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(Boomstick Comics)   'Taken 2' is not a good film, but on a Nic Cage scale, it's a 9 out of 10   ( divider line
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2534 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 05 Oct 2012 at 3:31 AM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-10-05 03:49:09 PM  

Richard Roma: Is it as bad as the first one was?

The leads were weak.
2012-10-05 04:08:34 PM  
For those of us that actually got a kick out of Taken I'd also recommend B-13. It's a French movie about... well, it's like 'Taken' so it doesn't really matter what it's about. But the pacing is fast, the fight scenes are interesting, and I had to watch it a second time when I found out the actors were cast for their PK skills and did all their own stunts.

/B-13 also has a sequel
//haven't seen it yet, though
2012-10-05 04:20:34 PM  

karmachameleon: jdcgonzalez: I don't care if it sucks, I am still going to see it.
It's like the Expendables. Not supposed to be the next Citizen Kane, it's just a lot of ass kicking fun.

Is it too much to ask of my ass-kicking fun that it be plausible and make some modicum of sense?

Nope - therefore, do not see these movies:

Anything with Sylvester Stallone in it...ANYTHING. This means The Expendables and any and all sequels. Yeah, Rocky too.
All Bond movies
All mission impossible movies
Any Bourne movie
Any transformers movie.
The Batman franchises
The Iron man franchises
F*ck, any movie portraying "super heroes"
All star trek
All star wars
LOTR movies
Narnia movies
Any f*cking fantasy Twilights, your Harry Potters, etc.
Any movie based on any cartoon - unless the movie is a cartoon as well.
Let's throw Top Gun in the mix.
Any movies with "hookers with a heart of gold"
Any Nick Cage movie NOT done by the Coen brothers (Raising Arizona was awesome).

ANY f*cking movie where a character gets thrown over a tall balcony and shoots (from both hands, of course) while falling.

ESPECIALLY - can't recall titles...there were two of them - two Irish brothers who were vigilantes and had the mysterious father figure who guns in his trenchcoat. They say that stupid-ass prayer or something before they kill anyone. At the end of the first one I recall they all shoot this bad guy right inside a courtroom. OH! It also starred (as a gay cop) that dude from Platoon. You know, the one who got shot up in slo-mo. HORRIBLE STUPID MOVIES!

Have I stepped on anyone?
2012-10-05 04:24:21 PM  

FLMountainMan: Sweet Jesus, Fark can turn anything into right-wing propaganda.

2012-10-05 05:38:41 PM  
Saw it last night.

Pretty bad, I'll be honest. It's got some tremendously hamfisted dialogue, and it's pretty much half about Liam awkwardly bonding with his family.

The high point of the movie was him instructing his daughter to throw grenades randomly so he could triangulate his position by the explosion sounds, just because it was hilarious to watch her not even look where she tossed the damn things.
2012-10-05 08:20:25 PM  

theurge14: Richard Roma: Is it as bad as the first one was?

The leads were weak.


2012-10-06 10:50:21 AM  
At least this was an actual review and not just some guy whining that it wasn't called something "clever"
2012-10-07 12:04:07 AM  

Richard Roma: theurge14: Richard Roma: Is it as bad as the first one was?

The leads were weak.

You're weak.

(doesn't actually drive a Hyundai)

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