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2003-11-28 05:29:15 AM  
Sean "P. Dorky" Combs.

He would like one for "Pimpest Motherfacker in Known Space".
2003-11-28 10:29:52 AM  
"Who gives a fark about a god damn Grammy!"

-Flavor Flav
2003-11-28 10:30:20 AM  
2003-11-28 10:31:31 AM  
No, but I've always wanted to be a Granny. And I am a fan of Granita. And... oh God, I'm stuck in the rhyming thread.
2003-11-28 10:32:06 AM  
No thanks, I have no further need to confirm my gratness to myself.
2003-11-28 10:33:50 AM  
Yes!.... but not THOSE!
2003-11-28 10:34:01 AM  
That'll look great on my mantlepiece next to my Nobel Peace prize, my Oscar, my Pulitzer and my Golden Quiff.
2003-11-28 10:35:37 AM  
One dollar down, $999,999.00 to go!
2003-11-28 10:36:50 AM  
[image from cnn.com too old to be available]

"I won't go out on that stage unless I'm getting one!"

/girlish hissy fit
2003-11-28 10:37:01 AM  

"You think I give a damn about a Grammy?"

-eminem (The Real Slim Shady).

Nice to see some originality from Mr Mathers.
2003-11-28 10:41:31 AM  
Remember that episode of the Simpsons where Homer gave his grammy to the bellboy as a tip...and the kid threw it away!
2003-11-28 10:41:48 AM  
And this would be different from the current method of acquiring a Grammy how, exactly?
2003-11-28 10:43:01 AM  
OK, is it just me or is nprdeejay in the Fark Personals section a hottie??
2003-11-28 10:46:11 AM  
Mi spel guud.
2003-11-28 10:46:44 AM  
This is really sad. How humiliating for Peabo. (although being named Peabo in the first place sort of sets that up at the gate).

Damn you IRS!
2003-11-28 10:46:52 AM  
pwing, I'd hit it
2003-11-28 10:47:15 AM  
I'd paddle her ass with candy cane
2003-11-28 10:50:02 AM  
[image from dapperdans.com too old to be available]
2003-11-28 10:53:16 AM  
Hey pwing! This is from nprdeejay's personal:
In my bedroom, you'll find

A shrine, a bed. Come on. This is tedious. And yes I masturbate.

Thought you'd like to know. No need to thank me, just go vote for my photoshop.
2003-11-28 11:09:18 AM  
I'm sorry, how FARKING stupid do you have to be to not pay your taxes for that many years? Who was this guy's finacial advisor?

The IRS only seizes property when all other avenues of working with these people are spent. People this stupid get what they deserve.

/tax professional
2003-11-28 11:14:01 AM  
Sorry, no Grammies. But would you like to buy a monkey?

[image from loki.stockton.edu too old to be available]
2003-11-28 11:16:41 AM  
Looks like he bought a few too many gram-mies hisself.
2003-11-28 11:18:27 AM  
the guy really should have just paid them in the first place. i hate when people start whining about harassment by the irs...they only harass you if you don't pay up...and since i've always paid my share (okay, maybe not always my FULL share, but enough) i love reading shiat like this.
2003-11-28 11:38:57 AM  
Oh, sorry, I'm saving up for a People's Choice Award, then a BlockBuster award, then an MTV award, and then a Participation Ribbon in an elementary school field day. But, no, I'm not really looking for a Grammy.
2003-11-28 11:41:06 AM  
order of the palmetto, from south carolina??...wtf?
sounds like something jackie gleason would have won at the beaver lodge, in the 'honeymooners"....
2003-11-28 11:47:05 AM  
or was it the raccoon lodge??
2003-11-28 11:49:30 AM  
I would in a heartbeat if I had that kind of money. As for what I would get it re-inscribed with, I'm not sure yet.

I'm thinking "Most Awesome Dude In The Universe."
2003-11-28 11:53:52 AM  
Grammies and musical talent are not necessarily synonymous....

