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(Deadline)   SyFy finally abandons all pretense at airing science or fiction, picks up a new reality series that will force people to live in "the past" and struggle for survival against people in "the future" who have it easy   ( divider line
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2012-10-09 05:06:35 PM  

propasaurus: JPSimonetti: The bottom line is that reality shows are 10x cheaper to make and run about the same risk of bombing as a fully hashed out big-budget series, and that just tickles these networks silly.

My wife watches a lot of these shows like Face Off and ... um ... names, names ... Project Runway? ... the creative type shows ... I actually don't mind them so much, but I wish the show would give them about twice as much time to really give the artists ample allowance to let their creativity roar so we could see what they could REALLY do. I mean, I LOVE seeing the final product a lot more than whatever squabbles or manufactured drama they come up with while making stuff. Also, the hosts coming in halfway and criticizing their work/redirecting their creativity nags the hell out of me for some reason.

Yeah, like I said before, we watch Face Off and Hot Set, particularly because it's our field. But you're right about the forced drama aspect of it. However, Hot Set doesn't have any of that. It's 2 teams competing and they have little or no contact with each other, so no drama involved. As for Face Off, at the beginning of this season thee was one guy who was just a raving asshole drama queen, creating conflict with everyone. I thought 'great, here we go, they're gonna keep his crazy ass around for weeks to build up the conflict.'
Nope. He was the first one booted off to throw a fit, complain that no one really "got him" and then walk off the show.

Dude was kind of a douche. His stuff reminded me of what you might see in a Toxic Avenger/Troma Studios film.

/FTFY ;)
2012-10-09 06:48:09 PM  

propasaurus: I'm curious, is anyone but me watching Hot Set?


Face off and Hot Set
2012-10-09 06:53:07 PM  

Shadow Blasko: propasaurus: I'm curious, is anyone but me watching Hot Set?


Face off and Hot Set

Well, if its just the two of us, I don't hold out much hope for Season 2 of Hot Set.
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