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2012-10-08 04:15:40 AM  
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Just donate your body to science. Problem sliced.

Thought about that myself .... until around the 1980's when I heard about how companies were making hundreds of thousands of dollars by breaking up bodies and selling them by the piece. An intact corpse could cost nearly as much as a car. A single hand -- $1000. These were not used for transplants but shipped to colleges for study.

Bodies designated as organ donors often wind up being carved up and sold for huge amounts by the chunk. There's a time limit for viable organs, so those go first. You have longer to harvest tendons, bone and some blood vessels.

I don't like the idea of my body making other folks rich and recipients poor.

Then again, when my uncle died, I found out he was an organ donor -- but since the ambulance crew left his wallet behind, no one discovered the card so his wishes to benefit the sick went unfulfilled. I didn't get his wallet until a few days later.

Maybe he should have had it tattooed on his arse.

I'll be cremated myself and my ashes scattered in some favorite or nice place. I was a Boy Scout and loved the local Boy Scout Camp and I'm thinking of petitioning the Counsel to create a memorial garden there, where old Scouts like me can have their ashes scattered and maybe a small brass plaque placed on an honor board.

Before it came a Counsel Camp and more restricted, I used to visit it alone and just wander through the relaxing place. I helped rebuild a lot of it when I first went there, after it had been in neglect for years.

My Dad is buried in a local cemetery. They don't allow tombstones, just ground level plaques to make maintenance cheaper and easier. I chose his spot by a nice Oak tree that was still young.

Today, the shady tree is gone. The whole frikkin' grave yard is nothing but a boring several acres of grass. You never know what management is going to do down the road.

Yes, I do recall stories of when graveyards were social gathering places, for picnics, parties, quiet meditation and reading but liability concerns have pretty well ended that. Then I think about that overcrowded major cemetery in New Orleans, with all of the spooky above ground crypts and plots crammed in as close as possible to each other and that turns me off.

They think the place is a Great Historical and Artistic Landmark. I think it's creepy, sloppy, run down and just nasty.

Besides, I know how the majority of buried bodies decay, even when embalmed and sealed into a hideously over priced coffin, usually placed inside a cement liner. The process, IMO, is ghastly. Especially if the liner floods and the coffin leaks. Then, 6 feet down, you have basically a septic tank full of people soup.

Yeah. Cremation for me. Maybe I'll have my ashes scattered from an aircraft over some wild northern forest that I'd love to see, but never will.

I want to be shot into space and head beyond the solar system, but such companies only use a few ounces of your ash, blast you into orbit and, after a few weeks, you come back down and burn up in reentry. Plus the cost is hideous. If I'm going into space, I want to head out into deep space NOT crash back into the Earth.

It's better than rotting away in the dark, underground, surrounded by folks I probably wouldn't have liked in life and/or maybe 50 years later get paved under a parking lot.
2012-10-07 10:39:30 PM  
1 vote:
The 2 biggest wastes of usable land in America are cemeteries and golf courses... which of course leads to my brilliant idea... Shady Lawn Acres Cemetary and Country Club. Golfers don't care if there are people buried all over the course, as long as the headstones are flat so as not to interfere with play, and of course aren't allowed on the greens. Lots of golfers would also love to be buried on the 18th fairway.
2012-10-07 08:53:23 PM  
1 vote:
Like there's a difference.
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