size have a ridiculous amount of mercury and PCBs. A catfish that size has gotta be well over a decade old, and considering that it was caught in a river in the US, which is probably polluted somewhere upstream, has to be a hazmat condition. Same goes for muskies and northern; ridiculously high in PCBs due to being on top of the food chain
2012-10-09 11:18:40 PM  

blatz514: Fish in a Barrel: Krymson Tyde: Here's a thought: have you considered returning to the GODDAMN RIVER?



And the other thing.
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