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(San Bernardino Sun)   Your house is on fire. You have time to save one thing. What would it be?   ( sbsun.com) divider line
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2012-10-07 07:22:32 PM  
I'd grab my bottle of single malt so I would have something to drink while I watched the place burn.

/ Nadurra
// 16 Years in new white oak
/// Smooooth
2012-10-07 07:22:38 PM  
I actually have a firesafe, so most important paperwork is already in there and, I'd hope, would survive a fire. I suppose if I already have my phone and wallet on me it would be my external hard drive since I have lots of porn important documents, files, letters, business paperwork etc backed up on there. Lots of it is on Dropbox already but not everything.
2012-10-07 07:22:49 PM  

Seth'n'Spectrum: My violin. Haven't practiced in 6 months, but the damn thing is worth than the rest of my worldly belongings combined.

Thanks mom, dad.

Yeah, I'd take my cello. The rest... I could do with new stuff anyway.
2012-10-07 07:23:16 PM  
I'm going to go with "proof of insurance coverage" ftw.
2012-10-07 07:23:34 PM  
Flammable liquid collection.
2012-10-07 07:25:13 PM  
2012-10-07 07:25:24 PM  
The folder with the important papers (title to truck, insurance info, etc.) The renter's insurance paperwork I saved will help replace everything else. And since I shoved it in my purse, my wallet, phone and keys are safe, too.
2012-10-07 07:25:25 PM  
my pen is pump
2012-10-07 07:27:13 PM  
I live in a trailer.
2012-10-07 07:27:17 PM  
My kid and my comic book collection.

/Wife is on her own.
2012-10-07 07:28:24 PM  

Mr. Potatoass: I live in a trailer.

maybe the shake-in-bake that started the fire
2012-10-07 07:29:15 PM  
A box of matches.
2012-10-07 07:29:16 PM  

Eirik: Given that not two hours ago I rushed out of my house to see my neighbors house burning and him holding his baby and dog while sobbing on the curb... I'm not sure I want to think about it.
/The last firetruck just pulled away about five minutes ago.
//His dog is resting on my living room floor.
///Everyone is OK. The firefighters saved their photo albums.
////Fire spread like a son-of-a-biatch.

I was watching the news one night, and there was a woman on there whose house was burning up, I mean right there behind her while they interviewed her. She had a little dog in her arms, and she was crying and saying that her birds and cat had been in the house, and they'd probably gotten out, and if anyone saw them, to please let her know, because she had several birds and she'd only gotten the dogs out......

I was practically in tears, just watching the local news. Ok, I actually was.
2012-10-07 07:30:23 PM  
My guns, defiantly my guns.
2012-10-07 07:31:21 PM  
The elephants
2012-10-07 07:31:29 PM  
Save? I tell my kids to go wait on the lawn for the nice men in the blue uniforms. Then I go back to bed with a smile on my face.
2012-10-07 07:31:44 PM  

cowanauctions.comView Full Size
2012-10-07 07:32:06 PM  
Assuming we're not dog-sitting and all humans are safe, Boards Of Canada - Aquarius 7". Either that or one of my signed Pierre Berton historical books.
2012-10-07 07:33:24 PM  
My skin suit
2012-10-07 07:34:04 PM  
In my home, looking at all that can and can not be replaced. I look at my wife who is recovering from a recent back surgery and thinking "She has a six figure life insurance policy on her and I'm the primary beneficiary, so she's on her own. She lives, awesome, she dies, well, I'll be a widower who lost his wife in a house fire he did not cause and got a six figure check, so I'll have no problem getting laid. I'll have to pick my laptop. I have on it a scanned copy of my renters insurance policy and I'm going to need that to replace all my shiat.
2012-10-07 07:36:29 PM  
The love that may be my own, or someday I'll be all alone.
2012-10-07 07:36:30 PM  

BioStormX: I guess my computer? My cell phone/wallet/keys are all usually in my pockets already anyway. My dog is smart enough to follow me out on his own.

Bingo. Probably throw on a warm jacket on my way out, since winter is coming.
2012-10-07 07:36:35 PM  

taurusowner: My bug out kit with my gold and silver inside.

Yours is that readily accessible? Mine's hidden away in the basement. Take too long to get it in a rushed situation. Where's yours?

