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2012-10-01 03:39:35 PM  

JuggleGeek: Maul555: "This was a thing when I was going to elementary school in the early 90's...

It was a (stupid) thing in the early 70's when I was in Jr High, and I suspect it was a (stupid) thing long before that.

my friend showed me how to do it. he didn't fall through glass and stab himself though.
still it was stupid.
2012-10-01 03:42:21 PM  

umad: If these kids want a real high they need to try Jenkem.

damnit where is the awesome button
2012-10-01 05:17:01 PM  

Maul555: This was a thing when I was going to elementary school in the early 80's 90's...


2012-10-02 02:45:07 AM  
This is what happens when parents wrap their kids in bubble wrap. Kids need to explore and do daft things. When they have only the internet and indoors to play with, what do you expect them to do for kicks?!
2012-10-02 06:51:41 AM  

Sunrazor: Compassion and humor are bosom buddies at times and being a parent, I can only imagine how horrible this is for the parents involved, but at the same time, as the Doomed Mistress has already said, this is an indictment of those same parents...to a point.

Kids will do dumb, stupid, outright moronic things because they themselves have not done so whether it is for the high or just say that they have done it. But when it comes to this area, an area where life and death mingle so freely, parents have got to look at Junior and let him know that these sort of shenanigans are frowned upon and you risk your life and limb when engaging in them, for the lulz or otherwise. If said precautions are not taken, then do not wonder why Junior lost his life emulating the morons on Youtube.

Thoughtful and compassionate comments are always welcome (to me at least), but to sit there staring at your monitor frothing at the mouth and calling us jaded, judgemental douchebags for daring to find a sort of macabre humor in this situation. is as about as compassionate as a Zidane headbutt to the chest. Besides, it takes the jaded and judgemental douchebags to know them.

I have nothing against compassion. I can comprehend the notion of loss from a human perspective. But honestly the "any time a teenager dies, it's a tragedy" statement kinda goes without saying, but it also shouldn't preclude critique of why that tragedy occurred. Critiques that can- yes- include humor as a storytelling device.

Not too long ago we had four kids die in a "tragic" car accident of this stripe around my area. The surrounding town held a funeral that's about as close to a state funeral (with all the pomp and circumstance) as you can get in this rural area.

Must've been close to two or three-hundred people in attendance. Can't imagine that absolutely every one of them was related to the deceased in even an indirectly meaningful fashion, but come they did. Blocked up the entire route of travel for hours- which is no small matter since it's one of the few main routes of travel for many miles. It came very close to rivaling the last time (and one of the only times) we had a service member come home in a coffin from the middle east. Add a few more Television station vans with satellite dishes and you'd have about had it.

I didn't watch the related news broadcasts (after all, I was 'on the scene' and living it quite enough anyway) but I rather imagine phrases like "community banding together to honor the loss" and "compassion of their friends and loved ones (because I'm sure these four kids had 300-some-odd people who they were genuinely friendly with)" were used liberally.

And the fashion on display at this "banding together in honor" event was something to be seen. Fourteen-year-old girls in skimpy little skirts (black skirts, of course) were abound. To me, it was less like this was about genuinely sympathizing with the loss of four human lives lives and more like (at least) 250 people or so with a morbid fascination for death- no small event in a town where lack of a jaywalking arrest to put on the front page of the paper represents a slow news day. These people just seemed to want to be a part of the whole "event" more than I could imagine they actually knew the four, or gave a wet slap.

And that's where the lack of critique (and indeed the active discouragement of anything said that might impugn the character of the "victims") starts to become kinda insulting to the intellect.

These four kids died in what was both a very familiar, and an eminently preventable way. The car "accident" occurred because- like so many other dumb kids who are months shy of a learner's permit, packed into their mom's compact as if it were a Shriners car at the circus and out for a joy-ride on very narrow, very windy country roads- they failed to respect their lack of experience with stunt-driving. Specifically: they had none.

Like so many dumb kids before them, they ended up turning the vehicle they were in into something that more closely resembled origami than a car. Understandably, not a one of them survived.

If 250 spare people (people who on any other day ending in a Y, wouldn't give a crap) gather to observe the death of four kids as if it were a monster truck rally on Sunday (Sunday! Sunday!), I would hope it would be to observe- at least in part- just how senseless, stupid, and avoidable that whole scenario is. But I know that isn't why they were there. I know because this same stupid story keeps playing out every few years around here. The road names are different, as of course are the names of the "tragic victims", but the story is essentially the same. No one learns. To them, it's as preventable (and as mysterious) as a natural disaster... and about as fun to slow down as you roll by and gawk at as any other car accident on the roadside.

And all I think is, gee, wouldn't it be nice if we could comment freely on what numbskulls these people were and actually have people listen- rather than wasting time accusing you of a lack of compassion? Compassion is something I comprehend juuuust fine. What I don't comprehend is the notion that dead people are unimpeachable in any way (including making fun of them) simply because they're dead.
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