[image from coe.ilstu.edu too old to be available]
2003-11-28 12:06:45 PM  
Damn Peabo, you've had troubles with the IRS since 1980 and in 1989, a lien was placed on a residence owned by you. In the article relating to your goods (including your Grammys) being sold, there mentions a Property Appraisal and Liquidation Specialist (aka PALS) by the name of Keith Hiava who has been doing liquidation sales for the IRS for 25 years. OK Peabo, think about this ... Keith (aka PALS) probably has been knowing about your finances either directly or indirectly for the time he's been a (PALS) and for the time you've started having trouble with the IRS (if Keith has been in your area since his start). Peabo, it seems to me you've had options over the years to come clear and now it's come to this and I wish you and others the best in managing personal finances. I've had problems over the years with my finances where I was going to declare bankruptcy, move to Florida, etc (Peabo, you're still reading this right?) and I decided to tough it out and now, I'm at a point where I expect to be debt free in less than 2 years (with the exception of recurring bills like gas, elect) and I did it without seeking ass (short for assistance) ... Peabo, learn personal finance from books, internet, etc ... regroup and don't return where you are financially ever.
2003-11-28 12:23:05 PM  
2003-11-28 12:51:01 PM  
"Keys to the cities of Miami, Macon and Fairfield, Ala., as well as the Order of the Palmetto from South Carolina."

I've always been curious so I'll ask. What does a key to a city enable one to do?
2003-11-28 12:55:33 PM  
I guess it's funny when you hire the wrong accountant and lose everything you own, now?

Real funny. Yep. Hope to see more of you participate in this comedy routine.
2003-11-28 01:05:54 PM  
How much for an election?

Never mind, they're pretty easy to steal.
2003-11-28 01:34:59 PM  

I guess it's funny when you hire the wrong accountant and lose everything you own, now?

Real funny. Yep. Hope to see more of you participate in this comedy routine.

Um...you REALLY think this guy - who has been aware of his IRS problems since 1980 - is just a victim of trusting the wrong accountant?

Personally, after the first IRS letter I would have 2nd and 3rd opinions from many accountants, full in-house audits, and personally oversee that every tax return filed and tax check sent out was OK'd by the IRS from then on. No one is responsible for this mess but himself.
2003-11-28 01:55:12 PM  
Having worked in the quaint City of Fairfield Alabama, I can guarentee that key isn't worth a flying fark at a rolling donut.
2003-11-28 02:10:34 PM  

Well, think about it. Who has the keys to a building? The CEO? The president of the company? No, not always. It's usually the janitor! So, really, when the mayor hands you the key to the city, he's telling you to go clean the John. (That's "limpiar el Juan" for those from other parts of the world.)


Hell, yes!!! She is gorgeous beyond belief! Seems to have a history, though... could be educational!
2003-11-28 02:37:58 PM  
High bidder: Rod_Stewart ( 1 ) [image from pics.ebaystatic.com too old to be available]
2003-11-28 03:15:10 PM  
Aren't they all bought?
2003-11-28 03:24:13 PM  
I thought the headline said Germany..whoa.
2003-11-28 03:39:15 PM  
On Aug. 21, the IRS seized property from Bryson's Buckhead mansion on Old Mills Lane.

Peabo Bryson lives on Mills Lane?

[image from barbanomedia.com too old to be available]
2003-11-28 03:52:24 PM  
yeah i need a grammy

to wipe my ARSE
2003-11-28 04:55:55 PM  
He must not have those ads on TV, "I can settle your taxes for as little as $20! $20!" Roni Deutch
2003-11-28 05:53:34 PM  
Homer: Aww, I want an award.
Marge: You won a grammy!
Homer: I want an award that's actually worth winning

* Mr. Simpson's comments do not reflect the views of the producers, who don't consider the grammy an award at all *
2003-11-28 05:53:58 PM  
Wow... nobody thinks this is all Bush's fault? ;-)
2003-11-28 08:15:18 PM  
Buy one? Pffft! I can get one o' them shiats for free!
2003-11-29 12:14:01 AM  
Hmmm..I wonder if I can get it engraved with my name.
2003-11-29 05:29:54 AM  
"Hey! Don't throw your garbage down here!"
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