/stop, think
2012-10-07 07:37:54 PM  
I had a fire in my apartment building about a year ago and I spent my time banging on everyone's doors and telling them to get the hell out of my building.  I didn't really think about stuff, so I guess in the heat of the moment, nothing really matters exept people and what they decide they need.
2012-10-07 07:38:19 PM  

PlasticMoby: This

[www.cowanauctions.com image 600x474]

2012-10-07 07:38:32 PM  

PlasticMoby: This

[www.cowanauctions.com image 600x474]

What's with the key?
2012-10-07 07:39:41 PM  

Kanemano: blueviking: Kanemano: I have a go bag with passport, cash, and credit cards.

a friend of mine's house burnt down and I learnt from them that not having ID in America is a nightmare

And my husband's going to think I'm even more paranoid, now...damn. Thanks for the idea. We live out in the country and the FD is volunteer, most likely there'll be jack all left by the time they get there.

Provided that the pets and hubby are out, I'd take my flash drive case.

it's a small bag next to the bed so not much fuss, but try to get your money out of the bank for food and housing the next morning was near impossible for them, with ID all paperwork is replaceable without it ...

Yeah, it seems like such a little thing, just not something most people really consider, if you watch the replies. Most of our documents (deeds, birth certs, etc) are in a firebox, but that's not the most immediate concern in that situation. My husband's real laid-back and not much of a planner, so, he might see it as being a bit paranoid. Should have thought about it after my co-worker's trailer burnt down a few years ago from his coffe pot exploding, but that seemed like such a freak accident, and I didn't own my home at the time.
2012-10-07 07:40:17 PM  
Green stamps.
2012-10-07 07:41:43 PM  

Rich Cream: PlasticMoby: This

[www.cowanauctions.com image 600x474]

What's with the key?

I'm slow tonight. I figured the key couldn't be for the box because how would you lock the key inside? lol
2012-10-07 07:41:44 PM  
My yambag.

My wife keeps it in a drawer under the bathroom sink. I haven't needed it since I got married.
2012-10-07 07:42:09 PM  
My mom picked me and my sister.

I'd yank the hard drive out of my PC. The rest of the machine is crap, and it isn't screwed in, nor is the side panel.
2012-10-07 07:42:54 PM  
My autographed picture of Andy Devine
2012-10-07 07:43:09 PM  
The 47%
2012-10-07 07:43:59 PM  
I hope my guinea pig. Little guy is stuck in a cage and would be unable to escape as would a cat or dog. Unfortunately, my first thought was my usb drive of education and personal documents which, while useful, is replaceable in some manner unlike the piggle.
2012-10-07 07:45:00 PM  
Subby's mom.
2012-10-07 07:45:08 PM  

Ianman: PlasticMoby: This

[www.cowanauctions.com image 600x474]



Rich Cream:
PlasticMoby: This

[www.cowanauctions.com image 600x474]

What's with the key?

picturearchive.gunauction.comView Full Size
2012-10-07 07:45:45 PM  
The matches. Can't have the insurance company asking any questions.

/Clearly that dead hooker must have started it.
2012-10-07 07:46:18 PM  
Assuming dogs and lady made it out, ly camera bag. The only material thing I really care about, and even that stuff can be replaced. Everything else can burn.

If I have to pick between the girl and one of the dogs, the chocolate lab lives. I will miss the poodle.
2012-10-07 07:47:30 PM  
The kryptonite
2012-10-07 07:49:50 PM  

Zarquon's Flat Tire: My mom picked me and my sister.

I'd yank the hard drive out of my PC. The rest of the machine is crap, and it isn't screwed in, nor is the side panel.

Save your porn. Good choice, respectable.
2012-10-07 07:51:32 PM  
Gratefully I don't have much that isn't replaceable or not backed up offsite.

Might take the MPB just so I could whine about the fire on FARK
2012-10-07 07:51:46 PM  
My oldest daughter's blankie. The blankie. The One Blankie To Rule Them All.

After that, my 1 TB backup drive.
2012-10-07 07:51:53 PM  
Let's find out...

favim.comView Full Size
2012-10-07 07:52:54 PM  
The dog and cat.
2012-10-07 07:55:11 PM  
My neighbor's house burned two years ago. We didn't realize anything was happening until the car blew up in the garage. We kicked in the door, made sure they weren't home and saved their dog. The first thing he did when we brought him in the house was to piss on my couch.

2012-10-07 07:57:29 PM  
He was just showing his appreciation
2012-10-07 07:58:02 PM  
My autographed picture of Andy Devine

he just had a birthday, used to watch his TV show, lawn-get off of
2012-10-07 07:58:44 PM  


[picturearchive.gunauction.com image 604x688]

I thought the key was indented into the felt so it couldn't be for the box itself. But, oh well.

/Fail on me. Oh, the woe.
2012-10-07 07:59:17 PM  
Fark you, that's what it would be you invasive spying motherfarker. It's my business what I would save.
2012-10-07 07:59:24 PM  
Wife, Kid, 2 cats, safety deposit box key. That's all I got to get out of there.
Key is optional, but nice to have.
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